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Top 10 Must Have Trending Shorts for Men

by Sexy Beast 30 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Shorts for men are the ultimate style quotient, especially during summers and monsoons. Hence, irrespective of what kind of trending shorts for guys you are wearing right now, you need no extra reason to sport different trending mens shorts styles. Trending shorts for guys are always season and occasion-appropriate and you can either dress it down or even notch it down to suit your style. 

Poker Chips shorts trending shorts for men

For example, if you are wondering how to wear trending mens shorts to work on your casual day, you can pair a formal shirt with your trending mens shorts. Even if you are going on a trip, especially if it is a long drive then trending mens shorts can be the classic way to shout effortless style and comfort. Sexy Beast has made it their mission to provide ultimate comfort to all the men out there and provide them with trending shorts for guys and what better way to do it than providing them with it on our website

During summers, nobody wants to haggle with those tight-fitting or body-hugging denim jeans, right? Similarly, during monsoon instead of ruining your favourite trousers and going through the hassle of it drying (which is not easy) the most preferred option is to wear shorts. The length of the shorts can make the difference. So, stay tuned to this blog because we have for you the top 10 shorts for men and how to wear them the right way.

Bermuda Shorts
Bermuda shorts are a knee-length semi-formal type of short, which is also known as a walk or dress shorts. If you are thinking these were invented in Bermuda, then no, they were not. They were designed in the 20th century in England for the British Soldiers to survive in the tropical and sub-tropical climates. And now, they make it to the top 10 shorts list. The leg opening of these shorts hangs up to one to three inches above the knee has a hand-sewn hem and has become a favourite amongst men.

Bermuda shorts trending shorts for men

Boxer Shorts
Originally boxer shorts were worn by the boxing participants. But the current  come with an elastic band at the waist, which is an alternative to leather belted trunks, typically worn by boxers. Some boxer shorts have a fly hole too. This helps with the urination process. The comfort of boxer shorts is unparallel. Plus, it can be worn both as underwear and as a short. Generally, it is worn by men but even ladies wear them as casual wear. In fact, you can also try it during sleeping at night. 

printed Boxer shorts trending shorts for men

Chino Shorts
Chino shorts are the most loved shorts among the top 10 shorts list, around the world. It is preferred by most people and sometimes it is called knee-length shorts or walking shorts too. It is made of a cotton will fabric with a solid colour and sometimes has prints too. It has long side pockets, a back pocket, a zipper and a button as a closing fastener as well. It has easy to fit, fashionable and preferable for casual or semi-casual occasions.  

Chino shorts trending shorts for men

Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts offer a casual look. Now because they are cargo shorts, they come with three cargo baggy pockets with flaps. These are like chino shorts but the main difference is the pockets. As cargos have many pockets but chinos come with just two side pockets and a back pocket. These are combat shorts, which can be suitable for camping and hiking activities. The pockets help manage different tools like knives, lighter, ropes, compass etc.

trending cargo shorts for boys


Cycling Shorts
Cycling shorts are long and form-fitting shorts. These are specifically designed for cyclists to reduce chafing during cycling. But nowadays, are worn by many at the gym or even for a walk or a casual outing. These are made of fabrics from synthetic fibres like nylon, polyester etc. blended with spandex.  

Cycling shorts trending shorts for guys


Surfing Shorts
Just like the name, surfing shorts are the best choice shorts for surfing. Also known as board shorts. It is a loose-fitting short that reaches the knees and is an alternative to baggies. It bears a drawstring set in the waist that secures the clothing item. These shorts are slightly longer than swim shorts. Originally it was made of cotton but now nylon and polyester have taken over. Floral printed design and solid neon colour surfing shorts are the most trending shorts for guys.

beach shorts for men trending beach shorts

Trunk Shorts
Trunk shorts are swimwear used by men. It has both shell and inner lining. The shell can be made from both polyester and nylon but the lining is always made of polyester. The lining provides comfort when swimming and hence it is made of polyester. These shorts also have side pockets. It can also bear a functional and non-functional drawstring. The variety of colours available in these kinds of shorts will easily catch your attention, apart from the comfort these shorts provide you with.

trunk shorts for men

Athletic Shorts
Athletic shorts are a style of sportswear that include running shorts, tennis shorts, gym shorts, and board shorts. Athletic shorts are often made from stretchable, breathable spandex or nylon fabrics. These allow proper moisture-wicking and air circulation. These shorts may feature a drawstring, which holds the shorts tight and helps you adjust them as per your comfort.

athletic shorts for men trending

Convertible Shorts
These shorts start as pants but include snap buttons, zippers, or velcro that allow removing the lower part of the pants. This basically turns your pants into shorts, voila! 

convertible shorts

Denim Shorts
No top 10 shorts list is complete without the mention of denim shorts. They come in various cuts and lengths, such as low-rise, high-waisted, or boyfriend cuts. They also have a different type of wash and these denim shorts can work in an array of different settings and occasions. You can pair them with nearly any kind of top too and you will be good to slay.

denim trending shorts for men

We hope you make the most of this list of top 10 shorts. We are Sexy Beast and have a wide array of clothing that include shorts, on our website. Please do check it out.

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