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The most popular designs and fabrics for comfortable Loungewear

by Sexy Beast 28 Dec 2022 0 Comments

There are dozens of fabrics to choose from when designing loungewear.  From natural fibres to synthetic materials the list is a long one. 

Although some of your apparel might be composed of perfect fabrics for dining out, hitting the gym, or running errands, they are not the best option when it comes to being the best fabric for loungewear. After all, that’s why nightwear exists in the first place, the clothes you wear throughout the day serve a different purpose and loungewear definitely needs to be more comfortable and breathable. 

But Which Fabric is Best for Loungewear?
At the end of the day, the right loungewear offers a few distinct qualities that keep you comfortable and cosy. This can be while you are in bed, on the couch or lazing on a loveseat. Alas, choosing the best fabric for loungewear is not rocket science.

You just need to know which fabric is best for loungewear and for that you must know what to look for. This guide below might help. 

What Are the Qualities of the Best Fabric for Loungewear?
When it comes to your cosy loungewear, the fabric is paramount. Just think about all the time and energy you put into selecting a comfortable bedding you sleep on. Like most people, there is a chance even you look for soft and comfortable bedsheets and blankets, right?

Well, those are all qualities you should also be looking for in loungewear fabric as well.

For a good night’s sleep or a comfortable time at home, asking yourself which fabric is best for loungewear is essential. Your loungewear fabric should amplify your relaxation, not disrupt it. For that reason, the best loungewear fabrics should be:


For loungewear, comfortable generally means soft. The best fabric for loungewear should offer premium softness. It has to be smooth and untextured, which won’t itch or irritate your skin.

Whether it is the freezing winter cold or the hottest night of the year, the best fabric for loungewear must offer breathability to help keep your temperature under control. Heavy fabrics trap the heat and moisture, leaving you with night sweats. So, look for fabrics that let the air out. 

Manage Moisture
Regardless of the breathability of your loungewear, your temperature is likely to fluctuate throughout the night. This could raise your body temperature and make you sweat. But if your loungewear is prepared to manage moisture, you don’t have to worry about waking up with damp sheets. 

Although loungewear is now commonly worn inside and outside the house. But even if you’re only wearing them to bed, your loungewear still goes through a lot. Rubbing against your sheets all night may damage the fabric. When you choose the quality, you choose loungewear you can wear again and again. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the best fabric for loungewear, it’s time to get to designing loungewear.

Flannel Pyjamas
Flannel pyjamas are considered to be winter wear loungewear. These pyjamas are made up of thick fabric with an extra layer, which provides a cosy winter night. Match your flannel pyjamas with flannel slippers. You can also twin with your kid’s pyjamas and get great family photos.  

Lightweight Cotton Pyjamas
This loungewear is beneficial for the summer. They maintain body temperature and provide sound sleep. Order these lightweight cotton pyjamas for the whole family from Sexy Beast. The amazing printed designs will add to your style and comfort. 

Knit pyjamas are favourable for the winter season. They are soft, cosy and warm. Due to the stretchability of the fabric, it becomes a perfect pick for kids as well. They can play around all day long in their loungewear. They can be found in screen-printed designs and a set of t-shirts as well. Knit fabric is in demand in warm cities.  

Supima Cotton Pyjamas
Supima cotton is the cool, softest fabric that is considered to be the best fabric for loungewear. These pyjamas are suitable for the summer season as they provide a cool and breathable feel to your skin. The fabric is gentle on the skin and maintains a balanced temperature for sleep. 

Broadcloth is a woven and heavy fabric made of cotton. However, it is less soft than flannel and knits. They are usually available in matching loungewear sets which fully cover the body. It offers a traditional look and is more suitable for adults as it is less stretchable.

Long-sleeved Hoodie Dress
Long-sleeved hoodie dresses are very cosy for the summer season. They help you to sleep without pants as they go down to the knee. 

Knit Sweater Set
This is considered to be winter wear and is made up of wool. It is the perfect loungewear for cosy winter nights. You can also wear it indoors or outdoors for a stylish look. 

This winter wear offers comfort and a stylish look during the day and night. So, even if you are working from home, you can wear a sweatshirt to your meetings. It can be an ideal part of your winter wardrobe. They are available in numerous colours and designs. 

Boxer Shorts
Boxer shorts give a chic and sexy look to both men and women. They are comfortable for summer wear. Boxers come in various designs and prints that add some fun to your look. 

Bathrobes are usually made of 100% silk. They are comfortable in all seasons and offer a luxurious and natural look to the body. 

Loungewear is more comfortable than other dresses. With this guide, we hope we have helped answer your question, “which fabric is best for loungewear?”. Loungewear can be worn at night or in the daytime for a stylish look. Women and men both need comfort at home and loungewear with good fabric, which maintains body temperature becomes a must. Comfort is also known for body size, style, and shape. So, choose your best body size loungewear.  If you need options log on to your website, Sexy Beast for a wide range of loungewear options. 

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