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Lounging in style? Here are some outfits you definitely want to own then.

by Sexy Beast 17 May 2022 0 Comments

Only the wealthy had access to loungewear at a particular point in history. Stylish loungewear was a sign of luxury. Over the years, however, mass production and availability of resources have made this genre of clothing available to us at the tip of our fingers, literally.

This, and the formats in which we now use loungewear, makes it impossible to believe that less than a decade ago, the concept of loungewear outfits was limited to the confines of a bedroom. It was shameful for a man or woman to step out of the bedroom wearing these clothes, giving rise to the concept of robes that helped conceal them underneath.

Having said that, though, today, loungewear outfits have evolved into mainstream acceptance with social media presence, celebrity endorsements, and big, huge brands around the world stepping into the market with their collections to match this changing lifestyle.

The fine line between “indoor” and “outdoor” loungewear has dissolved to pave the way for a new segment of fashion clothing. There are so many loungewear outfit ideas that you can try now from printed pajamas and printed boxers, to short dresses, shorts, robes onesies, jumpsuits, co-ords, and so on.

Loungewear outfit ideas

Along with making you feel comfortable, yet stylishly upbeat, these loungewear outfit ideas can also help thrust you out of a procrastination plateau by signalling to your mind that it is time to move onto something else, especially after a long, lazy weekend or something of the sort.

Elegant enough to dress for the day, and cosy enough to snuggle into at night, we are all pro-loungewear (quite evidently, we agree)…So here are some of our loungewear outfit ideas that we’ve been crushing on for a while now. Do let us know which one you liked the best, or how else you like to style your casual outfits. We’re all ears for it.

  1. An oversized button up shirt paired with a simple chic belt

Sometimes a basic and simple loungewear idea is all you need for the fabulous look. We recommend you thrown on a large white boyfriend shirt paired up with a chic black and golden belt. Add on your elegant earrings and be ready to get the “Wow who’s that” stares in the cafe with this loungewear idea. For the guys we recommend trying an oversized shirt with a pair of Bermudas or printed boxers to complete a timelessly charming, and effortless look. The same can also be paired with a set of printed pajamas, if the occasion allows you to wear them.

stylish Loungewear oversized Shirt


  1. A robe and satin slip

Pair a cotton or satin robe with a delicate camisole inside to upgrade your style quotient. A form of socially accepted stylish loungewear this combination makes a bold and beautiful impression that is both feminine, yet strong in its own ways. This loungewear outfit can also be explored by men where the same robe can be slipped on to a pair of elegant shorts or boxers, especially while headed out to a pool party or beach.


Rob & satin Slip stylish Outfits
  1. Slumber party ready

Not that we like to stereotype, but the fact is that while men do put in some thought to what they are going to wear to a slumber party, women tend to be a little more conscious of this form of loungewear outfit, in general. If you are one of them, a simple lazy satin pajama with simple accessories like a printed hair band can complete that casual, yet stylish look. Perfect for those pictures you know you’re going to take at this party, solid and bright printed pajamas are also the go to for men across the world today.

stylish loungewear printed pajamas & T-shirt


  1. Sweatshirt and knee socks

Yes, our loungewear ideas are ideal for when you’re stepping out to go run some errands, but that doesn’t mean those are the only things you can do in them. A sweatshirt paired with a range of bottoms is highly revered by several individuals and groups of individuals as a way of identifying and expressing themselves. Most often seen worn by rappers or those from the hip hop communities, while the origin stories of these oversized clothing styles might be very different, its popularity is only constantly growing at the moment. Furthermore the influence of anime and other forms of shows across media platforms has also seen the return of knee socks across shelves globally. An interesting loungewear outfit idea, try a pair of knee length socks with a simple sweatshirt and grab the attention you rightfully deserve.


Sweatshirt and knee socks
  1. Loungewear Jumpsuits

This is a wardrobe essential from most men and women out there today. Comfortable, stylish, and reminiscent of times gone by, this growing trend of stylish loungewear is a wonderful option to slip into when headed out for your brunch, for a casual evening out, or to run down to the grocery store. Pair these with a pair of sandals or flip flops, and you’re good to go.


Loungewear jumpsuits
  1. Lounge pants

Pants make you feel safe. But zips, hooks and buckles are definitely not what comes to mind while thinking of comfort. Luckily for us, the loungewear pant options for men and women come with minute details taken care of like replacing these with elastic that wraps snugly around the waist. Baggy, yet fitted, pair your lounge pants with any type of upper wear and know that it cannot go wrong.


Stylish Lounge pants
  1. Lounge shorts

No loungewear wardrobe will ever be complete without at least one pair of lounge shorts. Shorts that wow and flaunt your body, the Sexy Beast collection of versatile shorts are available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes that are sure to suit any occasion you might be looking for – from outings to sports events, or simply while slipping into bed, alone…or with company.


Loungewear Shorts for Men & Women
  1. Pajamas

Pajamas are the fashion industry of soul food for us. From film stars, models, and artists, and celebrities wearing these at various occasions, to our own piles stacked up neatly in our wardrobes at home, the jammies have made their comeback! Alternatively, joggers or track pants also provide the same effect, upgrading to something else when paired with a relevant t-shirt or shirt, and a pair of good quality sneakers that only command attention, confusing passers-by to double-check whether it is another celebrity.

Lounge  printed pajamas

So, as you can see, loungewear, although a new trend, is something that is going to last around for a long time for now. However, if someone were to ask us to share what we love about loungewear to so much, after much deliberation, we’d have to assay that they are the most low maintenance set of clothes we’ve owned, without compromising on style or taste at all. We can wear them without having to sit and iron them, we can reuse them, mix and match them to form hundreds of different combinations even with limited pieces, and best of all rely on them to keep us warm in the cold months and cool in the warm months by choosing the right fabric, fit, and style.

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