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What to Wear in Goa: Cool Beach Outfits For Men and Women!

by Sexy Beast 13 May 2024 0 Comments

Finally the dream of visiting Goa has come to life, you must be thrilled? Well, we get your excitement. The entire packing process is a thrill in itself, especially when it’s for Goa. You must be on a lookout for a perfect outfit to create that signature look for your insta-stories. What if we say we have a full outfit look guide for you to elevate your style with the best along with the comfort and moisture lock properties fabric? Yes, you heard it right. We, at Sexy Beast, provide the best high quality outfit made of pure cotton which takes care of your look, style and comfort. 

Let's discover comfortable cool beach outfits, how to mix and match them to create a statement look with boxer shorts for women and men, pajamas , t-shirts with sliders. 

Comfortable Cool Beach Outfits For Your Perfect Goa Look

Goa brings a perfect opportunity to flaunt your style with comfort. Such as wearing boxer shorts for women and men, designer trendy pajamas helps create a signature look and the pure cotton fabric makes it a perfect beach look on a dazzling sunny day. Here outfits are listed as-

Boxer shorts

    Boxer shorts are one of the most reliable and best options to style, flaunt and comfort. 

    • For men: Boxer shorts are loose-fitting, comfortable bottoms typically worn as underwear. In Goa's beach setting, they can be a casual choice for lounging or as a base layer under shorts or swimwear.
    • For women: Boxer shorts for ladies can also be a comfy option, especially when paired with a relaxed t-shirt or tank top for a laid-back beach look. Boxer shorts for women offer freedom of movement and are perfect for leisurely strolls along the shore.


      Trendy, comfy pajamas can elevate your look 

      • For men: Pajamas are comfortable bottoms usually worn for lounging or sleeping. In Goa, lightweight pajama bottoms can be a relaxed alternative to shorts for chilling out on the beach or enjoying a lazy morning.
      • For women: Pajama bottoms provide a comfortable and casual option for women to wear on the beach. They can be paired with a loose-fitting t-shirt or tank top for a cozy and laid-back vibe.
      • Couple pajamas: Matching pajamas show unity, and help to increase the strengthening  in the relationship.Couple pajamas serve as a symbol of unity togetherness. wearing matching outfits and a shared bond commits to navigating life's journey side by side.


      Underwear provides essential support and comfort, especially underneath swimwear or beach attire. These opt for moisture-wicking fabrics to stay cool and dry in the heat of Goa. It's important to check the fabric and softness of the materials used. 


        T-shirts are versatile staples for beachwear in Goa. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics and fun, colorful prints or graphics to reflect the vibrant atmosphere of the beach. T-shirts can be paired with shorts, pajama bottoms, or even worn over swimsuits for a relaxed yet stylish look.

        • For women: Trendy designs make this casual outfit a good option to style and elevate your look with boxer shorts for ladies at all occasions.
        • For men: Pure cotton t-shirts with a moisture lock ability are the best beach outfit option in Goa.


            When styling a cool designer t-shirt with printed boxer shorts for women and men, one can upbring the style wearing stylish comfy sliders. 

            • For both men and women: Sliders, or slide sandals, are easy-to-wear footwear perfect for the beach. They provide comfort and convenience, allowing you to slip them on and off easily as you transition from sand to pavement. Look for waterproof sliders with durable soles for optimal beach performance.
            • These clothing items provide the foundation for comfortable and stylish beach outfits in Goa, allowing you to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf with ease. Mix and match these pieces to create your own unique beach style while staying cool and relaxed in the tropical paradise of Goa.

            Elevate Your Look By Mixing And Matching Outfits To Create A Unique And Cool Look At Goa Beach

            Mixing and matching outfits using t-shirts, pajamas, sliders with boxer shorts for women and men. Make sure to choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to stay comfortable in the warm weather. Feel free to mix and match colors and patterns to reflect your personal style and embrace the laid-back atmosphere of Goa's beaches.

            For men

            Beach Casual

            • Pair comfortable boxer shorts or lightweight pajama bottoms with a breezy t-shirt.
            • Slip on sliders for easy beach access.
            • Skip the socks for a relaxed vibe.

            Surfer Style

            • Opt for quick-dry shorts and a moisture-wicking t-shirt for active beach days.
            • Slide into sandals that offer good grip for surfing or beach sports.
            • No socks needed, of course.

            Chilled Out Look

            • Lounge in boxer shorts or pajama bottoms paired with a relaxed-fit t-shirt.
            • Keep it simple with sliders and no socks for ultimate comfort.

            For women

            Beach Babe

            • Rock a cute pair of pajama bottoms or boxer shorts with a stylish t-shirt tied at the waist.
            • Slip into sliders for easy beach walks.
            • No socks needed, just let your feet breathe.

            Boho Beach Chic

            • Wear flowy pajama bottoms or shorts with a cropped t-shirt or tank top.
            • Add some bohemian accessories like layered necklaces or a floppy hat.
            • Slide into sandals or go barefoot to complete the look.

            Sporty Beach Gal

            • Opt for athletic shorts and a moisture-wicking t-shirt for beach activities.
            • Slide into supportive sliders or sneakers if you're planning on being active.
            • No socks required for this sporty ensemble.Mixing and matching outfits for a cool and unique beach look in Goa can be both fun and stylish. 

            Additional tips and tricks to bring on your confidence with perfect outfit layerings

            The key to feeling confident is wearing a comfortable and perfect outfit to enjoy the day more happily. 

            Tropical Vibes

            • Pair a vibrant graphic t-shirt with comfortable shorts.
            • Slide into your sliders and add some funky socks for a pop of color.
            • Finish the look with a straw hat and sunglasses for those tropical vibes.

            Chilled Beach Day

            • Opt for a loose-fitting t-shirt or tank top.
            • Combine it with casual boxer shorts or lightweight pajama bottoms.
            • Slip on your sliders and skip the socks for a laid-back feel.
            • Don't forget your sunglasses and a beach towel for lounging.

            Boho Chic

            • Wear a flowy, patterned top with denim shorts or a skirt.
            • Add some beaded or shell accessories for that bohemian touch.
            • Keep your footwear simple with sliders or bare feet in the sand.
            • Let your hair down and embrace the carefree beach vibe.

            Sporty Spice

            • Choose a moisture-wicking t-shirt or tank top for active days.
            • Pair it with quick-dry shorts or athletic leggings for flexibility.
            • Slide into comfortable sliders or sneakers if you plan on playing beach sports.
            • Don't forget your cap and sunscreen for protection under the sun.

            Evening Beach Bonfire

            • Layer a lightweight hoodie over a t-shirt or tank top as the evening gets cooler.
            • Pair it with casual shorts or comfortable pajama bottoms.
            • Slide into sandals or barefoot for the sandy beach setting.
            • Bring along a beach blanket to sit on and enjoy the bonfire.

            The Wrap-up

            The quality outfit provides a comfortable and elevated look to you throughout the day. To get the best quality products made of pure cotton contact Sexy Beast today! At Sexy Beast, we are enthusiastic to serve our clients with the best high quality material used products manufactured under the supervision of experts including boxers for ladies and mens, pajamas for men, t-shirts, slides all at reasonable prices. 

            At Sexy Beast, we create products that amplify your inner energy so much that you can feel comfortable and trendy. We use superior fabrics for ultimate comfort; that has made product innovations for more choices. We use tailored fits to create women and mens for greater flexibility and fantastic designs for unlimited self-expression.

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