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Hipsters v/s Bikini Briefs - Find Your Style!

by Sexy Beast 19 Dec 2022 0 Comments

We think it’s an established fact that picking the right underwear is more tedious than picking the right outfit. If you feel the same, we at Sexy Beast hear you. To solve this universal problem of bikini briefs vs hipster briefs we come up with this read that will help you make an informed and comfortable decision on which underwear to pick – when and why.  Stay put till the end to read more about the difference between hipster briefs vs bikini briefs.

One of the most common wears in a lingerie collection is underwear/panties. But choosing the perfect briefs can be a task. The lingerie market offers a variety of styles and fits. This makes it even more difficult to choose the perfect one for your outfit. In this article, we shall pick out the key differences between hipster briefs vs bikini briefs

A wide variety of underwear can sometimes be a headache, keeping you thinking about what to buy. But as briefs are the most versatile ones, it’s necessary to make an informed choice. 

Out of all styles available online – be it thongs, boy shorts or briefs the most liked and purchased are hipsters and bikini briefs.  They are the most common ones, which brings us to the question of what to choose between bikini panties vs hipster.  If you’re in search of the right kind of underwear or are confused about which one to choose out of underwear bikini vs hipster, we are here to help. 

Before we dive into the bifurcation, let us first understand what are hipsters and what are bikini briefs. 

What are Hipsters?

Hipster panties are undergarments for women that fall in between boy shorts and bikinis. They have been around since the 1940s, designed to accentuate your waistline, and comfortable to wear. They have a mid-rise fit and end a few inches below the belly button. A hipster waistband sits halfway between the high rise of a high-waisted trouser and the low rise of bikini pants.

Hipsters are of two types:

  • Low Waist Hipsters
  • Mid Waist Hipsters

They also come in other varieties. Casual hipsters that are all about comfort, lacy hipsters, no panty line hipsters and printed hipsters. The main reason to choose hipster briefs vs bikini briefs is the varieties they are available in - different waist sizes, wider sides, and low-cut leg holes that offer utmost comfort and breathability. 

What are Bikinis?

The idea of a bikini brief came from bringing together triangular pieces of fabrics, which were designed as bras and panties. They were sold in sets. As a part of sets, these briefs came in different styles:

  • Tankini
  • Monokini
  • Trikini
  • Microkini
  • Skirtini

This inspired bikini briefs and that brought to us low-waist panties. Panties with a wider side cut for the legs. These also have lesser fabric leg openings. They are the glamorised version of panties and are versatile. Said to be a stylish brief stocked in your wardrobe for holidays and vacations to the beach where you can wear them with matching bras.

The traditional type of panties is the bikini. They provide a medium level of back and waistline coverage. The waist is low rise and lands at the hipbone, nearly above the pelvis. For almost every ensemble, bikini briefs can be chosen. You don’t have to worry about the waistline or panty lines showing because of the cut. 

Difference Between Hipster Briefs vs Bikini Briefs

Below are a few differences between Hipster Briefs vs Bikini Briefs that you must keep in mind:


  • Hipsters offer medium to full coverage on the buttocks 
  • Bikini briefs are smaller in size and offer less coverage 

  • Hipsters have broader coverage around the abdomen area
  • Bikini briefs sit low waist and offer little to no abdomen coverage 


  • Hipsters are available in High, Mid, and Low waist 
  • Bikinis briefs are only available in Low waist


  • Hipsters are found in basic designs and are suitable for everyday wear
  • Bikinis briefs have various designs and colours and are versatile 


  • Hipsters are perfect when you want a naturally higher-fitting style to wear under tight skirts and high-waisted trousers 
  • Bikini briefs are comfortable for low-waist outfits and also to wear on beaches

Here are a few pointers that you must note about hipster briefs and bikini briefs. 

Choose Hipster Briefs if:

  • You require more frontal and back coverage
  • Basic briefs for everyday wear
  • You are looking for less cheekiness

Choose Bikinis Briefs if:

  • Lesser fabric and low waist
  • Vacations and glam nights
  • Extra cheekiness

  • In conclusion, bikini briefs are the least covered in comparison to any briefs. Due to a thicker, more secure waistband, hipster briefs offer more coverage at the waist and buttocks in comparison to bikini briefs but they otherwise resemble bikini bottoms. The most coverage, however, above the belly button, is provided by high-waisted underwear. This depends on the style and it may also help with tummy management.

    At Sexy Beast, we offer a wide range of briefs, available in different patterns and designs. Our high-quality material will provide long-lasting wear and our online store will help you choose from a number of colours and prints. Now that you know the difference between Hipster Briefs vs Bikini Briefs, it will be much easier for you to make a decision as to which brief suits you the best. If you are looking for briefs online, you can log on to our website and place your order hassle-free and enjoy discounts, fast delivery, EMI options and most importantly high-quality products. 

    We make sure that our customer gets only the best, that too sitting right in the comfort of their home. So, wait no more and enjoy shopping online only at Sexy Beast, we are your one-stop-shop for all your apparel needs. 

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