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The Rise of the Pajama Trend and How to Style It

by Sexy Beast 27 Oct 2023 0 Comments

The world of fashion features transitory trends, but one trend has remained popular with most customers, and that is the Pyjama trend. Once regarded as items for wearing as sleepwear inside the house, pyjamas have made an incredible transition from the bedroom to the runway and, lately, to high-street fashion.

The trend for pyjamas has gained momentum in the past few years, providing a stylish and comfortable way to express oneself. In the current version, pyjamas are comfortable items of nightwear comprising shorts or pants paired with a matching top.


An unconventional concept is wearing pyjamas daily, especially in outdoor settings. But pyjamas have a long and fantastic history. The word pyjama is derived from the Persian word, ‘Pye Jameh’, referring to ‘leg garment’.

Pyjamas were worn originally as loose-fitting trousers in the Middle East and India. The early versions of this outfit were created out of comfortable fabric like silk and cotton to ensure ease of wearing and light-weight impact.

In the later part of the 19th century, Pyjamas were introduced to the West and were considered first as loungewear meant for sleep and relaxation. With time, they were transformed to be fitted with decorative elements like fine silks, lace and embroidery, making them highly luxurious.

The milestone in this Pyjama trend emerged in the 1920s, with fashion designers starting to embrace them as chic attire for loungewear. Coco Chanel, the iconic fashion designer reputed for high fashion and path-breaking style, was responsible for popularising pajama for woman.

When Chanel introduced lounging designs of pyjamas in expensive fabric such as satin and silk, this led to the acceptance of fashionable pyjama styles for high society wear. ‘Beach pyjamas’, a take on private clothing, were first very controversial but grew popular as travel attire of high society.

This trend of pyjamas continued throughout the 20th century, with Hollywood actors like Marylin Monroe and Katherine Hepburn rendering the fashion of pyjamas and other loungewear as iconic fashion moments on screen.

The 1960s and 70s saw the rise of colourful and bold prints in designs of pyjamas. In the 21st century, the pyjama trend is back on a winning streak, challenging popular notions of what is formal wear and what is exclusively nightwear. In current times, pyjamas are celebrated for their versatility and comfort, and they are a popular ingredient in both street style and high fashion.


  • Pre-1600s: Pyjamas were pants with drawstrings worn by women and men in India and other South Asian countries as daily clothing.
  • 1600s: Pyjamas were introduced to European colonists and traders.
  • 1800s: they were made fashionable items by British men.
  • Early 1900s: They turned out to be a pair of tops and pants like smoking jackets, worn as luxury loungewear at home.
  • 1930sstylish pyjamas for ladies became much more popular. In these years and later in this century, Hollywood stars flaunted pyjamas as high fashion in pop culture.
  • Early 2000s: Pyjamas emerged in public places as popular wear.
  • The 2020s: With the global Pandemic, many people shifted to work-at-home life where pyjamas doubled as loungewear and workwear.

Nowadays, we are more likely to venture outdoors in pyjama bottoms than in the past and often prefer to wear flannel tops or loose cotton jumpsuits as a small way to enjoy a dose of bedtime on our busy days. Additionally, the blurring of lines between outerwear and innerwear has also made both lingerie and pyjamas popular for outdoor wear. Dresses and camisoles made of silk can be styled beneath oversized T-shirts or cardigans and jackets for a fashionable look.

Styling the Trend of Pyjamas

The history of pyjamas reveals why they are popular, and here are some ways to style them:

  • Casual chic: For an everyday stylish yet relaxed look, pair a pyjama-style top with tailored trousers or jeans. An effortlessly elegant ensemble can be created by tucking a silk pyjama top into high-waisted pants. Complete the look with loafers and simple accessories for a chic finished look.
  • Streetwear vibe: For giving an urban twist to pyjamas, one can layer a leather jacket with a satin or silk pyjama shirt inside. Pair this with statement sunglasses, ripped jeans and combat boots. Such contrast created between edgy elements and luxurious fabrics makes for a high-fashion streetwear look.
  • Top-of-the-line loungewear: All kinds of loungewear have risen in popularity in the era of the global Pandemic. Boost your at-home comfort by buying and wearing pyjamas made of breathable, soft fabrics. Contribute an element of luxury to the lounging experience by matching slippers and robes.
  • Ready for the resort: Pyjamas are excellent wear for vacations. Choose a pair of pyjama pants with wide legs and a tropical print and combine them with a matching button-down shirt. Wear accessories like a well-brimmed hat for a look that is holiday or resort-ready, which is both stylish and comfortable.
  • Elegant office wear: when appropriately styled, the pyjama trend can become suitable for office wear. Select a tailored set of pyjamas in muted, solid colours and add a belt around the waist for a more structured look. Pair with jewellery of minimalist design for a sophisticated office ensemble.
  • Glamour in the evenings: When you wish to head out to a glamorous night out, select a satin or silk set of pyjamas with an eye-catching and bold print. Add strappy heels, a clutch and statement jewellery for a finished look. The luxurious look and feel of the fabric make for an outfit that will turn heads.
  • Essentials of layering: Outfits of pyjamas are amazing for purposes of layering. Pyjama-style camisoles may be worn beneath a cardigan or blazer, contributing a dose of femininity to your casual or work outfit. The versatility of pyjamas makes them transition from night to day wear quickly.
  • Mixing and matching: Do not hesitate to match and mix pyjamas separately to create unique looks. Mix a pyjama top with a contrasting bottom for an eclectic and playful outfit. Try out various styles of pyjamas for accomplishing your personal goals with textures, colours and patterns.

In sum, the fashion trend of pyjamas has been transformed from its humble origins to emerge as a stylish, comfortable and versatile choice for daily wear. Pyjamas provide infinite possibilities for fashionable and creative styling. So, don’t hesitate to embrace this fashion trend

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