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Top 10 Best Comfy Moisture-Wicking Underwear - To Keep You Dry

by Sexy Beast 16 Aug 2022 0 Comments

For men or women, the most uncomfortable feeling is when their assets are extremely warm and moist. Men especially, have traditionally worn cotton underwear for its comfort. However, cotton at times does not protect a man’s private parts. This creates discomfort in the long run. For that, men have turned to moisture wicking underwear.

Moisture Wicking underwear for Men

 Sweat wicking underwear is made of super-breathable fabric, which lets the sweat wick away from the skin and dries faster. This offers the comfort and breathability. Allows them to be athletic without being irritated and wet near and on their private parts. Alternatively, sweat wicking underwear is designed to help prevent sweat from leaking out onto clothing.

Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women


In this article, we shall discuss the 10 best moisture wicking underwear and Sexy Beast’s moisture wicking underwear for men. 

  1. Sexy Beast -  Moisture Wicking Underwear
  2. Adidas - Men’s Performance Boxer Brief Underwear
  3. Pair of Thieves - SuperFit Boxer Briefs
  4. Reebok - Performance Box Briefs
  5. Chill Boys - Soft Stretch, Quick-Dry Boxer Shorts
  6. Smartwool - Merino 150 Boxer Shorts
  7. EJIS - Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs
  8. SAXX - Men's Underwear
  9. Shinesty Pouch - Boxer Briefs 
  10. Separatec - Dual Pouch Boxer Briefs

But before that let us understand the difference between moisture wicking underwear and sweat wicking underwear. This is necessary as people often mix up the terms and end up with underwear they don’t want.

Sweat wicking underwear is designed for active people who do not want sweat to disturb their activity. Using capillary action, moisture wicking fabric pushes the sweat from the skin and allows it to dry. The ideal time to wear a moisture wicking fabric underwear is while working out, playing sports, running, biking or being active in hot temperatures.

However, sweat wicking underwear does not push sweat from the skin and through the fabric. Rather, it absorbs the sweat. It prevents it from making sweat marks on the clothing that it is worn beneath. 

Now that we have understood the difference, let’s move forward and look into the best moisture wicking underwear.

Sexy Beast - Moisture Wicking Underwear

This high-performance wicking fabric underwear by Sexy Beast features ultra-fine fabric for permeability and full sweat-wicking action. Their stretch and durability provide protection for any kind of strenuous activity. Even athletes can make use of this wicking fabric underwear. It offers a roomy feel and allows air to permeate. 

Adidas - Men’s Performance Boxer Brief Underwear

Adidas Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs are one of the best moisture wicking underwear on the market after Sexy Beast. It is designed for all-day comfort and is the pair of boxer briefs to wear for any function. They are super soft and stretchy. They also provide drying comfort when engaging in physical activity.  

Pair of Thieves - SuperFit Boxer Briefs

Pair of Thieves offers athletic men a product that they will love. The best breathable men's underwear on the market - SuperFit boxer briefs. They are made with breezy fabric and high-end sweat wicking underwear technology. Even their touch is cool and is designed to make your pelvis feel comfortable and intact. 

Reebok - Performance Box Briefs

Reebok’s boxer briefs are the perfect performance underwear for men. For all kinds of occasions and activities, they will stand right by you. Made with a quick dry fabric, these briefs wick moisture to keep you dry during intense workouts, practices, and games. 

Chill Boys - Soft Stretch, Quick-Dry Boxer Shorts

From the house of Chill Boys, for the men who like to play hard and then relax, comes the boxer briefs that are breathable. A remarkable fit, unbelievable comfort and full support of your precious jewels. It is all there for you. It keeps the skin cool in sweaty situations and is super-flexible to prevent riding up at the crotch. 

Smartwool - Merino 150 Boxer Shorts

Smartwool offers you their Merino 150 boxer briefs, designed for men who wish to regulate odour and body temperature. They are designed with soft merino wool fibre, keeping you warm when it is cold outside. The highlight is the moisture wicking fabric that makes it breathable underwear to prevent sweating on an active and warm day. 

EJIS - Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs

If you are someone who sweats a lot and wants to avoid the embarrassment of sweat marks then go for EJIS Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs. This underwear are made with super soft micro modal fabric and also have an ultra-thin waterproof layer in the places one sweats the most. The super-soft micro modal fabric is two times softer so if you are worried about your comfort you can totally leave that to this underwear. 

SAXX - Men's Underwear

If style and comfort are your game then SAXX underwear is the perfect blend of both. It offers a comfortable fit that's designed to help keep your crotch breathable, dry, and airy. SAXX’s underwear is designed to wick away moisture and prevent chafing. Even its seams are designed with keeping your comfort in mind.

Shinesty - Pouch Boxer Briefs

Shinesty underwear will definitely impress you. They are designed from moisture wicking fabric with 4-way stretch. It is also less prone to sweat and odour accumulation. The underwear provides all-day comfort and eliminates the need for adjustments, keeping you away from an embarrassing situation.

Separatec - Dual Pouch Boxer Briefs

This underwear is called the perfect sports underwear. It is designed to fit with precision and is made from breathable, moisture wicking fabric. The fabric is quick-drying that does not ride up. To top it all up it comes with a dual pouch construction that ensures your private parts stay comfortable and dry, at all times.

After going through the list, we are sure you have a better idea of the many specialized underwear options on the market. Especially, for men who sweat. We have tried to highlight the market’s best moisture wicking underwear to help you make an informed decision when buying moisture wicking underwear

Wear moisture wicking underwear and buy them online from our website Sexy Beast for ultimate comfort and style. 

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