De-briefing in Techni-color - How the Colour Of Your Underwear Might Be What You Need To Change To Get Back On Track

Assuming you are wearing them, do you remember the colour of the briefs you put on this morning?

Yes, it is a rhetorical question, so no, we don’t really want to know. What we are getting at however, is the colour of your underwear, actually has an effect on how you feel. Even if you or nobody else sees them for the rest of the day.

Although it sounds funny, we have three solid points to back us up here, pointing to the three elements involved: colour, underwear, and you.

Ever since we were little, we have seen and known that every colour makes us feel a certain way just by being itself.

Even before we began to identify the names and meanings, we knew that Yellow equals happy, White equals peaceful, Red equals energetic, Blue
equals calm, and so on…

As you grew older, although these associations may have got lost somewhere in your heads, you cannot deny that they still exist all around you in the brands you see, at traffic lights, the clothes you wear and the films you see. You get the gist.

Conclusion: colours are scientifically proven to be associated with your feelings about them.

Now coming to the choice of underwear, there must be some reason why it exists in the first place, right? But hold that thought for a moment.

Before getting into its colour, it would make sense to talk about the underwear itself If we look at it scientifically, the exact middle point of our bodies across both the X and Y axes, is the point we wear these little pieces of clothing. [Hence also known as ‘center point’].

From a spiritual perspective, that is the reason it is considered to be ‘sacred’ – because our being converges to the exact location.

When we put on our underwear, the fit, fabric, and colour, interacts with our skin to produce vibrations that subconsciously react with how we feel deep down (pun intended!).

With that, we come to the last piece of the puzzle, you.

Having established that colour has its own property and that affects how you feel about yourself through the underwear you choose to wear, let's go back to the thought we asked you to hold on to – every individual has a personal taste of their own.

While some colours appeal to you because they do, others may not, and this gives the industry an opportunity to combine the science behind colour and its use in underwear, to produce options that are designed specifically for you.

To sum up, the colour of underwear you choose to wear greatly impacts how you feel. For most men however:

Black = power and strength
Grey (a second favourite) = success and confidence
Blue = trust, authority and dependability
White = sincerity and purity
Purple = loyalty and sophistication
Red = courageous and outgoing
Pink = kind and compassionate
Green = balance and security
Yellow = fun and happiness
Orange = wealth and creativity

That said, sometimes colours like blue, grey and black, may also make you feel low about yourself and things around you, so if you are already feeling that way, it might be a good idea to stay clear of these colours.

Additionally, the shades of these colours affect the way you feel about them as well, so trust your instinct while picking the best ones for you.

Try making a conscious change in choosing the underwear you wear from tomorrow (if it is too late to change today!) and see how you feel? 

Let us know in the comments below if you feel any different?

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