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What is Micro Modal? Advantage of Micro Modal Fabric

by Sexy Beast 28 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Be it any clothing, the quality of the fabric and its breathability are of utmost importance, especially for underwear and innerwear. For decades, cotton has been a standout fabric for innerwear. This was purely on the basis of its softness and comfort. But things are changing and with this change comes underwear made of Micro Modal. Now, you ask what is micro modal fabric. In this article, we will cover in brief what is micro modal and why the micro modal fabric is gaining popularity throughout the world. 

What is micro modal fabric? Why is micro modal fabric better than the other fabrics? Is micro modal fabric sustainable? Read on to get answers to all your inhibitions. 

What Is Micro Modal?

Micro Modal is a plant-based fabric. It is soft, stretchable and offers resistance to shrinking. In comparison to regular modal fabric, micro modal has thinner fibres. So, the micro modal can be tightly woven to produce a soft silky fabric. This in turn offers resistance to moisture and heat. Hence, micro modal is gaining a lot of popularity and maybe become the new go-to fabric for products like innerwear, loungewear and activewear.

What is Micro Modal fabric?

The main component of this micro modal fabric is derived from sustainably grown beechwood trees. These are harvested and converted into wood chips. Later, cellulose is extracted from these chips and this cellulose pulp is then converted into coveted modal fibres.

What Is Micro Modal fabric used for?

The main benefits of this micro modal are that it is light, soft and breathable. It is different from regular semi-synthetic fabrics. Due to its finer, yarn-woven material it also allows better elasticity. Thus, it is perfect for innerwear. In fact, the micro modal is considered to be the best fabric for athletes and gym enthusiasts. This is because its moisture-wicking abilities keep them away from sweat. 


What is Micro Modal? - Advantages and Features 

If you are wondering why you should consider the micro modal fabric – below are a few reasons.

Soft Fabric:
One of the major highlights of the micro modal fabric is that it is soft. Various tests and experiments have proven that. In fact, it is considered to be twice as soft as cotton. In addition to that a point to be noted here is that as opposed to cotton, micro modal's soft feel lasts even after multiple washes.

Apparels made from the micro modal fabric are light and breathable. They are so airy that you'll forget you are wearing anything. Credit goes to the fibres – they are very thin and can be tightly woven together. This tight weave gives the fabric a smooth feel without making it heavy on your body.

The micro modal fabric is also very durable. Apparels made of micro modal fabric stay as good as new despite the repeated washes and use. In fact, it also resists pilling.

The micro modal fabric helps increase the colour vibrancy of your clothing. This allows the clothing to be colour resistant and makes the fibres less prone to fading. Even after multiple washes. 

Micro modal fabric offers parallel flexibility, making it a favourite for innerwear. The body-responsive stretch fits your body like your second skin and is loved by all for its unmatched comfort.

Another amazing advantage of micro modal fabric is its temperature regulating property. Its fibres are designed to be naturally breathable and regulate the absorption and release of moisture. This prevents discomfort caused by sweat and also keeps you cool.

Prevents Shrinking:
Unlike many other fabrics, the micro modal does not lose its shape or shrink after multiple washes and regular use. So, worry not, whether you are wearing something for the first time or hundredth, it will feel and fit just the same.

Crease Resistant:
Micro modal fabric is not prone to wrinkles and stays smooth with negligible to minimal ironing.

Does Micro Modal fabric impact the environment?
Modal fibres are biodegradable and compostable. As these fibres have botanic origins - made using cellulose of beechwood trees, they fully revert to nature. Moreover, the fibre production processes are closed-looped and environmentally sound. 

Do Micro Modal fabrics last longer? 

We learnt a great deal about what is micro modal. Now let’s talk about how to take proper care of your micro modal garments. And how they will last even longer if taken care off. Many people think that given the multiple features of the fabric, caring for it is very time-consuming and cumbersome. Wrong, in fact, it is very easy. Caring for your micro modal garments is as easy as caring for your regular ones. Just wash and dry. Simple as that. Avoid using chlorine-based bleach or dry-cleaning garments made from the fabric. And you will be good to go. 

Why Micro Modal fabric innerwear is the best?

Not all innerwear can be the best. But considering the various features and benefits of micro modal fabric listed above, it is easy to say that innerwear made from micro modal is considered the best and should be your preference when you want to update your innerwear collection

Innerwear has evolved from being just a functional garment to a fashion statement. And with time even Sexy Beast has evolved and offers a wide range of micro modal innerwear on our website. If you are going to invest money in buying yourself innerwear make sure that it lasts long, keeps you comfortable, and is breathable and pocket-friendly, just like what we offer at Sexy Beast. You should choose underwear made from micro modal fabric. Your underwear will feel like new every time you wear it, even after multiple washes. Plus, who does not like staying cool with innerwear on? Sexy Beast offers comfort and design, so make a wise choice and check out our collection on our website

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