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The Season to Slay is Here Again! 10 Casual Summer Outfits, and then some more...

by Sexy Beast 27 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Summer has always been a time filled with nostalgic memories and freshness. Whether it is the clear blue skies or fashion trends that have made items like cool summer shorts and bright colours like yellow, pink, green, and blue popular, or the fact that this is the time to reach out for slushes and ice pops and more, it just seems like a time when joy is in the air.

So if you are someone that needs an excuse all year to pull out their summer clothes and soak in the sun, know that whether you are going to a beach or not, beach outfits, summer shorts for women and men’s summer shorts are now a rage all year round!

You don’t need to wait for the season to arrive in order to pull out clothes to wear in summer anymore. However, having said that, perhaps it is the vibe that this season brings that tends to make wearing summer outfits a special thing.

So without much further ado, whether you need an excuse or not, whether it is the right season or not, if you are someone looking for summer clothes to slay this season, here are some ways that you can look your best this season!

The Mix and Match Style

Sometimes, summer is all you need to throw out the coordinated, planned, proper way of dressing and get quirky with your style. Pairing prints and solids with each other has been a classic summer or spring move, but this time, think larger prints, think florals, think colours, think mixing it up with solids or other prints and let yourself just be. Try Khakhi shorts with summer shirts, coloured shirts, printed shirts, plain shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, or, if the situation allows it, nothing even! Find summer clothes that make you feel happy, comfortable, and at ease.

Couple wear matching Summer outfits


Accessorize to add Layers

Whether beach outfits or other forms of summer outfits that you have consciously or sub-consciously put on, trying to accessorize in summer is both a challenge, and an opportunity. A challenge due to the weather constraints, sweat, and general want to feel light and free, and an opportunity, also because of the same reasons, think fun caps, hats, sliders, sneakers, and scarves that can be stylishly draped and paired with other outfits to create an interesting layering of style.

For women, this also means the opportunity to put on beautifully light accessories like feather earrings, anklets, rings, and bracelets that accentuate your style and self-expression even more!

Beach outfits for summer


Linen is Your Best Friend This Summer

Some people find linen clothes a little more expensive than other fabrics, but as a summer outfit, you’ll find a best friend in linen. Breathable, light, formal, or informal, linen is something you can turn to if you are unsure of what you can carry best. Nobody, and by this we mean, NOBODY can go wrong with linen. If you are someone who is toiling the office hours at work, think linen-co-ords and see how beautifully comfortable you feel.

At the same time, the natural colours that linen clothes come in tend to be more neutral and can fit any occasion. So even if you are a school teacher spending hours in the classroom, or someone just going to casually hang out with friends, or spending the evening with family, linen can be the perfect fit.

Linen wear for Summeer



Hell yeah! Denims, just like linen, can also be a universal item to keep handy in your closet. In this case though, you can think of draping yourself in denim in many different ways.

If worn at the bottom, a pair of denim jeans paired with a loose fitting cotton t-shirt, vest, or shirt, can be an excellent choice to retain a classic look. Blue denims with a white t-shirt can be your go to when you have absolutely no idea what to put on.

At the same time, your list of clothes to wear in summer, will always be incomplete without denim shorts. Just like denim jeans, you can pair these with all sorts of tops, and get even more creative for women than men. Tube tops, race backs, halter tops, shirts, t-shirts, over-shirts on t-shirts, just about all of it in any colour, shade, or pattern, can go with a pair of denim shorts.

Furthermore, a pair of shorts allow you to get funky with your footwear as well. For men, we have shared a few options above, but women have even more options in terms of the type of footwear.

Coming to the top, denim shirts have come back in fashion recently8888888 with loose shirts, creative buttons, and interesting pairings that can go well this season.

Denim wear outfits


Chinos / Cotton Pants / Cigarette Pants / Paper bag Pants

And the list goes on…

What remains constant amongst all these options above is the aspect of comfort. Available in a range of fabrics that can be tried and tested, choose to slip into a pair of any of these pants and experience a whole new level of comfort and ease this summer. Normally paired with a half sleeved shirt or t-shirt, know that these can be styled as formal or informal sets and are appropriate to wear almost anywhere.

Another option that you might want to consider having handy are the cargo pants. Usually lined with multiple pockets, and an easy, loose fit, these are excellent choices to go for in the heat. In fact cargo pants are also available as short shorts or 3/4th length shorts and can be worn with a plain or printer t-shirt above. The only thing to keep in mind is that cargo pants may not be wearable in formal settings. Apart from that, there is no place you cannot strut into wearing these.

Summer outfit


Traditional Clothes

Everything said and done, whether men or women, a plain cotton kurta paired with a salwar, denims, or even a cotton churidaar can be your savior from the heat this summer. Available as short kurtis or long kurtis, these are garments designed for the Indian weather and can never be out of place for any occasion.

Mix and match the colours, accessories, footwear, and occasions you wear them to, and stand out in style!

One thing to keep in mind with these options is that nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to choosing what statement you wish to make with your fashion style. The only thing to keep in mind might be that you want to be able to feel comfortable while also rocking your own personality reflected in the clothes you wear. One way of doing this is sticking to natural fabrics, loose fits, and your inherent confidence and smile.

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