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Turning Your basic T-shirt into a Style Icon and More!

by Sexy Beast 30 Dec 2022 0 Comments

T-shirts are a must in anyone's closet. They are a great option if you are looking for a stylish but low-key vibe. Also, did we mention how comfortable they are? 

There is no need to deal with buttons or hooks, just throw on a basic tee right over your head and you are done. Easy, right? Maybe, not. Figuring out how to wear basic tees besides a good pair of denim jeans is the task at hand. 

If you need some more styling inspiration, we have a list of the best tips to style a basic tee

But first – What is a T-shirt?
A t-shirt is a basic upper wear with short sleeves. There are different types of t-shirts with varying necklines, sleeve lengths, colours, designs, and materials. Cotton t-shirts are the most common type of tees and are a staple casual wear. 

What are the 5 most basic types of t-shirt necklines?

Henley Neck
This style is a combination of the crew and the V-neck. A Henley comes with a buttoning placket. This placket runs several inches deep. For the men with a built and muscular chest, the Henley will do wonders. So, if you are someone who loves to work out regularly, then you know the Henley will be a good neckline choice for you. 

V-Neck Style
We suppose you must have guessed this by now, right? This neckline forms a V shape at the neck. The V-neck has been picking up the pace for quite some time now. It is loved by men and even women not just in India but around the world. It suits people with round faces and broad shoulders the best. Also, helps one to look slimmer. 

Polo Necks
Polo’s were made popular by golfers and polo players. This neckline is adorned with buttons and offers a formal and sophisticated look. It makes one look beautiful and handsome, respectively. Men or women with lean frames can make the most of this style. 

Round Neck
A round neck t-shirt means the neckline is in round shape. These are considered to be the basic tees. This kind is the easiest to wear and style. 

Below are some stylish and fashionable tips on how to wear basic tees.

Tips to Style a Basic Tee

Pay Attention to The Dress Code and Accessorize
The most important part of wearing a basic tee is knowing the occasion. Choose your neckline accordingly. The reality is, t-shirts do not always suit every function. There are times when a good old suit and tie would be favourable and appropriate wear. But if you style your t-shirt smartly, you can pass it off as semi-formal wear. Maybe you can pair your t-shirt with a blazer.  However, if you are attending a casual event or function you can style your tee with regular denim. Add a touch of accessories to your outfit. Maybe a watch, bracelet or chain should work. Accessories add a touch of bling to your overall look. The women can even wear heavy neckpieces on a basic tee. This might sound too much to go for but it will definitely enhance your look. You can pair this look with shoes or sliders depending on the casual event. The shoes can be boots or sneakers. Boots with a basic tee help take your fashion game to the next level. 

This style is the most versatile in recent times. Make sure that you have a variety of oversized tees in your closet to match the trend, of course. Oversized basic tees are generally more eye-catching. For women, you can pair one with leggings as pants almost anywhere. The men can opt for denim or even loungewear. Pair it with ankle boots or flip-flops. The women can even loosely tuck this basic tee into the waistband of a skirt. 

Dress Up with Shoes
Shoes seem like a faraway thought but wearing the right ones, especially when wondering how to wear basic tees can instantly dress up your look. It prevents your outfit from looking lazy. Shoes are magical and their magic helps you transform your vibe. You want the shoes you wear with a basic tee to make put-together your entire look. The shoes you wear with a basic t-shirt is a great addition to the tips to style a basic tee. Heels for women are always a good bet. The men can opt for sneakers or Chelsea boots. 

Professionalize It
Believe it or not, you can wear a basic tee to events requiring a little more formality. Maybe on a business trip or a day at the office.

Pick a neutral-coloured basic tee such as navy, white, or black and tuck it into fitted dark jeans. Pair the outfit with a blazer and go for boots as your footwear.

Sometimes all a basic tee needs are layering. A simple jacket or cover-up can enhance your basic look. This is an important addition to the tips to style a basic tee list. So, if you are wondering how to wear a basic tee, just get yourself a jacket. You can experiment with the different lengths, styles and fits of a jacket. Just make sure that the fit of your jacket and t-shirt shows off and complements your natural shape. 

There are various tips to style a basic tee. One can experiment with their look and style it with shorts, pants, types of denim, jackets, shrugs, etc. A basic tee is so versatile that it can be styled with almost everything. At Sexy Beast, we offer a wide range of basic t-shirts with various colour options, prints and styles. To order your favourite basic tee from the comfort of your home log on to our website and enjoy discounts, fast delivery, EMI options and most importantly high-quality products. 

So, what’s the wait for? Enjoy shopping online only at Sexy Beast for all your apparel needs. 

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