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Get Beach ready with this Party Edit of outfits too cool to pool in!

by Sexy Beast 04 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Struggling to figure what to wear to a pool party? Beach or pool party outfit ideas to steal now!

Pool or Beach Outfit Ideas

Splish-splash, you’re attending a bash…which means you’ve got to figure out your pool party outfit ideas first. With summer on its way out and that transition season between the monsoons and now, June has often been the month of pool parties and outings. With that in mind, no matter where you are, party-ready, is something you want to be.

While for some, this means stocking up on pool party boxers or going through a list of pool party outfit ideas, for many others, this means a sense of clueless anxiety when it comes to deciding what to wear to a pool party.

If you are part of the former, we assume that you’ve already shopped for pool party boxers previously, and have a head start. However, with newer trends in fabric, technology, prints, and colours, there is a lot more that can be done while choosing what to wear to a pool party today.

Before, however, jumping into actual pool party outfit ideas, we believe there are some guidelines or characteristics that might help you choose the right pool party clothes for men or women.

1. Pool party boxers vs briefs

We’ve covered the difference between boxers in briefs in a previous blog, however, to summarize, briefs are the shorter, tighter, snugger pieces of inner wear, while the boxer shorts are the longer, looser, more shorts-like pieces of inner wear. While going to a pool party, briefs as an option of pool party clothes for men are always, and forever, a big no-no. Especially in India, they could make your social circle, irrespective of how close you are, rather uncomfortable. We’d rather you choose from a range of Colourful, solid or printed pool party boxers instead.

Pool Party Boxer Shorts

2. Pairing something with your boxers

While it is not uncommon for most men to end up being topless at a pool party, you still need something to wear in transit, or if gets chilly, or in general. In that case, while baggy shirts and t-shirts could work well with other pairings, they most certainly mustn’t be considered as a go to for pairing with boxer shorts. Choose a regular fitting t-shirt, floral shirt, a vest, or even a combination of these to go with your pool party boxers and you’re good to go.

Beach party Accesories

3. Toiletries and other things to carry, and not

Knowing that you are on your way to a beach or pool party, there are a set of things to carry with you apart from your pool party clothes for men and women. These include a towel to dab dry when needed, perhaps a spare pair of clothes, something to keep your important things like phone and keys safe, and even a set of quick grooming tools like a hairbrush, lotions, sunscreen, and so on. Especially if it is a day time party, don’t forget your sunglasses as well. These most certainly add a glamour quotient to the overall vibe.

Things to carry on Beach

While those are things to carry, it is also important to keep in mind, what not to carry with you to a beach or pool party. First and foremost, anything like a towel, robe, room slippers, or laundry bag, picked up from a hotel is an all-time no-no. Not only does it down play your value, but it also makes you look cheap and an object of mockery. Of course, if you are staying a hotel where the party is being held, then, it is a different case. However, apart from that, it is never acceptable or okay to do so.

Leaving aside the hotel equipment, also please keep your leather and other expensive material things at home. This includes belts, bags, shoes, slippers, and any other form of accessory. Unless, of course, the motive is to ruin them for some reason, trust us on this one.

4. Footwear

While deciding what to wear to a pool party footwear is of utmost importance. A pool party, unlike other parties, is more about comfort and casual fashion, rather than dressing up and being prim and proper in every sense of the word. This means, footwear needs special attention. For men, stay clear, as we mentioned, of all leather and related items. A pair of casual sandals, slippers, flip flops, or sliders, are all acceptable. For women, high heels or similar items could literally be fatal. Apart from of course being slippery, pools normally have things like grills for drainage etc. around them, which means these could easily get lodged in and trip you over. Wedges, platform heels, or sliders, slippers, or sandals, are all, again, acceptable items for you.

Footwear for Pool & Beach Party

5. Fabrics and Accessories

For both, men and women, choosing what to wear to a pool party or beach party means choosing outfits of certain fabrics. Things like wool and flannel, even in the winter months, would always be crossed out of the list. Along with retaining more water than you want it to, these fabrics just get heavy, smelly, damp, and lose all form and structure when wet. Quick-drying synthetic fabrics, styled with cotton cover ups could be the best option for you. In all probability, you’d be wearing a swimsuit underneath, so that should take care of this.

Fabric To Wear For Pool Party & Beach Party

In terms of accessorizing, irrespective of your gender or preference, going light is always a better option while on your way to a beach or pool party. For women, an elegant pendant, some lightweight, Colourful, earrings, and perhaps a hand cuff, could be enough. Anklets of all shapes and colours and patterns are often seen at these parties. Thread and fabric based accessories have recently been on the rise, in case you can lay your hands on some of those. Even Colourful feathers as earrings or hair accessories have been a popular choice at such parties. You could also think of putting on a body chain or waist chain to accentuate your curves and draw a little more attention, if you like.

For men, while accessories are limited, several kinds of neck and wrist wear can be thought of for these parties. However, just like women, don’t overdo these, and especially for men, once again, stay clear of leather based accessories. Beaded bracelets with stones are a popular choice for men at these gatherings, just as much as threaded neck accessories are.

Both, men and women, please, please, please, ensure that if you are keeping your watches on, those are waterproof.  Also, personal experience has taught us that water-resistant and waterproof are two, very, very different things. So ensure that you’re very clear on what your gadgets can take, to avoid losing them altogether to the water. A better option of course, is to avoid them altogether if you are not too sure.

That said, beach or pool party outfit ideas always bring to mind lots of bright colour, bold prints, and the possibility of mixing and matching them up to suit your style and personality. If you are someone comfortable with showing off some skin, choose something classy and elegant, and if you are someone who’s not so comfortable with showing off too much skin, then you can play around with layers of garments like stoles, ponchos, crochet cover ups, or cover ups that are bright in colour and made of sheer, translucent fabric.

Ps. – If the party is at night, and if you are hosting it, think of out of the box ideas like experimenting with UV lights and neon body paint, glitter, and so on – if that’s your style. Whatever it is, there are no rules set in stone when it comes to fashion, ever. So you do you…and just have a blast doing it!

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