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Types Of Shorts For Women And Girls

by Sexy Beast 02 May 2022 0 Comments

Like the blinder on the horse’s bridle, all I can see is shorts, shorts and shorts while shopping. What else can one expect when you’re bang in the middle of summer? With heat wave predictions floating all across social media, and family members constantly checking in on where we are, especially in the scorching afternoons, things seem to be getting worse with every passing year.

However, if we really think of it, why only summer? The October heat is no less. That’s why building a good shorts collection is a wardrobe must have.

Wars change a lot of things. A trend which came up out of necessity during World War II was shorts because they helped with easy movement. Since then the trend never stopped and many types of shorts have today come into the picture. Stylish shorts on the runway to types of shorts in sports, the trend never needed a revival. 

Gone are the days where you had the face the neighbour aunty’s HAAAWs for swaying those cute types of shorts for ladies. And if you are someone who chose to wear them anyway, we are sure you did not care too much for their stares. Everyone’s allowed to wear whatever they are confident in. With many women donning types of shorts, body positivity is here to stay. Shorts are for everyone and we are here to celebrate it.

Pair your favourite types of shorts with the right shoes and top and you are ready to be the star at any event. Here we help you out by listing a few types of shorts to stock up this season:

DENIM SHORTS – It is impossible to proceed without mentioning the indispensable denim type of shorts. From classy to risqué and everything in between, denim shorts serve all purpose. Trying to play low-key or even if you want to stand out in the crowd, these enchanting shorts will merge into the mood you are in. Everything and anything mid-rise is ‘in’ right now. Pair your favourite mid-rise denim type of short with a crop top and you are all set to create an instagram trend.

PRINTED SHORTSOptions are endless ranging from floral prints, cheetah prints to geometric stripes and graffiti. A pair of shorts which will teleport you to anywhere you want to be in a jiffy without worrying about who would take care of your dog! Pair the printed type of short for women with an eccentric or matching top and you are sure to grab some eyeballs.  Prints on prints too are trending right now. So go ahead and try it out for a very 2022 look.

SKORTS – When a pair of shirts and a skirt get together, we get type of shorts for women called SKORTS. No, no! These are nothing like the embarrassing bloomer ones from your childhood photos! Skorts have evolved and have been given a magical touch by our designers to make them look elegant and fancy. Skorts are totally in fashion and athletes from golf and tennis are to thank for this. When you have a light trekking to do or just go around a castle looking nice, then this is just perfect for you.

SILK SHORTS – Silk shorts with animal prints never go out of fashion. This different type of shorts are for any woman who wants to carry a bold look. The rule is – wear what you are comfortable in! This is a perfect type of shorts when you plan to go out with friends or want to run some errands like going shopping alone. Warning – be prepared to receive a lot of compliments, at least in terms of looks, if not actual words.

CUT-OFF SHORTS – This stylish pair of shorts, can be store bought or created by yourself. Just take a pair of trousers or pants and cut them off near the knees or a little higher or lower, whichever you prefer. Imperfection is beautiful and this is what these shorts are all about. These shorts will give you an edgy look. You can also work your DIY magic to either your DIY or store bought cut-shorts to personalize them by adding embellishments like studs and gems and VOILA; you are now the proud owner of a unique, one of a kind, designer piece of clothing.

BOYFRIEND SHORTS – Shorts that you steal from your boyfriend or brother are called Boyfriend shorts. We are just kidding… (Please return those shorts to your boyfriend or brother, ok?) However the joke does have a bit of reality because these have a resemblance to men’s pants. A type of shorts for ladies that is loose and baggy is called Boyfriend shorts. It can have an elastic waistband or a regular one but it will almost always have a zippers and buttons for that slightly boyish look. This leg wear would be slightly longer than other shorts but above the knee length. Since you have stolen these from your boyfriend, you might as well consider stealing the man’s sandals to complete the look. Kidding again, they might not fit you. In either case, boyfriend shorts go great with a casual pair of sandals or sneakers. 

BERMUDA SHORTS – A type of shorts likely to be identified as BERMUA by your grandma is called a Bermuda shorts. These types of shorts have been around FOREVER. I’m sure the stone-age man had one too! However, this can be a hit or a miss. Some women like the comfort of these different type of shorts while some women don’t find it fancy enough. It’s all up-to your preference.

WRAP SHORTS – This article is incomplete without mentioning these gorgeous looking wrap shorts which are so feminine and classy. You will definitely be complimented for these so be prepared to tell other women where you purchased these from. It is like a scarf or a skirt covering your shorts which give you a modest but supremely stylish and royal look. These different types of shorts were prominent in the 70’s and the 80’s but are making a comeback this summer, refurbished as a very 2022 look.

PLEATED SHORTS – Simply said, these types of stylish shorts have pleats on it to give a very feminine look. Pleats run vertical from the waistline and also are known to create an illusion for fuller thighs. Pastel coloured pleated shorts can be spotted everywhere on social media. The length of these shorts would be a little above the knees. 

BOOTY SHORTS – The kind of shorts that your parents might stop you from wearing can be identified as booty shorts. Tiny, bold, and quite rarely seen in the Indian sub-continent, these shorts will cover your booty and…and that is it!

So there you have it – the long and short of it, because why not! When it comes to choosing your wardrobe though, we understand that it is exhausting to explain everyone your life choices, so don’t! Be happy, be stylish and shorten your stresses this summer with your own collection of shorts.

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