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What You Tell Everyone Without Saying A Word!

by Raj Rana 10 Feb 2022 1 comment

Fact: The human brain is brilliant, but brilliant and lazyyyy.

Once it has learnt something, it is constantly taking shortcuts to making sense of the systems around us. 

We are constantly, unknowingly drawing conclusions from things that may or may not be related in reality. But the interesting part is, that just as the brain has the capacity to influence our thinking, the reverse is possible too.

We can actually train our brain to believe in things that we want it to. That is the birthplace of all good things like hope, faith, energy, and confidence…among others.

We are not born knowing things – we pick them up on the way. Our friends, family, surroundings, environment, and more, combined, play a role in who we end up becoming eventually.

Some people spend their entire lives perfecting that identity, consciously taking decisions in their life to match it. But somewhere, we feel that, for some reason still unknown to us, we care too much about what people think of us. 

Yes, common rules like wearing clothes (at least in public!), and respecting boundaries, and other things like that are what bind us all together as a species, but let’s face it, we are somewhere subconsciously habituated to be judgmental creatures all the same.

Our brain learns things, stores them, and then uses that storage information as a shortcut to jump to conclusions. The same brain is also constantly judging everyone. In other words, people meet each other, decide on the basis of things whether they like them or not. And that is that.

And this, finally, is where we come to the point. Our body language: the unsaid conversation not only between us and everyone around us, but our own brains, and us too.

Here are our top three tips on sprucing up that confident version of you:

#1 Eye Contact Is Not Only For Your Significant Other.

It is no secret that eyes are often considered to be a window to the mind. Looking into someone’s eyes while speaking therefore comes across as a sign of respect and acceptance to who they are, along with the trust of allowing them to see you for who you are. Looking into someone’s eyes signifies the good things, whereas looking away can be a sign of disrespect, dishonesty, fear, or even shame sometimes.

#2 Don’t Slouch

A good posture will not only keep you standing upright for a longer time in your life, but also gives out the signal to others that you are someone who demands respect and attention. To put it simply, your brain, once again, being its lazy self, looks at a slouch-y person and makes the conclusion – if that person does not even care to hold himself/herself up straight, why the hell should I care about him/her?

#3 Show Yourself Off

To be clear, nobody likes an overconfident know-it-all, we mean to say…If you are happy*, smile. If you are sad, frown. If you are angry…well don’t go about screaming like a maniac. Calm down, and…perhaps, scowl? The point being…use your hands and expressions to show how you feel. It is important because it helps your lazy brain to differentiate you from a mechanical robot.

Bottom line. Accept it or not, the way you present yourself is constantly telling others way more than what you are when you speak to them. The next time you are with someone – see how, without saying a single word, you can understand so much about them and what they are doing. 

The term body language has language in it for a reason – so why not learn the ABCs, and then go on to writing kickass narratives when you need it.
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1 comment

13 Aug 2022 Tejpreet kakkar

Every one ask from where did u get this seems out of india 🇮🇳

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