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On The Lookout For Designer Socks For Men? The Search Ends Here

Welcome to the world of happy feet with the best socks for men at the tip of your fingers. Made from the highest quality cotton, these soft babies will surely have your toes thanking you at the end of the day.

Lightweight, breathable, and available in a range of bright patterns and colours, these stylish socks for men add the perfect touch to any outfit you choose.

Peeking out from under formal trousers or on full display with shorts or sliders, our funky socks for men have been conversation starters for a while now. Have you got your pair yet?

How To Choose The Best Socks For Men From Such A Varied Collection

When spoilt for choice, it gets challenging to pick the right thing, irrespective of what you are out to buy. We face the same dilemma for all our products – the pyjamas, boxer shorts, briefs, sliders, and more. Of course, our printed socks for men are no different!

Available in a range of bright, bold colours, with the funkiest of prints, these socks are sure to leave you questioning which one you love more. Well, here’s our little secret on how to choose from these super stylish socks for men:

We make ourselves earn them.

If you are tempted, as we sometimes get, to buy all the prints available, yet frugal—minded (also like us), to not want to pick all of them at one go, we play a game. We set small, achievable goals to complete within a frame of time, which, once done, entitles us to a new pair of funky socks for men of our choice.

If you are into collecting things, you could also start your collection and then look at purchasing at set intervals. In either case, it is a game of small wins and sweet victories for us when it comes to finding an excuse to own them all.

Why The Sexy Beast Printed Socks For Men Mean So Much To Us?

For years together, fashion was gender-neutral. Men embellished themselves just as much as women with their clothes, accessories, make-up, and so on. With time, however, fashion ended up being more of a ‘woman’ thing, and men seemed to be left behind with little or no choice regarding expressing themselves.

But like everything else in History, things tend to repeat themselves in new forms. Today, men’s fashion speaks a whole new language of self-expression, with products, accessories, apparel, and more being their amplified voices.

This is what Sexy Beast is all about. Being the voice of those who are not afraid to be themselves and share it with the world. We have everything from our eye-catching collections of pyjamas and boxer shorts to the wildly popular printed socks for men.

Where Can You Wear Our Funky Socks For Men?

Everywhere. We mean it.

Because of our belief that each human being is unique in their sense, we feel that the ones who are the bravest to bare themselves and show up as the true person they are must be applauded, encouraged and celebrated.

And no, these celebrations don’t need to be huge, glaring points of display. Small, little actions like choosing to wear your favourite pair of socks with anything else you’re wearing are enough to make that statement. This brings us back to our point: yes, the Sexy Beast socks for men can actually be worn just about anywhere and everywhere, no questions asked.

If, however, you are looking for some styling tips, well, here’s our top three for you:

The Best Way To Wear The Best Socks For Men

  1. Due to their bright colour and print, you can choose to go with a slightly more neutral colour palette above the Sexy Beast pair of socks. We think they go perfectly well with classic denim and a plain shirt or t-shirt. Even khaki pants or trousers that are a little more neutral, like grey, brown, or beige, could go very well with these socks. When worn with this kind of colour palette, these socks gain maximum attention – and have been conversation starters in places you least expect to see them in. So stand out and go all for it.
  2. If you are the kind that prefers matching things more than contrast, you could choose to go for a colour palette that matches your socks. Most often worn to more informal or social events, these colours, patterns, and prints are sure to make you the centre of attention and life of the party, no matter what part of the room you’re in.
  3. Should you be an outrageously bold personality, our socks are the perfect spokesperson for you. Wear them in contrast with the rest of your presumably bright outfit, or go one step further and mix and match your socks to have a completely out-of-the-world ensemble. We certainly would!

A Quick Recap On The Sexy Beast Stylish Socks For Men

Material: Cotton that is bound to keep your feet feeling snugly comfortable but fresh and dry through the day

Types available: Funky prints in a variety of colours and sizes

Country of origin: India

Care: Best to hand wash your socks at a mildly warm temperature

Delivery: We deliver to almost all locations in India. You may enter your PIN Code at Checkout to confirm though

Payment Options: You may pay via UPI, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, and EMI as well

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