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And The Oscar Goes To...

by Sexy Beast 21 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Disclaimer: this is a fictional story, of what we believe it would feel like to attend, be nominated for, and of course, win…and Oscar. Yes, we know there is no Oscar for best Boxer Shorts of the world, but this is our story, and we choose to have it that way, and there’s nobody to really stop us with it. So here goes…

The hall is filled with the bling of the most influential stars of Hollywood dressed in the finest, classiest, most glamorous outfits for the evening. The sparkling hosts, one after the other, come on stage, make a few jokes, share a few observations, pay tributes, go over nominations, announce winners, and gracefully escort them on and off the stage, making way for the next set of people to come have their moment in the spotlight.

The scent of sweaty nervousness, leather chairs, and whiffs of the most expensive perfumes of the world, blend together with the sights and sounds around us, and the orchestra below the stage is performing in full swing, keeping a check on every passing moment, helping bind the series of events that evening like clockwork together.

Amidst the dopamine rush of just being there, sitting in our finest fitting tuxedos and gowns, allowing our wild personalities to play peek-a-book through our funky socks and most comfortable boxer shorts underneath, we anxiously await the category of “most influential line of apparels”. When it finally does arrive, it feels like nothing else we’ve felt before. We know the winners are already decided, printed, and ready in the envelope the presenter holds. We know that we are ready with the “gracious loser face” (for those of you who have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S). And we know that this award has never been the aim. And yet, we wait in anticipation.

The announcer clicks open the envelope, pulls out the little folded piece of paper from within, and as our breaths get heavier, announces “The Oscar for the Most Influential Line of Apparels goes to…Sexy Beast!” We spring out our seats, hug each other wildly, and run up to the stage, thinking of what we’re going to say next.

Picturing all the many great men and women that have stood at this podium, sharing some genuinely excellent pearls of wisdom, our minds are suddenly drawn to the reality of the situation. Before the orchestra decides that our time is up and we’ve got to move on with the evening, we know we’ve to come up with something super to say. Grappling for words, overwhelmed at the occasion, and fiddling with a piece of paper in our pocket with the names of people we’ve to thank, we take the mike in hand…

“This could be a moment where we say we’re speechless and then go on to thank all the people whose names have been written on this piece of paper. But the truth is that there are two parts to the story, bound by a common belief system.

The first part of our story comprises our team of go-getters, dreamers, and thinkers that make things happen. These are the guys that put together tangible things like research, material, and machines, with the intangible things like experience, emotion, and intuition, to develop products that are not only used, but loved in the market by the other half, the bigger half of the story – our audience.

The common belief that binds these two halves is that you can be just whoever you want to be in this world.

Us, standing here, only means that it is possible. If you believe in yourself, if you dare to ask the universe for what you want, and then work hard towards achieving it, there is literally nothing that you can’t overcome on your way. We don’t say that nothing will come in your way, because OH DEAR LORD that is not going to happen. You will be thrown into obstacles one after the other, but if you believe in yourself, you will find a way to leap out of them.

Every era faces a set of challenges and every era finds a way of overcoming them. We launched in December 2020, at a time that the entire world was neck deep in a pandemic and nobody could care less about what they put on their backs that morning. But a beacon of hope, we focused on using that time to build a world we wish to see for ourselves after the pandemic. Fully aware of the fact that every moment through it all was still a once in a lifetime moment, we weren’t going to sit down and despair.

And you shouldn’t too. Discomfort, challenges, and obstacles, only mean that you are growing, and you have to take the next step forward. But it all begins with a dream. The only problem that we see around us is that people have for some reason trimmed down their dreams, and that hurts us.

You are literally one of a kind! And that means that your story, is one of a kind as well. We, the citizens of the 21st century – owe it to ourselves and all the legacies that men and women just like us have left behind us, to do something great with this.

Embrace your personalities, laugh out louder than you’ve ever laughed before, clap, sing, dance, run, jump, move…Move ahead, and don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t, because if someone else can do it, so can you. And if your dream is one that’s just so outrageous that nobody’s attempted it before, well then someone’s got to do it! Everything’s always had a first time once.

This being our first at the Oscars, we look forward to the next chapter in the story of Sexy Beast! Until then, before the music cuts us out…goodnight, thank you, and do join us for the celebration partyyy!”

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