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The ultimate guide to comfortable clothes for travel…and style…

by Sexy Beast 29 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Almost all purposes of traveling, for anyone around the world, can be categorized under two broad umbrellas: for leisure, or for work. And both of these have one thing in common: the need to feel comfortable. While flight delays, immigration processes if traveling abroad, and other procedures are completely beyond the control of anyone traveling, there are a list of things from wearing sturdy shoes to comfortable travel outfits slipped onto soft underwear, that are entirely in your hands.

After all, a wise man at some point did happen to say that it is not about the destination, but the journey that gets you there. In this case, we’re going to take it word for word, in as literal a sense as we can, for we understand that while “airport looks” are all the rage today, we’d pick stylish comfort over it any day.

So if you’re looking to globetrot anytime in the near future, whatever the reason may be, here’s a few options of comfortable travel outfits to pay attention to.

  • Sweatpants
  • Topping the list of comfortable clothes for travel, our love for sweatpants is only one that continues to grow with every cab, flight, bus, or train, journey once we’ve stepped out of the house. (Many of us choose to lounge around in sweatpants even in our homes, but that’s a topic for another day…).

    Preferably in cotton, a pair of sweatpants with pockets, can make you feel like you’re wearing your most comfortable pair of pyjamas, while still looking your stylish best. Available in a range of colours, prints, and patterns, today, you can easily pick up a pair that matches both, your comfort, and styling needs.

    1. Next on the list of comfortable clothes for travel is of course, no surprises here: The classic, comfortable, cotton, T-shirt

    Working with a cotton fabric that has been researched, tried, tested, modified, and re-researched, re-tried, and re-tested, we can safely say that we really know what we are talking about when it comes to good quality cotton.

    Irrespective of the outfits, if you are looking for a comfortable dress for travel, cotton t-shirts are a must to pack in, and throw on. Loose, tight, two sizes larger, all of them work. As a woman, you can throw on a super large cotton t-shirt, wear a belt with it and a pair of your most comfortable shorts peeking from under, and you’re good to go.

    If you’re one that’s not too accustomed to air conditioners and feel cold easily, a cotton t-shirt with a pair of leggings can make one of the best comfy travel outfits of all times.

    If you are a man looking for comfortable travel outfits, you have our blessings to throw on your favourite cotton t-shirt. These are always, and we repeat, always pre-approved.

    • SHOES

    Comfortable clothes for travel are never complete without a comfortable pair of shoes. And we are sticklers for this one because of so many reasons.

    1. Train stations and airports, both, most of the times, entail a lot of walking and you want to comfortable with it especially if you are also tagging along a lot of luggage with you
    2. You need to slip in and out of them at security lines and it gets annoying if you’re going to take an eternity to do that
    3. Most of us cannot afford to carry a different pair of footwear to match every single occasion, outfit, or mood – so we need something that is a little more versatile and goes with the other comfortable clothes for travel packed away in the bag.

    No matter who you are, where you’re coming from, or where you’re heading to, if you don’t have the right pair of shoes on your feet, no matter how great your comfy outfit for traveling looks, at one point, you’re going to be tired of it.

    Please, and, we cannot emphasize this stronger, please put on a pair of sturdy, comfortable, preferably lightweight shoes…WITH SOCKS.

    Even if you are the kind that can go around wearing your shoes comfortably without socks, at least while traveling, don’t. Shoe bites, sweaty feet, smelly feet, and discomfort, are only some of the problems you stand to face. Don’t risk it for your sake and for those traveling with (or around) you.

    Lastly, our tip for shoes is, and this one’s particularly for those who have the tendency to buy new shoes with every travel, ensure that you have broken in your shoes in advance.

    Parting note on this: don’t slip into a comfortable dress for travel, but neglect your shoes.

    • Denims

    If you are someone that strictly feels like sweatpants cannot be worn in public, or, who, like many, many, many of the people we know, absolutely love slipping into a pair of denims, then do that.

    Comfortable travel outfits are all about putting on what you are most comfortable in – so if jeans – low waist, high rise, boot cut, skin tight – are your go to attire in daily life, then there’s no reason why they can’t be your in-flight uniform too.

    What makes jeans a beautiful travel companion, along with, of course, the comfort factor, is also the fact that they’re available in a wide variety, and more than that, they can be styled with literally anything and everything from a bralette to a kurti and more.

    • Underwear and Socks

    No comfortable dress for travel is ever complete without a comfortable pair of underwear. Consider that you’re going to be going through a series of activities from getting to the railway station or bus stand or airport and then going through the necessary procedures, including bag checks, ticket checks, document checks, and more, before you even board your vehicle, where you’re going to spend another few hours sitting, standing, walking to and fro, trying to sleep or have a pleasant conversation, and more…

    In other words, this means putting yourself through a fluctuating range of temperatures and levels of physical activity, and a pair of comfortable underwear and socks are going to be your best friends through it all.

    • Other Things

    You’ve browsed through articles speaking about “comfy outfits for traveling”, you’ve asked your friends who’ve been to the same destination as you’re about to go to about the best comfy travel outfits for the place, and you’ve put together the most comfortable dress for travel.

    You’ve boarded your flight or train, and are on your way, when you realize, you’ve missed out on carrying a jacket and it’s getting chilly now. That’s just unfortunate. So our rule of thumb is to ensure we are carrying two additional things with us while traveling whether we need it or not:

    1. A pullover / jacket / hoodie / whatever you call it – to ensure that we have something just in case we need it that day. Invest in one that’s thin and lightweight, but warm, so you can carry it around no matter where you are because trust us on this, it is always better to have and not need, than to need and not have.
    2. A hand bag with lots of pockets – to keep all those teeny-tiny things that we need to carry around like earphones, an umbrella, some documents, a wallet, sunglasses, lotion, chewing gum, mint, and so on…These are handy both, while traveling, and even on the trip, especially if you’re making day tours or excursions. Tote bags and backpacks also do brilliantly well for us!

    And with that, we wish you all a comfortable and happy travel! Enjoy your trip, get back home safe and sound, and don’t forget to bring back a postcard ☺

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