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The 5 Most Popular T-Shirt Colours

by ajay shukla 13 Aug 2022 0 Comments

T-shirts are the most comfortable to wear and are always a top priority on the shopping list for men and women. We find the most popular women’s t-shirt colours in a lot of styles these days. And the same goes for the most popular tee shirt colours for men. Sometimes we get so confused, probably end up buying the same most popular t-shirt colours which we already have. 

Below is the list of the 5 most popular tee shirt colours that every man and woman should have to keep their wardrobe more colourful, stylish and trendy. 

Let’s first talk about the three basic most popular t-shirt colours – Black, White and Grey. 

Black Solid Colour Tees

Black solid colour tees are one of the most popular t-shirt colours in any wardrobe. The black solid colour t-shirt comes in various styles, some of the popular and most worn are crew necks, V necks, polos, sleeveless, full sleeves and henley. Below are a few reasons why black is the most popular men’s t-shirt colours

Black colour Round Neck T Shirt
  • For Anyone and Everyone
    The black solid colour t-shirt is a neutral colour. It suits anyone. Be it chubby or slim, black is one of the most popular men’s t-shirt colours that will never put you down in styling. 
  • Sophisticated Look
    Black solid colour t-shirt brings a sense of sophistication to your style game. T-shirts solid colours, especially black pop out your personality beautifully.
  • Travel Essentials
    For most travellers, the most popular men’s t-shirt colours is black. It does not look dirty even if you are wearing it for a longer time. If you sweat a lot, then black is the perfect option to wear, as black is a dark colour and your sweat will not be visible. 
  • Easy to Carry and Style
    A black t-shirt is the most popular women’s t-shirt colours as it is a comfortable and the most worn item. It provides you with a sense of comfort and goes well with shorts or jeans or trousers or even palazzos, so styling with a black t-shirt is easy.

White Solid Colour Tees

The second colour that can be considered a must-have and most popular is the white t-shirt. White is like a canvas; you match it up with anything and it just gives you a perfect look each time you decide to wear it. It also stands for peace and purity and hence is one of the popular t-shirt colours

White Colour Round Neck T Shirt

We all have our favourite whites and we preserve them. Here are a few reasons why there should be a white t-shirt in your wardrobe:

  • Matches with Anything
    White is one of the most popular tee shirt colours that go well with anything and any colour. So, you need not worry about your outfit if you are wearing white. It actually saves your time in finding the perfect bottoms. 
  • Makes Your Personality Seem Peaceful
    As the colour itself stands for peace, it adds that attribute to the person’s personality as well. 
  • Effortlessly Good Looking
    White clothes make you look incredibly good. Just wear them in the right manner. 
  • Smart Casual Wear
    T-shirts solid colours, especially white are the smartest casual wear. Makes you look sharp, simple yet stylish. 

Grey Solid Colour Tees

Grey is one of the most popular tee shirt colours that comes under the neutral colour list and therefore suits any skin tone. Why grey t-shirt, you ask? Let’s know that below. 

Grey Colour Round Neck T Shirt
  • Makes you look sober and sophisticated
    Every person wearing grey looks amazing, as it enhances the personality to look more sober and sophisticated. This colour has no age bar, and hence suits a child and a senior citizen as well. 
  • Virtually enhances your body shape
    If you have that showcase body, then a grey colour t-shirt is a must-have. Your body shape will look more enhanced with this colour.
  • Matches Perfectly with Any Colour
    Pick the bottom of your choice and of any colour you wish. Grey matches with them perfectly so you need to not worry about how you would look.
  • Semi Formal
    For your semi-formal office wear, grey will never disappoint. Just put on your blazer and you will have your look ready.

Black, White and Grey are classics that can never run out of trend. Let us now get to know the 2 honourable mentions that are a favourite of every most popular t-shirt colours list. 

Maroon Solid Colour Tees

The maroon colour is a dark reddish-purple or dark reddish-brown colour and is considered to be one of the most popular tee shirt colours in the modern era. Maroon has quickly become a colour of style statement and hence is usually found on every most popular t-shirt colours list. We can find varieties of fashion clothing that are completed with the maroon colour. From scarfs to sweaters and from t-shirts to suits, from wallets to shoes, you can wear them and make your own style statement. Maroon goes well with other off-trend colours as well and a variety of different patterns. So, it can easily be adapted to suit your fashion game. 

Maroon Colour Round Neck  T Shirt

Brown Solid Colour Tees

Brown is another colour that is loved and cherished by all. It is a colour that every man and woman should have in their wardrobe. Also, brown is the colour of earth and it reflects stability, warmth and honesty. 

Brown Colour Round Neck T Shirt


It’s considered to be a natural, neutral colour that makes a part of the most popular t-shirt colours list. It is also associated with the seasons of fall and winter. In fact, it also comes in various shades of dark, light, toback, etc. You can find these colours match every bottom wear and you can style them with ease. 

If you are looking for some of the most popular t-shirt colours online, we at Sexy Beast, have a wide variety of t-shirts that you can choose from. We offer solid t-shirts, printed designs, etc with fast delivery and regular discounts and offers. Do check them out on our website.

Happy Shopping!

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