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Why Wearing High Quality Clothes Matter so much…

by Sexy Beast 09 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Once upon a time, we used to live in the world where the woman of the house was responsible for almost everything going on in it including cooking, cleaning, preparing for events, and of course shopping for everything from the healthiest groceries to the best quality clothing. Those days, however, are long gone now, and today, the man and woman of a house have come together to get these things in place.

Of course, many other chapters in this story have had their contribution to the narrative, but the fact of the matter is that as things move on to the online world, pace of lifestyles further increase, and our needs and wants continue to evolve, there are some things that still remain constant – like quality. A testament to this is the rising number of high quality clothing brands, organic food stores, shoe stores, and more.

While many look at these as fads or trends, we believe that when looked at from a micro level, if we are able to achieve the best in every tiny thing we say, do, or invest in, it sums up to the overall quality of life we live. And this holds true for everything from the clothes we wear to the time we spend with those we love.

Now while the latter can be quite an extensive topic to cover in one blog, the former, we most certainly can talk about. Why the hype about high quality clothes, how can you ensure that that’s what you’re getting, and does it really add value to life? Let’s dig in.

To answer the first question, when we speak about ‘best quality clothing’ we are referring to the intrinsic quality of the garment itself, not just how it looks and feels. The fabric, thread count, manufacturing process, stitching style, finish, drape, fit, and more, all are taken in into consideration. High quality clothing brands that can afford it, sometimes go as far as being involved in the manufacturing process of the fabric itself before it reaches the stitching table.

As a consumer though, we understand that it is virtually impossible to go that length to procure high quality clothes. Adding to it the world of online retail and shopping makes that an additional task to verify. This is where reviews come in most handy. Trust that users are more likely to give real feedback than manufacturers themselves, so be sure to check out the reviews of a product while buying it online.

Furthermore, ensure that you are looking at authentic platforms that allow you to exchange your product easily should you not be satisfied with it. And lastly, make sure you read through the description of your product in detail before hitting that checkout button.

But we’ve digressed here. We were talking about the hype around high quality clothes. Well we believe that best quality clothing does more than make you look good. These clothes, by the mere virtue of their fabric and the details mentioned above, are bound to make you feel good in them too. And here, by ‘good’ we mean comfortable and confident. This is only because there are so many things that at a subconscious level affect what we see in and think about ourselves. Things like the colour of our garments, the prints on them, the overall fit, how breathable they are, and more, automatically impact the way we feel.

If you don’t agree with us, think about the last time you were at an event you really enjoyed. Now think about what you were wearing at the event. Now think about whether you’d have felt the same way were you wearing something not so comfortable? Even the best ambience, music, company, food, drinks, and entertainment cannot get your mind off how uncomfortable you are if you are. Hence the major hype about wearing high quality clothes.

Next we promised to talk about how you can identify if what these high quality clothing brands claim about their clothes is true. Well, it is simple, you look out for the fine print. Literally. We already covered what you should do when shopping online (we guess digressing momentarily wasn’t all in vain then, huh?), but if you are physically present in a store looking to buy the best quality clothing, a few things to keep in mind would be:

  1. Know where you’re going to be wearing the garments you’re looking to buy, and consequently, the correct fabric for it. And no we don’t mean to assume that you’re only going to shop for clothes when you need them for a specific occasion, but what we mean is just being a little aware about the different kinds of fabrics available and how you can pick the right one on basis of the weather conditions and other things around you. To know a little bit more about that, you could also refer to one of our previous blogs where we’ve touched upon the matter in a little more detail in this Blog
  2. Knowing which fabric is probably not going to be enough. For instance, if you live in a place where cotton seems to be the best fabric for you, knowing how to identify good qua lity cotton is equally important like we’ve mentioned here: Blog. Keep a few of these tips in mind and you’ll be able to identify the best quality clothing yourself.
  3. Last thing to keep in mind will be the stitch, fit, and finish. If you’re out shopping in person, may we please urge you to ensure you try your clothes before taking that final call?
The last thing on our list, do high quality clothing brands truly add value to our lives? Well, we believe we have covered that above, but to summarize, absolutely yes. The difference between a weak and strong brand is the set of values or principles that bind it. A high quality clothing brand by default stands for durability, comfort, and dependency, all qualities that will only benefit you in the long run. So the next time you’re out shopping online or offline, know that the first thing you’re looking for is how it makes you feel along with how it makes you look…
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