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Sexy Beast - A Review of Reviews

by Raj Rana 26 Feb 2021 0 Comments

It’s easy to talk about how good our own brand is. Of course we think it’s the best product out there, we made it, why would it not be?

As brand ambassadors that have lived, breathed and broken a lot of sweat through the whole process, we are going to be blatantly one sided in any delivery or review of our products. Not because we want to mislead, fabricate, or exaggerate details, but simply because we genuinely believe it.

So instead of us telling you, we thought sharing a few verbatim reviews and discussing them with you would be much fairer.

Let’s start with one of our favourites from Abhishek;


***** (5 Stars)

Abhishek D

The Best Product.

“I have been a huge boxer freak and past many years been spending most of my time (apart from professional & social life) in boxers only. I legit live in boxers and these boxers from sexy beast are the best in quality. The material, texture & designs are so comfy and cool that I can wear them outside my home too...the best part is it’s got 2 side pockets sufficient enough to carry a phone, keys and cash!!! I’m definitely getting more of SexyBeast”


So when Abhishek mentions quality he follows it up by discussing the material and texture. When we first started the production, we were sure of one thing above anything else. Our fabric had to be the best. 

In terms of weave and in terms of touch, we use a Premium Cotton that has an unrivalled smooth texture compared to the rest. This makes our products baby soft against your skin and not feel like you're wearing a paper bag 😏

Abhishek also mentions the designs. So one of many differentiating factors of our products is the design. You won't find these designs or colors anywhere else.

The designs are unique, bold and colorful. They have been very carefully put together to evoke and enhance a certain mood. The large size and colors are chosen for a meaningful yet uncluttered feel.

The 2 side pockets Abhishek mentions are also a great addition. What he does not know is that the shape and size of the pocket has been carefully planned so if you have a wallet or phone, they will not slip out. This small but BIG detail was very intentional.

Another review below is from Ranjana;


***** (5 Stars)

Ranajana H

Super awesome!!!!

“Absolutely love these shorts!! Originally I bought the for my teenage son, but I have to admit that I have kinda stolen them from him. They are very well made from high quality fabric and so comfortable to wear that I don't want to take them off!! Versatile too. I can wear these in bed, on the beach or in the lounge Customer service and communication is fantastic too. Will definitely be ordering more of these unique and vibrant patterned shorts.”


Ranjana talks about the versatility of the shorts. Wearing them in bed, on the beach and lounging in them. Again this is intentional. 

We researched our audience and found that the size of the shorts played a big role. The absence of the mostly not used fly made sure the short could be used outdoors.

In terms of communication. Every one of our customers received updates on their phone via the Sexy Beast WhatsApp (we have a green tick). When your order is placed, when it’s out for shipment, when delivered, or even when you have abandoned a cart. 

We use FedEx for ALL shipments to ensure smooth and speedy deliveries.  

More than this, random customers get a “Hello” from our Customer Relationship team to check on the product and service being up to standard. 

We value all feedback and take it extremely seriously up to the point of paranoia. Many improvements to the product and service have come about because of this paranoia.

Innovation is at the core of our business philosophy.

The last review below is from Amrita;


***** (4 Stars)

Amrita R

Great for my gifts

“After purchasing a pair of their Lemon prints I was blown away with the design, packaging and presentation. For the price, these are the best value shorts I have ever seen, so for gifting they are a no brainer!”


Amrita mentions being blown away with the packaging and presentation. So the reusable pouch (with white inner lining) is finished in a chic woven Sexy Beast label. I use this ouch for so many things!

The shorts were wrapped in watermarked butter paper and sealed with a Sexy Beast sticker. Love it!

A quality paper card was left with a lovely message for me and branded with details of the brand.

We believe that all these small things make a BIG difference. We see this in the feedback from our customers.

Amrita mentions the price. When comparing our shorts to similar brands’ offering, we believe we are the best value for money out there. Period.

When referring to gifting being a no brainer. Our products really are a match made in heaven. The packaging, product, delivery and service are testament to that.

So there you have it. 3 reviews (there are many more) echoing what we sought to accomplish with Sexy Beast. Why don’t you experience it for yourselves?

Visit today and order your boxer shorts online, pyjamas, underwear, socks and more!

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