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De-briefing in Techni-colour - How Your Underwear Colour Might Be What You Need to Change to Get Back on Track

by Raj Rana 05 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Assuming you are wearing them, do you remember the colour of underwear you put on this morning?

Yes, it is a rhetorical question, so no, we don’t really want to know. What we are getting at however, is the Colour of underwear you seemingly sub-consciously choose to put on, actually has an effect on how you feel all day long, even if you (or nobody else) see them for the rest of the day.

Think we’re losing our minds, speaking about coloured underwear first thing in the morning? (You may be reading this another time, but we are writing it in the morning, hence…) Let us reassure you, we’re not. There is an actual connection between the colour of underwear and the frame of your mind in the morning. If you search for things like underwear colour meaning you might get some deeper information on the topic, however, here is the Sexy Beast take on colourful underwear and underwear colour meaning.

Although it sounds funny, we have three solid points to back us up here, pointing to the three elements involved: colour, underwear, and you.

colourful underwear for Men & Women


Colour of Underwear

Designers, psychologists, even your parents at home, can tell you that certain colours make us feel a certain way. Seasons, moods, genres of art like literature and music, age of people, and a billion different things can be represented through colour, however abstract it may seem.

In fact, even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic or creative person, we can bet on it that as a child you would have been far more perceptive about this than today. That is only factual because even before we began to identify the names and meanings, we knew that Yellow things make us feel energetic and happy, White makes us feel calm and peaceful, Red makes us feel strangely zingy, Blue makes us feel either energetic or calm or sometimes even gloomy, depending on the shade and tone of it, and so on…

Growing up from there, there is a possibility that we lost that sense of awe and amazement with colour, but the associations built with them remain as sharp as ever somewhere deep within.

Now, we can go into the underlying details of what remains in the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind, however, we are guessing that you did not click on an underwear colour meaning blog to get a lesson in psychology, so we’ll leave that for further discussion in the comments if you’re interested to know more. Until then, let’s just agree that the influences of colour are all around us from the lights at the traffic signal to the films we watch, clothes we wear, food we eat, and more.

What does this have to do with underwear colour, is something we will explore further. For now, the conclusion: Colours are scientifically proven to be associated with your feelings about them.

Underwear Colour

We’ve said this several times in the past and we stick to it even today – as human beings, we are a strange species. When it comes to doing anything, we spend so much time before, and barely give it any thought after, unless propelled to do so. 

For instance, taking the example of colored underwear, we spend so much time looking through what pack we want – even more if they come in packs of three and things like that, and yet, once bought, the beautiful, colourful underwear will be lining our wardrobe drawers, pulled out and worn without second thought till they attain unwearable condition and then need to chucked out and the entire process of picking the colour of underwear comes in again.

Hold on to that thought for now, we’ll come back to it later.

Initially we were thinking, does anyone truly give underwear colour this much thought? And then we assumed that if there is a multi-billion dollar industry running on this one genre of garments, surely underwear colour's meaning is something that plays a bigger role.

Before getting into underwear colour though, it would make sense to talk about the underwear itself If we look at it scientifically, the exact middle point of our bodies across both the X and Y axes, is the point we wear these little pieces of clothing. [Hence also known as ‘centre point’].

From a spiritual perspective, that is the reason it is considered to be ‘sacred’ – because our being converges to the exact location.

When we put on our underwear, the fit, fabric, and underwear colour interacts with our skin to produce vibrations that subconsciously react with how we feel deep down (pun intended!).

Now coming to underwear color, the commonality is that the colour often reflects hidden areas of our own personality in ways that might not be expressed as openly as often as we might want to. What remains different for every individual is which colour impacts them the most and in what way. Often, it is this influence that drives our choice of underwear color at a very subconscious level.

different colour under wear for Men & Women


You, and how your underwear color affects you

Having established that colour has its own property and that affects how you feel about yourself through the underwear color you choose to wear, let's go back to the thought we asked you to hold on to – every individual has a personal taste of their own.

While some colours appeal to you because they do just have a look at the colourful pyjamas, others may not, and this gives the industry an opportunity to combine the science behind the properties and their impact in deciding underwear colour, to produce options that are designed specifically for you.

Yes, there are many, many, many subliminal experiences in life that also do affect us, it is not just the underwear color alone, however, this is a more generic overview of how colour affects us, both men and women.

One thing to keep in mind is, every time we say we feel we don’t mean the underwear color is physically going to make you feel anything. Yes, from a season-al point of view, underwear color helps when you wear lighter colours in the summer and darker ones in winter to keep you warm, but barring that, we are referring to how your underwear color impacts how you feel at an emotional level.

Underwear for Men & Women



Wearing black makes you feel more powerful and strong. Also known as a colour of sophistication, black underwear against bare skin creates an aura of sensuous mystery and is one of the must-have pieces of clothing in the wardrobe for any man or woman.


Another favourite, after black, grey seems to be one of the most popular colours when it comes to underwear, especially for men. Perhaps its neutrality, or balance of black and white, grey is symbolic of feeling successful and confident, attributes that are desirable for anyone doing anything through the day.

So unless you plan on sleeping all day long, in which case we recommend you slip into some comfortable boxer shorts instead, you can go for that grey pair once you step out of the shower in the morning.


Another unique underwear color has got to be blue. Available in a range of shades, this colour has always been representative of authority and a sense of dependability. As strange as it further sounds, the truth is that we are constantly communicating with our bodies outside – everything we do, think, say, or feel on the outside, has an impact on what happens on the inside.

In other words, putting on blue underwear today, can be your way of telling your body that while there is a lot to do, it can depend on you to have it done through the day, in a proactive, symbiotic, and very healthy manner together.


Ever noticed how putting on white underwear makes you feel light and fresh and clean? Well white has been the colour of purity and sincerity since time unknown now, but the feeling in this case, is more physical than mental as well. White reflects light outward, making you literally feel much cooler on the inside.


When it comes to being sensuous or chic, most people think of red and black as the go to colours. However, if you’ve ever owned a pair of deep purple underwear, you can tell all of them that while red and black do add a certain sexiness to a garment, purple steals the show when it comes to luxury. Along with being the colour of royalty, purple underwear adds a touch of unparalleled sophistication. Furthermore, layer it up with a fabric like satin, silk, or even velvet, and you’re the owner of a masterpiece right there.


The colour of passion, fiery aggression, and lust, red is something that almost every man and woman must own in their wardrobe. If we had to segregate pieces of clothing on the basis of need and want, your whites, blacks, greys, and beiges could fill the need column, but red must fill your pile of wants. Representative of the sweetest desires, wearing red somehow makes you feel bold, beautiful, and courageous, all at once.


A colour though more often used by women in underwear, pink is something that bridges the bold nature of red with the serene, pure properties of white to give us something that makes you feel gentle, graceful, kind, and compassionate when you put it on.

Having said that, there are so many shades of pink that can be developed by controlling the amount of red and white in the colour. The more white in the colour, the lighter the pink, making all the above attributes stand true for it. The more red in the colour, the brighter the shade of pink you get, tipping the balance more in favour of what you feel like when you put on red.


Any time that someone asks us to define happiness in terms of a colour, almost all of us end up thinking of colours like yellow, and then certain shades of purple, pink, green, and blue, amongst others. Now irrespective of which other colour you think of, yellow has always been something that represents a very positive energy.

From a logical point of view, it probably got to do with being the colour most associated with the sun – a source of life, warmth, and energy. Translating to clothes, yellow underwear is something that just spells out happiness and fun. Most likely tucked in with your pile of beach wear, putting on this colour can be just what you need to snap into a happy, fun day.


A mix of blue and yellow, just like pink, there are many shades of green. The more blue in it, the darker the colour, and the closer its properties get to blue. The more yellow in it, the brighter the colour, and the closer its properties get to yellow. In general though, green allows you to feel an enhanced sense of balance and security which is in sync with all the other characteristics mentioned above.


The colour of creativity, orange, a mix of red and yellow, tends to stimulate creativity and passion, along with the shadows of the characteristics from red or yellow, whichever is more prevalent.

That said, sometimes colours like blue, grey and black, may also make you feel low about yourself and things around you, so if you are already feeling that way, it might be a good idea to stay clear of these colours.

Try making a conscious change in choosing the underwear you wear from tomorrow (if it is too late to change today). Or go ahead and trust your instinct…whichever you choose, do let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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