Our goal at Sexy Beast is to give you the best fitted and best looking boxer short or sock you have ever worn in your life. Find a better pair of either and we'll refund you your money back.

Better boxer shorts means a better you. A better you means a more confident you. Read here soon how wearing our boxers can increase your chances of getting noticed. Hello ladies!

Here's the lowdown on our boxers...

  • Each boxer is meticulously cut to ensure they shape the contours of your body with perfection. We don't do flares or sag.
  • Our boxers use a looser hidden elastic and and in some cases a visible brushed elastic. They both take care of style, comfort and practicality all at once. We know your body is a temple, so we didn't want to leave any marks on your waistline.
  • We heard you wanted to keep your money safe, so we gave you pockets. No more scratching in public.
  • A secret small pocket for secret things. We wanted to make sure you're prepared for any occasion ;)
  • Side cuts to make sure your perfectly fitted boxers stay perfect when you're sitting (or lying) down.
  • Sexy Beast branding on the fly button and at the front of the boxers to remind you that you are a sexy beast!

We design our own original fits.

We stitch our own products in our breathable factories without a sweat.

We use the latest technology, material and knowledge available to us to make sure you get what you deserve. The perfectly crafted boxer short.

When it comes to boxers we really know what we are doing. Have a read of Our Story if you're not convinced yet.