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Different Types of T-shirts and Their Evolution

by Sexy Beast 25 Jun 2022 0 Comments

An impressive evolution has been of the Mens basic t-shirt and women’s basic t-shirt. From the first prototype developed in the United States in the late 1800s, the classic t-shirt has undergone several transformations. It has emerged as one of the most versatile men’s garments of clothing. It’s a 100-year-long tradition that began as a workwear staple and now, in this day and age, there are different types of t-shirts for men and different types of t-shirts for women. Different kinds of t-shirts have become a style statement. It is a quintessential garment that has found a place in everyone’s heart and of course their wardrobe.

Read below to know the different kinds of t-shirts and their necklines that have given the t-shirt a modern twist without compromising on its basics.

What are the different types of t-shirt necklines?

  • Crew Neck Style

The crew neck style t-shirt is the most ubiquitous t-shirt that you will come across when you buy t-shirts online. It is characterized by a round, circular neckline, which fits perfectly around the neck. It works best for men with a long, narrow faces and sloped shoulders. Helps to create a well-rounded silhouette and offers a timeless look. Most men love this mens basic t-shirt. 

Types of T-Shirts - Round Neck T-Shirts
  • V-Neck Style

Just as the name suggests, the neckline of this t-shirt style forms a V shape at the neck. These different kinds of t-shirts are picking up pace and are being loved by men and even women around the world. Guys with round faces and broad shoulders must definitely try out these different types of t-shirts. They can take advantage of this neckline as it compliments their body type. Allows them to look slimmer too. This neckline can be paired with an unbuttoned shirt wherein the V neckline doesn’t show from underneath the shirt.

Different Types Of T-Shirts
  • Henley Neck

A Henley neck t-shirt is best described as a mix of the crew and the V-neck style. It comes with a buttoning placket, which runs several inches deep. The neckline fits perfectly over a well-built, muscular chest. So, if you are someone who regularly hits the gym, then you know which type of t-shirt neckline you want to pick. You can check these out on our website, Sexy Beast, we have a wide collection with various colour options for you to choose from. The addition of buttons in the neckline increases its aesthetic appeal and allows to maintain a macho look too. 

Different Kind Of T-Shirt
  • Polo Necks

These t-shirts were made popular by the golfers and polo players. The collared variety adorned with buttons adds a sense of formality to the look and makes one look appealing, handsome and gentlemanly at the same time.  Men with a lean frame can make the most of this style and are sure to slay their fashion game. You can pair this mens basic t-shirt with a pant and tuck your t-shirt in too. Don’t forget to accessorise your look with a classic leather belt. It will add a touch of panache to our outfit. 

Different Type of T-Shirt - Polo Neck T-Shirt
  • Scoop Neck

With another variety of necklines from the crew neck style, where the round neckline hangs a few inches below the collarbone is the scoop neck. This t-shirt style is not as rugged-looking as the other necklines, it has a subtlety to it that helps to compliment a manly look. 

Scoop T-Shirt


Now let’s talk about the different types of t-shirts with different types of sleeves. 

  • Raglan Sleeves
    This mens basic t-shirt is a combination of long sleeves, available in three-quarter and full-length sleeves. The design takes inspiration from the baseball uniforms in the cut and design aspect. In this sleeve type, the sleeves are attached to the shirt on a diagonal seam. 

  • Sleeveless Sleeves
This style is also known as the tank top style. The sleeveless t-shirts have a deeper neckline and the straps vary in width from being thin to almost coving the shoulders. It is the perfect mens basic t-shirt for someone who has a muscular build and wants to show it off. 

  • Cap Sleeves
These are the funkiest sleeves available on a t-shirt be it for men or women. They are basically like a cap for the shoulders, they extend to some distance over the shoulders without coverage under the arm. >>>>

  • Half, Three Quarter and Full Sleeves
    The most flattering and traditional type of sleeves on men are the half sleeves t-shirts for men and even women actually. The perfect fit of these sleeves is when the sleeve hits the midpoint of your upper arm and hugs your biceps comfortably. 

Quarter sleeves go up to the elbow. They are the most unique and are found in different types of t-shirts these days.  

Then come the no introduction needed sleeves. The staple t-shirts worn by most men are with long sleeves. They are full-length sleeves and look nothing shy of a fashion favourite.

The evolution of different types of t-shirts has been massive. There are multiple fits, patterns and designs that are available in mens basic t-shirts these days. Below are some honourable mentions. 

  • Slim Fit T-shirts
  • Baggy Fir T-Shirts
  • Muscle Fit T-shirts
  • Pocket Style T-shirts
  • Hooded Style T-shirts
  • Graphic T-shirts
  • Printed T-shirts
  • Solid T-shirts

The casual and laid-back look of t-shirts has long been experimented with. They are now worn on multiple occasions and offer semi-casual and sporty looks too. The cool thing about different types of t-shirts is that they can be modified as and how we want them to be. If you are looking for the trendiest and most comfortable mens basic t-shirts then you must visit our website, Sexy Beast. 

We offer a wide range of t-shirts with different styles, patterns, fits, colours and designs. Log on to our website and enjoy discounts, fast delivery, EMI options and most importantly high-quality products. We make sure that our customer gets only the best, that too sitting right in the comfort of their home. So, wait no more and enjoy shopping online only at Sexy Beast, we are your one-stop-shop for all your apparel needs.

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