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Boxer Briefs or Boxer Shorts - What to buy, when, and why

by Sexy Beast 26 May 2022 0 Comments

Boxer Briefs Vs Boxer Shorts, which one is better?

Most of us have been through the “what came first – chicken or egg?” conundrum. However, did you know that some people feel so strongly about their answers, that it doesn’t matter how you justify it, you’ll be judged if it is any different from theirs. What’s that got to do with boxer briefs vs boxer shorts? Just about everything, because this points so strongly to how human beings function.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve also used the internet for all sorts of things from checking out useful, research material on topics of interest, to trying to locate things like what aliens eat for lunch, or a monkey playing the piano in a quartet. And yet, just like us, you probably never realized that searching something like ‘Boxers briefs V/S Boxer shorts’ might also lead to some interesting information.

Well we just did. And guess what – there is sooooooo much detailing involved in the creation of these pieces that you can study them from a history, geography, science, literature, and fashion point of view before picking a pair the next time you go out shopping for boxer briefs and boxer shorts.

Boxer Briefs Vs Boxer Shorts

Why do we need to wear Boxer Briefs or Boxer shorts?

So no, not only women have the choice of picking between different styles of underwear. Men have it too, they just don’t know it themselves sometimes. At the core of it, both, boxer briefs and boxer shorts are nothing but types of underwear for men. Although some of us may like to go ‘commando’, it is wiser to wear underwear for hygiene and privacy purposes. To top it off, we all have wardrobe malfunctions more often that we admit. Boxer Briefs and Boxer shorts keep you covered in this situation (and quite literally!)

 Kinds of underwear 

Apart from the variety, there are few essential factors to consider before choosing your Boxer Briefs vs Boxer shorts. Choice of Fabric plays a crucial role. Since this fabric is worn directly on sensitive skin, it is wise to choose a soft and breathable fabric. Well fitting underwear is the next factor. It is as displeasing to a viewer, as it might be to you, to keep adjusting your inners ALL THE TIME.

Pro tip – to find the perfect size, try on three – the size you normally assume to be your correct size, one size smaller, and one size bigger. Having tried all three, you’d be more informed to pick what you feel most comfortable in. This is especially handy when you are trying out new brands, since measurements are not standardized across brands all the time.

Assuming you’re on board the wearing-underwear train, we move on to the next stop – choosing the right cut and design. Although you may not have given it much thought until now, rest assured that picking the right colour and style is not less complicated than when your significant other is out picking make up and testing your patience with ten shades of pink that all look almost similar to you.

So read through the various detailing that define the differences between boxer shorts and boxer briefs, and then, the ball’s in your court. (No pun intended).


The biggest Boxers and briefs difference is based on the cutting of the fabric.
Boxer Shorts – In comparison to boxer briefs, boxer shorts extend to the middle of the thigh. These are cut loose, like a pair of shorts, and can also pass off as outerwear or regular shorts.

Boxer Briefs – They fit tight to the leg from the waistband to the hem. This gives them a distinct underwear look and feel, despite being boxer briefs.

Cutting Boxer Briefs for men


Boxer Shorts – In comparison to Boxer Briefs these do not provide ultimate support and should be worn when not expecting a strenuous or laborious day.  

Boxer Briefs –The boxer briefs are perfect for busy days filled with a lot of physical activity. These offer more support than boxer shorts with the tight streamlined fit adding to the security. They are also recommended by doctors for patients having lower body pain.


Fit  Boxer shorts


Boxer Shorts – Just like a pair of shorts, these are loose in comparison with boxer briefs, and therefore provide you with an easy breathable quality.

Boxer Briefs – These are tight fitting and provide support, which is why these would not be as easy-breezy as the Boxer shorts, but if you need the best of both, you can pick the support of boxer briefs, and the breathable quality of boxer shorts via cotton or hemp as the choice of material.

boxer shorts for men


Boxer Shorts Many men find Boxer shorts to be more comfortable due to the loose fit. They also provide the airflow and freedom of movement BUT could be a bit uncomfortable for by-watchers if you’re not careful. One other downside to boxer shorts is that they cause chaffing if worn while running or playing heavy sports, and hence the briefs might be a better option to go for those functions.

Boxer Briefs – Men who tend to have more physical activities in their schedule find this to be more comfortable since they get the desired support that briefs provide. Due to its strategic design, briefs also reduce the chances of chafing and skin irritation.

Comfort Printed  Boxer Shorts


You might think that since both of these styles are underwear, the will provide the same level of coverage. However, practicality points to something else. It is important that your Johnson stays away from making public appearances and that you are comfortable with both, its form and function.

Boxer Shorts – These would provide with excellent inner thigh protection, but less coverage due to the loose fit at certain specific angles. So please be careful with these, especially if you’re in public.

Boxer Briefs – When it comes to functionality, the fit and form or boxer briefs helps to keep everything in its place in a manner that can make you feel both comfortable and secure.

difference between boxers and briefs


At the end of the day, whether intentional or not, any underwear tends to become a lot about their sex appeal. How one looks and feels in a pair is something that might supersede everything else that we’ve been talking about so far. So taking the boxer shorts vs boxer briefs conversation further:

Boxer Shorts – Because they look like shorts, choosing this kind underwear can make the lower body look bigger and bulkier. This is good news for skinny men who want to fortify their lower body appearance. This also is helpful for people with love handles or beer bellies as this will adjust the lower body proportions. However, as magical as boxer shorts may be, they don’t come with powers, and need to be paired well in order to work its magic. Read all about that here.

Boxer Briefs – These briefs will get you singing ‘I’m sexy and I know it!” The snug fit makes this choice of underwear, a go to when you want to be able to embrace your body, both, metaphorically, and in reality. Worn under skinny jeans, cotton trousers, chinos, and more, the seamless effect of boxer briefs are a win-win for anybody.


Whether it was Adam and Eve with their fig leaves, the Romans with loincloths, or us sitting here contemplating Boxer briefs Vs Boxer shorts since time immemorial, men and women have been finding ways to cover their private parts. The difference is that we have evolved over the years to include many more styles, fabrics, fits, and designs to choose from, irrespective of gender and more. Technology allows to put aside the difference between boxers and briefs and mass produce them in a way that helps us conclude that there is no question of choosing one over the other for both have their own pros and cons, what matters is the occasion to which they are being worn. Everything else, is matter of personal taste.

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