In 2020 we decided to take on the boxer shorts market. Crazy, I hear you say! Yes, we are. As founders, we have worked, played, slept and eaten in our Boxer Shorts almost daily since we can remember. We were wearing brands that failed to give boxer shorts the attention they deserved, so we wanted to fix that. Hello, Sexy Beast!

By unlocking the comfort and creative potential of a product segment too often overlooked, we have awoken a movement whereby you can fully embrace your individuality, self-expression and aspirations.

Focusing on Fabric, Technological Innovation, Fit, and Design, we elevated these core elements and created a unique foundation for Sexy Beast products that make them stand out light years from the next best.


Why settle for anything less than ultimate comfort to help you ace your daily tasks or designs that allow you to express yourself with who you are and how you feel.

We created products that amplify your inner energy so much that you can achieve anything. How do we do this? We use superior fabrics for ultimate comfort; we have made product innovations for more choices; we use tailored fits for greater flexibility and fantastic designs for unlimited self-expression. We have it all.