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Bikini Colours and What They Mean

by Sexy Beast 02 Jan 2023 0 Comments

You must first understand that there is no rule to picking the perfect colour bikini briefs. You can wear whatever colour you love best. However, it is good to know the best colour women’s bikini briefs to wear based on which ones complement your skin tone. 

Below is a quick guide to help you determine your skin tone and choose the perfect colour bikini briefs that will bring out your natural beauty. 

Find out your Skin Tone
There are usually two types of skin tones - Warm and Cool. But there are three ways to check if you fall under the warm tone or the cool one. 

  1. Hold something pure white under your chin; a towel or maybe a big sheet of paper. If your skin features a light-yellow hue, your tone is considered to be warm. If it’s on the blue hue side then your tone is considered to be cool. Yes, it is that easy. Although, please make sure you remove any makeup first. Try to do the test in natural light for an accurate result.

  1. Have a look at the underarm or wrists. Do you see your skin being pink or blue and do your veins appear blue? If so, your skin tone can be considered as cool. If it has a yellow hue and your veins appear greener then your skin tone is warm.

  1. Do you suit gold better than silver then your skin tone is warm. If it is the opposite then your skin tone is cool.  

Warm Skin Tones
Warm skin tones appear to be light, medium or dark. But the undertones are golden or caramel. People with warm skin tones generally have hints of orange, yellow, red or gold in their hair. Their eyes are usually warm yellow, brown, dark brown, hazel or green.

Cool Skin Tones
Cool skin tones are usually considered to range from pale and porcelain. When cool skin tones tan, they have a reddish tinge as compared to a golden hue. This skin tone is most common and also easy to dress. The hair usually has hints of blue, violet, silver and ash undertones. The eye colours range from blue, grey, green, black and cool brown colours.

Neutral Skin Tones
There is also a neutral skin tone, which is great for most women’s bikini briefs. Neutral-tone individuals tend to possess features of both warm and cool tones. 


Once you get to know your basic skin tone, things will become easier. You can now further look into the seasons - summer, winter, autumn or spring. Knowing the general skin tone helps you choose the best colour bikini briefs that will bring out the best in you.

Winter and Summer seasons are considered cool tones with blue-based palettes. Ruby, sapphire, black, white and steel grey hues are ideal for women’s bikini briefs during winter. Summer tends to have a gentler contrast between skin and hair. So, go for icy or shiny colours such as muted grey, aqua and rose.

Spring and Autumn as we all know are yellow-based palettes. They are the warm skin tone type. Spring tends to look best in bright playful colours. You can opt for peach, bright red, green or brown. Autumns look great in warm, soft and deep colours. For this, you can choose forest green, navy, burnt orange, caramel and tomato red.

There is a range of tones within these categories that can be numbered from 1-36. 1 is the very light type of skin tone and 36 is the very dark type. You can lean towards any one type more than the other. Maybe, also be in between. 

Best Colours for Your Skin Tone

Warm Skin Tones
Warm skin tones suit warm and earthy hues. They can range from sage green, mocha, bronze, mango, burnt orange, olive green, gold, deep tomato red, dark brown and deep yellow.

Cool Skin Tones
Cool skin tones are deep, rich, vivid jewel colours. They can range from emerald green, ruby red, raspberry, plum and sapphire blue as well as more muted tones like dusky pink, lavender and powder blue.

One must see be able to see through the divide between bright jewel colours and earthy tones. It is easy to see the variation of colour and feel complicated. But having your basics right, always helps. 


At Sexy Beast, we are all about empowering women to feel and look confident in the skin and women’s bikini briefs of their choice. 

Understanding the best colour bikini briefs for you is helpful. But you must also keep in mind that you must wear the colour that you like the best. A colour that you feel confident in is the colour that should you pick. At Sexy Beast, we have a wide range of colour options that match all types of skin tones – warm, cool or neutral. But the colour that you think will make you look fashionable and stylish is the colour you must pick. Also, colour is just one aspect of selecting women’s bikini briefs. Comfort is also what you must always keep in mind. 

Sexy Beast makes sure that they take care of these features. Be it comfort, style or colour. We have various fit options as well. So, if you are looking for women’s bikini briefs online then log on to our website to explore a collection that you will fall in love with. 

We offer fast delivery, EMI options and a secure buying interface. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pair of women’s bikini briefs and hit the beach right away!
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