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5 Best Loungewear Brands in India For A Comfy and Chic Look!

by Sexy Beast 22 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Let’s take a bet - the one thing you miss about waking up and going to the office is putting on a fresh pair of neatly ironed clothes. While we understand you are not a fan of your tightly fitted trousers, jeans and shirts because we all know they are not the most comfortable attire to sport, it doesn't mean you can't look chic on your next Zoom call if you are working from home. Loungewear is no more limited to your basic crew-neck T-shirts and pyjamas. The best loungewear brands have made loungewear a full-blown fashion line by itself. From block-printed kaftans to tie-and-dye pyjamas, these outfits will allow you to walk straight from bed to a meeting. Yes, we are not even joking. 

In common language, loungewear for all is basically comfortable clothes to be worn at home. And because comfort is a priority the best loungewear brands keep it in mind and design loungewear using good fabrics and with comfortable designs. But one would think that only expensive brands would offer good quality and trendy designs, right? Not at all. And to make sure you can shop for these while lounging at home, here’s a list of best loungewear brands that do trendy loungewear totally worth adding to your carts. 

But before that, let us focus a little on the history of loungewear in India.

Origins of Loungewear

Before we had the best loungewear brands, there was a time when loungewear was just about pyjama and an old t-shirt or shirt. They were used for sleeping or lounging by men, women, and children. The word pyjama comes from the Hindi "pae jama" or "pai jama," meaning leg clothing. Its usage however dates back to the Ottoman Empire, when obviously we didn’t have top loungewear brands. Alternate spellings of pyjamas include paejamas, paijamas, pajamas, and the abbreviated pj's. 

Loungewear was traditionally loose drawers or trousers tied at the waist with a drawstring. They were worn by both sexes in India, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Loungewear could be either tight-fitting throughout the leg or very full at the waist and knees with tightness at the calves and ankles. It was usually worn with a belted tunic extending to the knees. Although the word is Hindi, similar garments are found in traditional costumes throughout the Middle and far East.

Below is a list of top loungewear brands that exemplify the best of traditional Indian designs, fabrics and craftsmanship. Read more to know about the best brands for loungewear.

1. Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast is a brand that has upped its game at many levels. Their fabrics are great, super soft and amazingly comfortable to lounge in. But well, their designs are such that you can totally wear your loungewear outdoors and still make heads turn. You can find a number of clothing options on their website. From tie-and-dye, printed boxers, poker prints, classic boxer shorts, and you name it. Sexy Beast is one of the top loungewear brands that aims to help young men and women awaken their inner confidence so they are able to achieve whatever they want in their lives. In addition to that, Sexy Best is pocket-friendly and of course comfort-friendly.  

2. Moonbow
Chic yet cosy, Moonbow is one of the best brands for loungewear in India. They are chic, yet cosy. A perfect way to stay stylish, at home or while stepping out of the house. The Jaipur-based label was started by Khushboo Jain, and her designs have the touch of a traditional technique like tie-and-dye and hand embroidery with modern styles. 

3. Essgee
In the list of cool loungewear brands, we cannot do without Essgee. You won't ever feel underdressed on your morning Zoom calls in Essgee's loungewear. This style takes its inspiration from bohemian-hippie fashion. The story has it that the founder of Essgee, Sagrika Grover stumbled upon it while she was watching a Beatles documentary. Esgee is one of the trendy loungewear brands that includes drawstring pants or shorts and belted tops, tie-and-dye and floral pyjamas in soft linen and modal fabrics. Some pyjamas sets are even accompanied by a matching eye mask. This makes it perfect for a loungewear party. 

4. The Boozy Button
If you want stylish then The Boozy Button is one of the best trendy loungewear brands in India. It is all about vintage-style and oversized kaftans. It offers the coolest and cosiest loungewear you can imagine. The lockdown is what inspired the label's founder Ananya Jain to start her loungewear collection and take it up to be a part of the best brands for loungewear list. Their breezy and flowy kaftans are a blend of cotton and silk. One can choose from a range of soothing colours from this brand which is one of the best brands for loungewear

5. Dandelion
Lastly, to make it to the list of the top loungewear brands is Dandelion. Dandelion belongs to entrepreneur Samyukta Nair. Super fact though, before her grandfather ventured into the hotel business via The Leela Group, he began with Leela Lace, a textile company. So, it runs all in the family. Dandelion has something for everyone - women, men and children. Well, it is on the list of the best loungewear brands for a reason. They have soft cotton pyjama sets, robes made from poplin and pin-tucked camisoles. And their fun prints consist of feathers, butterflies, the sun and the moon. 

This is the list of the cool loungewear brands in India. It is not easy to be a part of trendy loungewear brands and these 5 brands have worked hard, provided top-most quality, have always been on the top of the trend and have considered their customers to be their biggest priority. Hence today, they are able to make it to the list of the best loungewear brands.  But also, to sustain their growth is a task and for that these brands make it a point to never compromise on their quality and be ready for new and upcoming trends. 

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