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Styling our Shorts at Least Five Different Ways

by Sexy Beast 01 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Post the pandemic things have changed drastically and that change is prominent in the fashion industry as well. As we are gradually moving beyond the era of ‘work from home’ and attending endless Zoom meetings in loungewear, we think it’s safe to say that we are ready for something new in 2023. 2022 was the year of accepting change and being bold and changing. Especially, when it comes to fashion. That’s why we understand that chic and transitional shorts are going to steal the show in 2023 as well.

Shorts have always been loved and are still the go-to garment for refreshing your wardrobe for most seasons. And thanks to these beautiful pieces, you can put together a wide range of stylistic and chic styles for an amazing look anytime and anywhere - be it casual, smart casual, dressy, or official.

Even leading designers and brands agree to this and this has made them include this clothing item in their collections for spring, summer, fall, and winter 2022. Even the who-is-who of the fashion world, including A-list celebs, fashionistas and Instagram influencers have always been a fan of shorts and we see them promoting them and wearing them quite often. They are showcasing stunning looks with chic shorts in virtually any style — from cotton shorts, tie-dye shorts, leather shorts, etc. 

Most of us love the versatility of trendy woman’s shorts. Whether you are stopping for a coffee or rushing straight from the office to a party or even a dinner date, shorts always come in handy and will always help you look your best. And you know the best part, they are easy to wear and style. 

Without further ado, here are 5 ideas on how to style shorts

How to Style Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts have mastered the art of being comfy-soft and breathable. They offer a somehow well-structured silhouette that can be easily dressed up or down. Paired with an oversized tee, bucket hat and chic sandals, boxer shorts can be your companion for a date and even a stroll around the park. If you need it to be a little more fancy add a long-sleeved, sheer top and mules and you've got something out of the box right there. This could be your “I am not leaving the couch” look, but only you would know about it. Go for cotton boxer shorts if you're looking for extra breathability. This will help you stay comfortable all day long and definitely provide the required style to complete your look. 

Boxer shorts style combines the timeless and refined elements of womenswear and offers a look that is easy-going and yet makes a mark. 

How to Style Cotton Shorts

For those who have always considered wearing only denim shorts, here is your chance to shine. Add some variety to your outfit game and simply have fun with it. 

If you are wondering how to style cotton shorts then we have some amazing ideas for you. Cotton shorts have the ability to make you look extra tall and lean. They are actually very easy to style even. They can be treated like your denim shorts. The easiest way how to style cotton shorts is by pairing your shorts with a cropped graphic t-shirt. It is the most breezy and cosy outfit style. Can also be considered close to sexy. And if you are looking to subtle your look you can opt for a tank top with a printed cardigan. To make your look more interesting, you can also try pairing your printed cotton shorts with a V-neck sweater. If you are looking to keep it casual, then an oversized t-shirt with flats and a sling bag will definitely work in your favour. 

How to Style Tie-Dye Shorts 

Time to level up! Be it the Mondays when you have to attend a 7 am class or a weekend office party, you must make sure you look your best. Throwing in a delightful tie-dye-inspired outfit will never fail to boost your mind, body and soul. What are you waiting for, check out some ideas on how to style tie-dye shorts. Tie-dye is heating up the trends and is been worn throughout. Despite it being a casual wear outfit, you now can certainly pull them off in both classy and edgy ways as well. So, we have for you some style ideas that you will love. Get yourself an oversized t-shirt that offers a contrast to your tie-dye shorts. Pair them with a cap and accessorise with rings and chains. You can also pair your tie-dye shorts with a knot-up solid-coloured shirt. Go for boots with this look. A tank top with tie-dye shorts can never out of style, you can try this look as well. Make sure to accessorise with some chains. 

How to Style Leather Shorts

Leather shorts have been and will always be a wardrobe staple for most seasons. And while leather blazers and biker jackets may come to mind, leather shorts have been in the trend game forever too. With so many style ideas to incorporate into your outfits, you can choose to go short and long with your leather shorts and also choose if you want a slim-fit look or a loose-fit look.

The colour range of leather shorts is massive as well. You can pair them with sweaters, cardigans, and other winter staples. Even blazers and shirts are easy to pair with leather shorts. In fact, you can team your black shorts with a tan coat and a white shirt for that perfect stylish look you require for a date. As for footwear, ankle boots will never go wrong.

How to Style Animal Print Shorts

Last but not least - animal print shorts. This clothing makes you feel like an entirely new person. Animal print shorts are poised to take the world of fashion by storm, it did in 2022 for sure. These shorts have a way of injecting a playful and fun vibe. Animal print shorts go beautifully together with practically anything, from a green crew neck sweater and white long-sleeve blouse to a black leather belt and gold bracelet. These shorts can also be married with a brightly-coloured sleeveless button-down shirt for a chic outfit. Add a pair of dark sunglasses, a dark leather bag, and beautiful shoes to put it all together beautifully.

At Sexy Beast, we have a wide range of chic women’s shorts and we hope our ready on how to style shorts must have inspired you to get yourself a wardrobe full of shorts. If yes, then check out our collection on our website. If not, you can still check it out and we are sure the collection and high-quality shorts will impress you. 
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