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Not sure if you're washing your Pyjamas too often or not enough? Let's talk.

by Sexy Beast 20 Jun 2022 0 Comments
The clothing we think of today as pyjamas is actually a century-old tradition. A pyjama should be comfortable and breathable, accompanying you in your dreams and night trips. But what do we really know about pyjamas?

A few centuries ago, only close family members had the opportunity to see a person's pyjamas, which is why we have no real examples of what pyjamas looked like years ago. We are fortunate, however, to have some clues as to what this ancient sleepwear might have looked like.

In the past, most of the pyjamas looked very basic and were way beyond being stylish. They were also usually homemade. Then some noble men and women wore robes as elaborate nightwear. Their nightwear was inspired by different cultures: Chinese, Indian, Roman, etc usually taking the form of dresses with very wide sleeves, which maximized comfort. 

Origin of Pyjamas

The word "pyjama" has its origin in Hindi: "pae jama" or "pai jama" translates as "garment for the legs" and dates back to the Ottoman Empire of the 13th century. Pyjamas were originally for them loose pants with a simple cord to tie. They were worn by both men and women in many countries like the Middle East, Asia, Iran and even the south of India.

The influence of pyjamas arrived in Europe and France in the 14th century and was quickly adopted by the population. And then 300 years later almost everyone in Europe wore pyjamas as their nightwear. 

Between 1600 and 1900, for those who could afford it, there were nightgowns or bed shirts. These came with a deeper opening in the front for comfort, as compared to day gowns. The nightgowns had lace around the neck and sleeves and were trimmed with lace on the sides of the sleeves and along the neck. Until the 20th century, when new varieties of fabrics came into being. And the most popular since then has been cotton. 

In the 20th century, pyjamas took over nightgowns and bed shirts. Pyjamas, that we wear, till today. However, men started wearing pyjamas long before women did. While men were adapting to the lace pattern, women were keeping it basic and simple. The traditional women's nightgown was similar to the Japanese kimono or Indian banyan. These are a loose-fitting dress or coat that fell to the calves and a small belt or tie that went around the waist to keep it closed. Until the 20th century, when the transition to modern pyjamas came into being. Women also began to embrace the unisex look later on. 

We at Sexy Beast have developed a collection of pyjamas to wear solo or to match and always with original prints inspired by the latest trends. Because looking stylish and trendy is as important as being comfortable in what you are wearing. 

Pyjamas are however an intimate clothing we tend to wear multiple times, with many wearing pyjamas as the only layer. This intimacy against our skin and parts of our bodies, for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours, makes them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. And hence the question arises how often do you wash your pyjamas? The idea to wash your pyjamas is clear but the question is how often do you wash your pyjamas?

How often do you wash your pyjamas?

Sexy Beast recommends to wash your pyjamas after three to four nights of wearing them. But if you bathe or shower before bedtime, you can extend this period of wearing your pyjamas and not wash your pyjamas for over 5-7 nights, maximum.

However, if you are prone to night sweats, then try to wash your pyjamas in three to four nights. Even if you have oily skin you must wash your pyjamas in three to four nights. Sexy Beast advises that you should wash your pyjamas even more frequently and, in some cases, daily if you have any kind of skin allergies. This will prevent from those allergies to grow and may also help to treat them.

A piece of general advice that we at Sexy Beast would give to those who perspire more often is to change their pyjamas every alternate day. In fact, if you could do it daily then there is nothing like it. This helps prevent odours and grime building, as well as provides a cleaner-fresher feel when you next put your pyjamas on. 

How Should you Wash your Pyjamas?

Make sure you always give your pyjamas a hot wash to cleanse the fabric. However, if you prefer to wash your pyjamas in a cool wash then add a laundry product that has a disinfectant in it to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria in your pyjamas. 

However, make sure you look at the label guide when you wash your pyjamas for best practices. Even better is to be turned inside out. The best idea is to wash your pyjamas by hand. This will help you to conserve the fabric too without risking shrinkage or stretching.

Why is it Important to Wash your Pyjamas?

Apart from keeping the bad bacteria and irritants away, to wash your pyjamas regularly is also beneficial to those you live with. It prevents the spread of bugs and foul odours. 

Pyjamas are a breeding ground for microbes and other potentially chronic bugs, fungi and bacteria that are not seen to the naked eye. The tell-tale signs being the build-up of odours and marks on the pyjamas. The more you wear them over a series of nights the darker these marks will become. 

washing pyjamas

When you consider the look, feel and smell of your clothes after a day at work or even your activewear after a workout or run, that’s the grime and build-up that we sleep in regularly.

Not only does a lack of washing and changing pyjamas create a dirty and smelly environment around you, but it can also allow infection to spread without even you knowing it for the longest time. This could make you sick and it could also harm the ones living with you. Might also lead to outbreaks of acne and other skin infections. 

Don't go too long between washes. A clean and fresh pair of pyjamas will also help you sleep better. 

Just like diet and workout, quality sleep also plays a major role in impacting your physical and emotional wellbeing. And for quality sleep, having a clean and freshly washed pair of pyjamas is one of the most important things. Of course, a comfortable mattress and comforter would also be required. So, make sure you wash your pyjamas, wash them the right way and most importantly buy high-quality pyjamas that are long-lasting. Even the fabric of the pyjama matters a lot. Hence you must buy pyjamas from a trusted website like Sexy Beast. We offer various designs and patterns for the latest pyjamas. Also, our cotton pyjamas are made of the highest-grade quality cotton. Offering our customers, the utmost comfort and reliability. Our website also keeps having regular discounts and offers. We believe in providing our customers with the best quality products at the best market rates and that too delivering it to them at their doorstep. Do check out our products and happy shopping and washing to you. 

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