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How To Get to Know a Person Through Their Bucket List?

by ajay shukla 01 Mar 2022 0 Comments

There is something special about human beings and being aspirational. Most progress has been an outcome of us wanting to do, solve, or make something! By nature, we have been creators, explorers, inventors, dreamers, thinkers, and all of it balled up together.

So if you are anything like us, we are the kind of people that like to stoke that explorer every chance we get! We love experiencing new things and meeting new people – and then talking with these new people about experiencing new things – one of them being the topic of bucket lists! We bring this up for two reasons –

  1. To get to know them better,
  2. To update our own lists if we find something interesting on theirs!

Over the past few years though, we’ve found that most people can be categorized in a few major divisions on basis of these very lists:

  1. The Adventurous Kind – These are the take-each-day-as-it-comes group of people. The ones with carpe diem on their hearts! They will never pass out on an opportunity to experience something new and don’t necessarily sit and spend their time planning every minute of every day. They like to see how things go and very often their bucket lists are extreme!
  2. The By-The-Book Kind – This is the kind of group where people like to be more in charge of their time. Their days are systematically planned, they know exactly what they’d be doing at a given time on a given day, would roam around with a bundle of lists, planners, or apps that do the job for them.
  3. The Oh-So-Romantic Kind – Let’s face it: despite the fact that the traveling solo trend has caught on in India lately, there are still some things that are just better when experienced with someone special. And no, by romantic, we don’t mean the mushy, swoony kind (just to be clear, not that we have a problem with that either!)
  4. The Go Getters – Some people are just wired with a one-track-mind. Everything they aspire to in life is related to their careers. And in most cases, these are the super-focused, pro-active, achievers. Representing the ultimate levels of obsession, when a bucket list of someone is all about their field of work, it can be assumed that they are the ones proving themselves to themselves above everything else.
  5. The Sponge – This group of individuals comprises enthusiasts with an immense love for learning new things. Just like a sponge – constantly absorbing things, bettering themselves, exploring a new area of interest – their lists are almost always unending!

Of course, all of this said, it is only based on our observation. We cannot pick up and put people in boxes saying you belong here. We have seen so many individuals who show characteristics of two or even more groups when clubbed together.

As far as our own bucket list goes:

Write a blog on bucket lists: done!

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