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Welcome To The New Age Of Printed Socks For Women

While socks might have been an overlooked, add-on kind of garment worn mainly to keep your feet clean, warm, and dry in the past, they serve a far greater purpose today.

All kinds of socks, including warm socks for women, now come in a range of colours, patterns, and prints, as demanded by a fun, woke audience that chooses to place how they feel about things above what others think about them in this new age.

Armed with tools of self-expression and spoilt for choice, our funky socks for women have become a medium to meet the world halfway performing duties, carrying forth responsibilities, and exceeding expectations, while still keeping the wildest, most child-like, free-spirited parts of ourselves for us.

Yes, our Sexy Beast printed socks for women with all their bright colours, unique prints, and comfortable fits do all of this and more…

Not Just Funky Socks For Women, The Sexy Beast Collection Is Built For More

Made from the finest anti-bacterial, micro modal cotton, our socks are bound to keep your feet feeling fresh, dry, comfortable, and clean throughout the day while still being pocket-friendlier than anywhere else.

Pick from a wide range of options available online at the Sexy Beast website today.

How The Sexy Beast Printed Socks For Ladies Can Be The Perfect Way To Start Or End Your Day

Many established authors add a wink at the beginning of their book. A wink is their insider joke – something they share with only a few people to who it is relevant in the first place. Keep this in mind, and we’ll come back to it later.

For now, do you remember a very famous character from a very famous movie once said: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. But we believe that all our days are similar, too – there’s no way of predicting how it’s going to go, and while there are many things we may be beyond our control, there are some things we have power over.

Check in with any of the strong, independent women out there, and you’ll see how simple rituals like picking an outfit, footwear, or, you guessed it right, a pair of socks resonate with their personality or mood of the day; it is such an empowering thing to do.

Going back to the ‘wink’ we mentioned previously, so many women, including those walking down the red carpet of the Oscars, brides sitting coyly in the middle of a large gathering, or someone rocking the stage at a TED Talk, can be seen wearing the most indulgent outfits, but hidden underneath is a pair of the funkiest socks for women wrapped around their feet keeping them grounded, warm, and comfortable through it all.

Just take our word and try it out – buy a pair that you feel speaks to you as a person and see how putting it on at the beginning or end of the day can transform how it makes you feel about it.

Why Designer Socks For Women Are A Must Have Today

While the ‘designer’ part of these socks we have already shared above, here’s quickly sharing why we feel a good pair of socks, like our cosmetics, are a non-compromising part of any wardrobe today.

  1. They help us stay warm - Socks are great to help keep the circulation of blood going. In case of medical conditions, doctors prescribe pressure socks. However, we are no expert on that and suggest you visit your doctor for the same. In other conditions, socks are the snuggest solution to a chilly day or night. Keeping your feet comfortably warm helps keep the entire body at ease, which is why we’ve made it a point to keep a backup pair in our everyday bag that can be reached out to at any point, no matter where we are
  2. They are protective - A good pair of socks like the Sexy Beast antibacterial socks help keep our feet safe from various things, including keeping our feet dry and odour-free. Moreover, try wearing footwear (shoes are a given) without socks and going for a long walk. You’ll notice some discomfort either due to the friction of the skin against the footwear material, sweat, or the impact of uneven ground, at one point or another. Socks are the simplest solution to combat almost all of these issues in one go.
  3. A mixed bag of magic tricks that socks can perform When worn to bed turns out socks can do a lot more, too: They help regulate body temperatures for many, helping them get a good night’s sleep. If you follow a night routine with moisturizers and creams, then know that once you’ve applied all of it, a pair of socks on your feet helps them retain and absorb the same better, leading to even cleaner, fresher feet in the morning.

Now, this is not something we know of for ourselves. Still, the BBC claims that as part of the research, they accidentally observed how wearing socks tended to increase the ability to reach an orgasm by 30% for participants who were part of an experiment.  worth the try!

    A Quick Recap On Our Funky Socks For Women

    Material: Anti-bacterial Cotton is bound to keep your feet feeling snugly comfortable but fresh and dry throughout the day. Great for all seasons, these could also be worn in summer or as warm socks for women through the winter.

    Types Available: Funky prints in a variety of colours and sizes

    Country of Origin: India

    Care Instructions: Do not bleach/iron / dry clean socks for women. Hand Wash is preferable. Wash below 40 degrees. Wash inside and out. Product colour may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

    Delivery: We deliver to almost all locations in India. You may enter your PIN Code at Checkout to confirm though

    Payment Options: You may pay via UPI, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, and EMI as well

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