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End the day in style with different kinds of pyamas for men and women for different kinds of days

by Sexy Beast 11 May 2022 0 Comments

A new trend, and one that we’re glad to welcome, is the prevalence of general awareness. Things like focusing on wellbeing – mental and physical, getting enough rest and sleep, practicing meditation, being more conscious and aware of the things we eat and drink, our level of physical activity or exercise that we insert through busy schedules in the day…all of these help to get a better understanding of ourselves, and the kind of life we want to be living.

Research on these topics in the recent past has led to insights on minimum sleeping hours, best sleeping positions, and things to be avoided one hour prior to sleep, things related to the ambience like the various sounds, aromas and lighting settings for your bedroom, and so on. However, it is practically impossible to follow everything by the book.

Can you imagine practicing ‘10 things that I am grateful for today’ right after having a row with your spouse. Or taking a warm bath just before bed time when it is 40 degrees in a humid city outside? As beautiful as it sounds on paper, in practicality, it can get impossibly tiring and frustrating at times.

But we can help you out with type of sleepwear that can guarantee yours sweet dreams and comfort in and out of your homes – PAJAMAS or PJs for men, women and kids alike.

Apart from sleep, there are different types of pajamas for your comfort, convenience, ease and fashion for working at home to step out and run some errands in your area, or just chill with some close friends casually. Fun fact – The wearing of pajamas is attributed to Indians.  The British discovered this different type of sleepwear and acknowledged its benefits. However, part of the functionality of these outfits lie in choosing the right fabric and type of pajamas for yourself. Types of PJs can be listed by fabrics and styles. There are some traditional fabrics which the industry swears by as they have done for decades now, and then are new fabrics and styles introduced to us with the GenZ.

Speaking of some of these:

COTTON – Plain cotton pajamas is like the bread and butter sandwich. Plain coloured pajamas with prints are just like adding an egg to the sandwich! You can’t go wrong even if you tried to. Cotton is chosen for its porosity, softness, light weight and is a preferred type of pajama for bedtime rituals. Cotton habilitates natural air circulation and does not irritate the skin. It is best for summer.

LINEN – Linen pajamas are light weight and popular amongst types of sleepwear. Linen too has a soft texture like cotton but is more durable and fast drying in comparison to cotton. Linen can have a crinkly look but it is absolutely alright when you are thinking of pajamas. It also helps you stay cool.

linen pyjamas

SILK – Silk pajamas feel magical to touch and bring a sense of luxurious cosiness to the outfit. Silk is a natural fabric which keeps you warm while being light weight. Silk is good for your skin especially for those with super sensitive skin that is prone to break into allergic reactions forming rashes and irritability due to the fabric itself.

Also chosen for its breathability and feathery feel, silk, however, also needs a bit of maintenance like hand washing or dry cleaning and can be a bit exorbitant on the wallet.

Silk pyjamas

SATIN – Satin as a vegan fabric is a good alternative for silk. It is warm, light weight and light on the pocket as well! Satin is preferred as a types of pjs for its shine, simplicity and appearance.

satin pyjamas for men & Women

FLANNEL – Best for colder nights as this wool like material provides you with warmth. It is slightly heavier than cotton but serves its purpose. However, it might be itchy on skin and should be bought only if you are sure of the material.

Flannel pyjamas

Thanks to the influencers with their ‘I-just-woke-up-like-this’ posts, wearing different types of pajamas has become an accepted trend. Be it a bride doing her before and after makeup or a sportsman posting a fun time he’s had with his dog, pajamas can be spotted everywhere. YouTubers are wearing different types of pajamas while shooting their videos too, especially when the topic is relevant like a demo on ‘how to cook a lazy breakfast’.

Types of Pajama outfits have become a wardrobe staple for many. There are countless articles on ‘how to wear pajamas in public’ because arresting this endearing comfort clothing to four walls of home is such an injustice! And to make this task easier, our constantly evolving fashion industry has jumped in to bring to us different types of pajamas. When it comes to fashion and styling, pajamas are not left behind. Whether you are having a game night with friends or Netflix and chilling all by yourself: we have you covered. 

There are different types of pajamas we can help you out with to get your desired look: after all our choice of clothes expresses your personality.

T-SHIRT & PANT – Not all of us prefer very loose or baggy shirts to sleep in. A daily wear t-shirt fit works just fine. That is why we have for you T-Shirt and Pant type of sleepwear pajama to give you the desired look with comfort.

T Shirt & Pant


COORDINATED PAJAMAS / COUPLES PAJAMAS – As you can guess by the name, it is fun to have to have matching pajamas for the family on a Christmas Eve or when you are cheering for your favourite team on a games night with friends. A matching outfit always adds up to your personality and speaks what you stand for.

couple pyjamas

ONESIES – A new type of PJ which is also called as footed pajamas have you covered from your toes to your shoulders. Or even with a hoodie if you prefer. They are like the comfortable version of jumpsuits that have stormed the market. Onesies are a great option if you do want any extra fabric surrounding your body and is a type of pajamas which has become a bold fashion statement.

Onesies pyjamas

JOGGERS PAJAMAS – If you prefer wearing a track pant for its narrowed leg fitting, then this different type of pajama is just for you. In contrast to the original design of pajamas, this is redesigned for your specific needs.

joggers pyjamas

PERSONALISED PAJAMAS – Having customised pajamas for your entire family for various occasions like supporting someone with their new initiative, celebrating a milestone achievement, or even bidding farewell to someone as they fly the nest, can be a simple, yet effective way to show you care. With personalized pajamas you can choose the fabric, design, pattern, and personal message or image, if any. It is a great way to show solidarity while being comfortable in style.

customized pyjamas

T-SHIRT & SHORTS – Long pants are not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes you just want to wear something that allows you to breathe no matter how hot or cold the weather might be. Shorts as an alternative to traditional type of pajama pants is just for you. So go ahead and flaunt those sexy legs in front of everybody.

T Shirts & Shorts

ROBE PAJAMAS- Sometimes, we get so comfortable in them, we don’t want to take them off, even when we might have to! Imagine working from home or attending your regular zoom classes in them? A robe pajama, although recent, comes with the nostalgic comfort of warmth and style. That’s why with this new type of pajamas you can get everything you want.

Apart from just comfort and the aesthetics, pajamas are an act of self care. As the saying goes ‘Pajamas are good for the soul’ so invest in what you feel might be the right fit for you and snooze on as snug as a bug in a rug.

Robe Pyjamas
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