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Work From Home Wardrobe For Guys To Swear By

by Raj Rana 07 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Yes, 2020 is well under way! And as we think about that, we wonder how many times have you given thought to your expensive formal suits locked up in the closet gathering dust this year? 

Yes we thought so. Just know that you’re not alone. 

Despite the fact that we might possibly have never imagined ourselves in this situation, we cannot deny that adapting to the “new normal” of 2020 as we whizz through 2021, did have some perks as well.

With comfort and peace of mind at highest priority, most of us have been through a stage of prioritizing things through our lives, coming to terms with the situation eventually. This acceptance is clearly visible in our wardrobe preferences as well.

An age of the tattered sweatpants, don’t give in completely just yet. 

How things continue to develop into 2021 is yet to be seen, but until then, keep in mind that what you wear impacts your mental state of mind and productivity, even if your dinner table is your work desk for now!


Dress to impress not just the world, but yourself as well, with these work from home wardrobe essentials you must try:

   1. Choose Solid Colours – Pick solid colors over excessively printed apparel to showcase a professional look. Classic colors like grey, blue, beige and brown, can never go out of style. In addition, especially if you are living in a space with too much going on around you, the contrast looks good on screen, apart from helping to calm your mind as you sit to face a day of work.


     2. Bottom Wear matters – Although most of the time that you are working from home you might be alone, choose to dress appropriately for work. Just, that you have the option of ditching the fitted, formal pants and picking something more comfortable like a pair of denims, chinos or good looking Pyjamas. Get comfortable, but let your mind know that it is still going to work, even if it is at home


     3. Polo shirts? We love them – You’ve worn them to Sunday brunches and family outings, but these, we admit, are comfy as ever and can be the go to for just about anything. Stock up your work from home outfits with a series of these, and we won’t say a thing…or maybe just Yay!

     4. Look for sneakers or cozy home slip-ons- Ok, yes, we know, nobody cares about the footwear when you are working at home. Comfortable in your cozy spot, trust us when we say these guys will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and ready to face anything that comes your way.

     5. Cardigans can replace blazers- Team your favourite, casual t-shirt with a front-open cardigan and you’re good to go. Apart from looking super smart, the fabrics tend to be more breathable, allowing you to slip into a comfort zone as you get to work from home.

The easiest way to switch the work mode back on: dress to impress – not the world, but yourself this time round.

With the freedom to choose anything without anyone judging you what matters however, is that you find what works best for you.

Yes, this could be your favourite pair of boxers too!

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