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7 Best Pyjama Style Outfit Ideas for Women

by Sexy Beast 23 Jun 2022 0 Comments

The pyjama is enjoying yet another renaissance in fashion, and in part, this is thanks to the latest pyjamas styles and pyjama design that has changed the feel and look of a pyjama from loungewear to a fashion statement.

With many of the biggest movers and shakers from the Bollywood and Hollywood industry have adapted to this fashion and are attending events in their personalized pyjama styles. However, here is a brief history of how the simple, even humble pyjama conquered the world of fashion.

The word pyjama, and the garment was incorporated into the English language from Hindi. The worldwide use of pyjamas in fact is a direct result of the British presence in India. This dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Pyjamas, at one point in time, were recorded as the uniform of both the Indian gentry and peasants. They were first introduced in Britain in the 17th century, originally known as mogul’s breeches, but they only became popular as loungewear for men from about 1870.

Pyjamas were also a home wear look and were worn underneath the smoking jacket in that period of time. Popular with men the pyjamas however remained a luxurious yet comfortable option for lounging until the beginning of the 20th century.

The liberation of the pyjama in fact can in many ways be associated with the “liberation” of women. Being pioneers in both fashion and feminism women made the brave move of bringing these into regular use. 

First, the men started to bask in its comfort and by the 1930s, pyjamas became a sought-after garment by women, from all walks of life. With time pyjamas became popular nightwear. But were only worn in private at night. It was then that with the changing trends pyjamas garnered more fame and started to be worn as casual attire even outside of the home. The pyjama-style outfit came into being and pyjama design started to become a new fashion statement. Pyjama outfit ideas for women are now a common thing and in 2022, there are various options and pyjama styles to choose from.

We at Sexy Beast, have a wide range of pyjamas to choose from that can be turned into a pyjama-style outfit. Our designs are curated keeping in the mind the latest trends and styles for our customers to always look fashion ready. Our high-quality cotton material is also something that provides long-lasting use and keeps you happy with your product.  

There are days when it takes a whole lot of energy for us to get out of our pyjama-style outfit and slip into regular clothes. Clothing that is not stretchy, is body-hugging, uncomfortable and has no breathability. Whereas, the pyjamas are comfortable, keep you relaxed and offer breathability. 

But just because you are stepping out of home, it’s not necessary to ditch your pyjama-style outfit, right? Especially the cute pyjama-style outfit you invested in over time. The pyjama dressing trend has been beloved by the fashion crowd for years, and with a little bit of inspiration, you can easily and sneakily incorporate loungewear into your everyday outfit and be the fashion queen you always were. 

Below are a few pyjama-style outfit ideas that you can incorporate into your everyday look. 

Pyjama Top into a Button-Down

Hawaiian shirts have always been in fashion but an oversized button-down from your favourite pyjama style outfit set will create a similar vibe. You can pair it with Bermuda shorts, hot shorts, or our printed poker shorts and go for chunky sandals for a laid-back, casual and vacation-style look. You can accessorize it with finger rings and earrings. 


If you want to wear your printed pyjama shirt and not look so relaxed and at ease then just knot it up. You can also leave a few bottom buttons unfastened and it can be turned into a crop-top look of sorts. 


Create your Vibe
Pick the pyjama styles of your choice - plaids, florals, stripes, bright hues, printed or even checks. There are plenty of pyjamas available on our website Sexy Beast, you can buy the one you like. They are cute enough to work into your everyday outfit. But if you are wondering how you can elevate their look then try something structured that features a similar colour scheme. Wrap up the look with embellished slides and your pyjama-style outfit is ready.

Tuck Your Shirt In
Cotton pyjamas can be just as versatile as your go-to denim pair, and depending on how you style them, can even look luxe. A crisp white button-down is a no-fail choice, you can even go for a formal shirt and tuck it in your pyjama. It will offer you a chic and classy look. Pair it with heels if you want and you’ll be ready to slay any formal event. 

Colour Theme
Wearing matching pyjamas outside of the house was considered a faux pas in the past. But now pyjamas can be colour coordinated and worn in twin sets. In fact, these can be worn out of the house as well, for a casual lunch, walk, coffee date or even a drive. If you plan on doing this, style your pyjamas with shoes and a purse that are in the same shade as the pyjama-style outfit. Create a pairing that's easy, yet makes a statement to off as uber-cool. 

Tie-Dye Sweats
Tie-dye sets are the most stylish and look trendy and there is nothing stopping you from wearing them to a cinema hall or even to a restaurant. If you want to break up this pairing by styling the top with your favourite jean shorts, you can do that too. But make sure you add bold-coloured sandals or sneakers to enhance your look. 

Oversized Tees
Oversized t-shirts on your pyjamas can be the perfect go-to look. Even old, well-loved t-shirts from high school can be revived with a few key pieces like your pyjamas. So, go ahead and roll up the sleeves, put on some accessories (rings and chains), and pair it with our Sexy Beast poker printed pyjamas for a boho look. This is going to be a wonderful style statement and might just add a vintage touch to your look too. 

So, this brings us to the end of our crazy pyjama-style outfit list. We are sure you will make use of most of these pyjamas styles and surely look bold and stylish. 

We hope this article also helps you to curate some of your own pyjama-style outfit and you have a great time at your next pyjama party or pyjama date. If you are looking for quirky and trendy pyjamas you know where to find them, at Sexy Beast. You can log on to your website for multiple colours, patterns and design options. Our tie-dye and poker print pyjamas are something you will surely love. Also, we offer various discounts and offers too so you can check them out and enjoy some pocket-friendly shopping. Plus, our fast delivery will make you love us even more. So, wait no more and start shopping for your favourite pyjama pair today. Happy Shopping! 

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