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Street Art - For a Rebellious Start

by Raj Rana 04 Apr 2021 0 Comments

We have been storytellers since the day we were created. Long before words and sentences came into being, cavemen drew inspiration of the world from around them, a form of communication that has evolved with time.

Today, although languages and complex communication systems are in place, there is still something about art and the way it speaks to the soul that cannot be ignored.

Artists share their view of the world through their artwork, something that is felt by others when they see it. 

Sometimes the world view might be the same, sometimes different, but what matters is that it makes you feel something. The same stands true for various other upcoming forms of art like rap, and street art. 

With people wanting their voices to be heard, and views seen, many have taken to the streets to express themselves.

At times illegal, street art like murals, graffiti, paste-ups and more allows artists to make use of their freedom of expression by planting abstract thoughts into the minds of their viewers.

Simple to understand, and often with a provocative message to share, the success of most forms of street art lies in the viewer asking himself: ‘why is this here?’ – making way for complex conversations without sharing any words at all.

Narrowing down to India, public property has always been used in ways beyond its original intention. 

Either covered with movie posters, names of lovers, or paan patterns, the concept of street art as a movement, still seems to be in its early stage of development. 

The only difference is that people have begun looking at it more seriously, touching upon subjects that are helping bridge generational gaps via conversations that are otherwise sometimes difficult to have.

Liberating views are being brought to the surface with topics like politics, religion, the LGBTQ communities, social injustices, stigma, and more. 

A form of art that is allowing radical change see the light of day, individuals and communities have taken up this form of artistic expression as a language that is understood and accessible by a larger audience.

Influenced by western culture, the current form of street art, although relatively new, is everywhere if you look close enough. 

Depending on which part of the country you are in, you’ll also find specific characteristics in the style of art. For instance, Delhi street art is created with loud vibrant colors that turn eyeballs wherever you go. 

Other states look back on their history, and iconic events to share their message, while some use pre-existing quotes, and so on. The common link: having something to say.

As more and more youngsters take to the streets, we realize, in the words of Sudha Murty – not all’s wrong with the current generation. 

Social media further helps spread the word, connecting people with their audiences and converting a platform like street art into the movement that the nation might just need. 

So the next time you are out taking a walk or drive in the city, look around you – you might just find that the walls are telling you things you may have missed out on previously. 

A great experience to have alone, engage with the artwork around you in silent conversations. You are going to love this! Just make sure that if it is around pandemic times, you have your mask on...

Cover Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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