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The Monsoon Makeover for your Wardrobe You're Looking For

by Sexy Beast 28 May 2022 0 Comments
What to wear in rainy season

It’s time to Stock up for the Monsoons

With the summer on its way to bidding us goodbye, and the monsoon around the corner, almost all of us are looking forward to that first rain of the season to help tone down this scorching heat! Apart from that of course, the monsoons do bring with them a keen sense of nostalgia. Whether it is the petrichor or the sound of pitter-patter against a window pane, the rainy season somehow takes us back to the time where after a long summer vacation, we were back on our way to the reopening of schools – a time filled with friends uniting and sharing both stories and gossip of what happened over the last month or two.

The visuals of dripping umbrellas of all sizes and colours, tiny raincoats, paper boats swimming down streams just about everywhere, and the lush new carpet of green covering every surface, this season has always enchanted us with a sense of magic. No amount of gloomy, dull, premonition-like association would be enough to get us to feel otherwise. And while trekkers, footballers, and others like them also tend to get a kick out of this season, here, we take a look at how it impacts the thoughts and actions of all those fashionistas around the world!

As they welcome the monsoon in their special way, here are a few things you must stock up on along with what to wear on a rainy day just so that you don’t end up losing out on the magic and walk into a meeting with trousers that have embarrassingly wet themselves in patches you wouldn’t have wanted them to. 

1. Colourful umbrellas

Need we really say more about this?! A basic wardrobe essential no matter what your gender or age, you must own at least one colourful umbrella that goes with your personality. These days the structure of umbrellas makes it easily portable too.

Colourful umbrella in Rainy season


2. Rain jacket/ raincoats

If you are the more hands-free kind of person, or someone that is stepping out for something more active like going for a walk or trek or something, then having an umbrella is not going to be enough. Going for a raincoat in this case, will be a better option. With a variety of innovative options in terms of material, fall, fabric, colour, shape, and patterns, a raincoat is the most effective answer to what to wear in rainy season.

Rain Coats in rainy season


3. Shoes 

No matter how much you love your comfortable and convenient flip flops, when figuring out what do you wear on a rainy day, these are not made for the season! It is always a better option to invest in at least one pair of rainy shoes that are waterproof, and provide a comfortable and safe grip as well. If you’re going trekking or something more extensive, please ensure that you have spoken to the organizers beforehand and are adequately prepared. Gum boots in certain cases are the preferred choice. One strict rule of thumb is to keep your leather shoes and similar kinds shielded from moisture.

Rainy Shoes


4. Sweaters and Scarves to layer up

In general, our Indian climate sees far more of the warmer months than the cold. With that in mind, our style of architecture also caters to the same. However, in the monsoons, with heavy rains changing the overall temperature outside, our homes on the inside also tend to get rather cold. While it may be inconvenient at times, it is just the perfect excuse to bring out the most stylish pieces of layering material you can think of from cozy pyjamas and sweaters, to warm socks, scarves, jackets, and vests to help beat the chills. Woollens are not typically what we wear in rainy season but when layering is not too thick it can be easily pulled off for a uniquely stylish monsoon look.


5Trench coats 

Trench coats are essentially long coats with a particular stitching pattern which makes it distinguished in style. These coats were initially available only in black, and made of Gaberdine. However, today, trench coats are available in almost any colour you like. Our personal favourites would range the entire tan and suede palette, and these are excellent to protect yourself from wetting your shirt or top. Styling them with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings also looks very smart. Top off the look with a pair of boots and you’re going to steal the show. If the occasion calls for a little dressing up though, you could also think of wearing a knee length dress with a trench coat and long boots for that added wow factor.


6. Trousers

Attending office or traveling for work in the monsoons does tend to take the fun away sometimes. Yes, we agree with you on that. However, as you go hunting around for what type of clothes we wear in rainy season, allow us to suggest the same trousers you wear through the year, only with a little twist. Instead of the full length ones, go for ankle length trousers or formal checkered pants with a plain coloured top. If it is a bit nippy outside, a coat that isn’t too heavy might help weather the cold. You could complete the look with ankle length rainy shoes and a tote bag to keep everything you need handy, yet protected from the rain.


7. Whites

Before you go about questioning whether we really did mention whites as part of what you wear on a rainy day, let us tell you that confidence is key. If you are confident that you can pull off a white piece of clothing without getting it wet or dirty, there is nothing that speaks as smartly as a crisp white shirt or pant. And honestly, with all the layering, it is rather difficult to have it get messy. Just be sure of that though, you certainly don’t want to be walking in to work, or anywhere for that matter, wearing see-through clothes that might be both inappropriate, and sloppy.


8. Party wear, with care

You don’t have to sacrifice your parties just because it is drizzling outside and you don’t know what to wear in rainy season. Think of creative combinations like skirts or dresses with leg warmers or leggings, a tucked in shirt, and some warm-lined shoes to keep you feeling stylish, yet safe and warm.


9. Florals

Florals never go out of style and is might just be your answer to what to wear in rainy season. Especially when a lot of people end up choosing blacks and greys, if you pair your dress with a lovely floral jacket or coat, you’re sure to stand out in a crowd.


10. Humid weather 

While we’ve spent some time talking of how monsoons do tend to get a bit cold, there are a lot of rainy days identical to those of summer – hot and humid. Wearing something like a rain coat, what you wear on typical rainy days would leave you dry from the rain, but wet in a pool of sweat. On such days, we recommend more of cotton based clothing. For women, moderately long flowy dresses would help with breathability and keeping yourself cool, and for men, if the situation permits, boxer shorts, or stylish loungewear options could help do the same.

Additionally to all the hacks above, we suggest choosing a suitable fabric for the occasion. Nylon and chiffon are preferred monsoon fabrics because they are lightweight and dry quickly should they get wet. Along with that, another thing we avoid is wearing outfits that tend to have their fabrics touching the floor. No matter where you are, the ground tends to get messy in the monsoons, so this is something you want to be mindful of.

Denims in general are a hit or miss with this season. What truly matters is how comfortable you’d be in them.

Lastly, we would advise to always have a scarf, stole, or coat, stashed in your bag or car. This helps to cover up any wardrobe malfunctions or unexpected wet patches and rain spots. And, as always, remember that at the end of the day, no matter who you are and where you are going, none of this is of any use unless you are having fun. So stay dry, stay safe, and simply enjoy this magical weather that’s to come!

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