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Loungewear Fashion Trends in India

by Sexy Beast 27 Jul 2022 0 Comments

The year 2020 changed our lives massively and unpredictably. But it will not be wrong to say that it also changed the way India dresses. With the need to socially distance ourselves and work from home, those svelte party dresses and smart office wear never going to see the world outside of a wardrobe for a long time. However, fashion evolves, through seasons, through the need for sustainability and yes even through a pandemic. And this has given rise to the loungewear trend

As more and more time was spent in the confined spaces of our homes, the loungewear trend slowly cemented its foundation and now is likely to have a long life. 2020 saw almost everyone resort to the loungewear trend. Due to quarantine mainly. 2021 however should have been the year to switch to regular wear clothing but the loungewear trend had other plans. People started wearing it outside of their homes, in style! This is why designers and brands like us, Sexy Beast, are currently reimagining loungewear trends 2022 – same basics, new designs.

Loungewear trends 2022 is a style that when done right, makes you feel comfortable, yet look sophisticated. Even with pyjamas and track pants thrown into the mix, there’s a way to approach loungewear fashion correctly. Such that you can step outside your home and carry off your ensemble in style. The right accessories added to loungewear fashion can add an element of interest to your trending loungewear style. However, the main idea of trending loungewear is effortless comfort and effortless style.


Below are a few considerations that identify why loungewear in India is the new fashion trend.

Ultimate Comfort
As the name suggests, loungewear – must be comfortable enough to laze in, right? Loungewear trends 2022 are all about soft fabrics that take the shape of your body and fit perfectly. Remember, the basic idea is to feel cosy in your loungewear and hence it is now all about trending loungewear. There have been innovative creations, such as cashmere jeans and blouses crafted in sweatshirt material. Light, breathable cotton are excellent too, and nothing beats a basic cotton t-shirt. This has taken loungewear fashion to different heights. 

Look Stylish
Even though the pandemic has taken a back seat, we have developed the work-from-home trend. Dressing up is psychology and your dressing does make you feel more confident and more optimistic, and makes you more productive too! However, for that, you don’t need to dust off your heels and slip into a crisp white shirt at home anymore. Loungewear in India is comfortable and stylish for a perfect appearance on your video meets and also helps brighten your mood. Pair it with a chic pair of shorts or pyjamas or get loungewear set to look stylish and be comfortable. 

Loungewear Fashion Trend - Matching couple pyjamas


Fresh Palettes
Typically, the loungewear trend is represented in a palette of neutral hues. But 2022 could do with some splashes of colour, tie-and-dye patterns and trendy prints to add some excitement and joy to the mundane every day. With loungewear fashion, you can also see some cheerful tints and shades liven up your day and life. Even floral prints are trending these days. Cool, comfortable and chic are the three pillars of perfect loungewear for a casual day.

Back to the Basics
Post the pandemic, self-care and improved quality of life, have become a priority. There are many who are choosing to go back to the basics, and choosing function over fashion. Clothes designed in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton that offer comfort and breathability are in demand. A pair that allows one to work in, just as easily as a lounge in is what India wants. So, say hello to the time-tested loungewear, which has always been the preferred outfit for anything and everything and now has been elevated to a stylish choice through sleek cuts and chic designs. Even a simple pair of pyjamas can also offer all the comfort you need to feel and look good. 

Well, high-quality timeless designs never fade away and the concept of sustainable and slow fashion is in keeping with loungewear. Choose the fabrics wisely - cotton, linen, wool etc are all comfortable fabrics and offer sustainability if used correctly. Wearing clothes crafted for better sustainability won’t just make you a part of something bigger, but will make you feel more peaceful, and snug too.

There is a huge demand for loungewear in recent months. The loungewear trend has been witnessing exponential growth. Especially on online platforms. Even after the markets have fully opened up, the demand for loungewear has been unforeseen. Not just in the major cities but even small towns have adapted to the loungewear fashion. The main reason is that it offers a lot for very little. It keeps you comfortable and that is the first and foremost reason people prefer loungewear over their regular clothing. 

Products like track pants, lounge pants, boxers, t-shirts and fashion vests are some of the most demanded products. These make the individual feel easy and comfortable during the work-from- home setup and also while lounging at home or even if they want to step outdoors. In terms of style, it has become the latest fashion and now there is no looking back. We have come a long way from loungewear being clothing worn only at night for sleeping and only in front of your immediate family or close relatives. 

If you are looking for loungewear, you can check out our website, Sexy Beast. We have a wide range of loungewear clothing with various hues, prints and patterns, that will appeal to you. Also, we keep having regular discounts and offers, do check those out too. And don’t worry about the delivery, our fast delivery will keep you covered and you won’t have to step out of the comfort of our home to get yourself trendy loungewear. Sexy Beast will offer you a top-quality product with sustainable fabric. 

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