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Fashion 101…what all you can do with trending pyjamas for men and more…

by Sexy Beast 04 Nov 2022 0 Comments

We’ve always secretly believed that clothing like boxer shorts or funky pyjamas for men have been like the Rudolph’s of the fashion industry.

Because mens pyjamas at one point might have been those clothes that you buy without second thought, dump in the corners of your wardrobe, pull out at night when nobody’s looking, and shove back in place in the morning. They may have been other things to other people, but nobody, just about nobody considered them an item of “fashion”.

With time, though, we have seen how these pieces of clothing have transitioned from being the most neglected to becoming the most preferred ones via the latest pyjama fashion trend. With paradigm shifts in how we perceive, judge, and interact with people, the meaning of stylish pyjamas for men has completely changed in society today.

Perhaps that is why, even the biggest fashion brands and labels around the country are indulging in sleepwear edits because they know, deep down, they all know just as well as you and me, that this pyjama fashion trend is not one to be taken lightly, and is going to be around for a while for sure.

So if you’re looking for the most trending pyjamas for men, and what you can do with them, you’re in the right place…

Manufacturers of the most stylish pyjamas for men and women out there, nobody understands just how invested people can get with these clothes, if they’re the right ones, better than us. Micro-managing every detail of our mens pyjamas, we ensure that what you get, at the end of the day, is a piece of clothing that is 100% comfortable, and 100% stylish at the same time. The colours, patterns, prints, and fits, sizes, and styles, all will be telling us a story about you without you saying a single word, and that is why, we choose to go the extra mile with our designs.

Furthermore, we know that this pyjama fashion trend is not one that is limited to the confines of our bedrooms and homes anymore. If you are anything like us, you are also probably hunting for excuses to never step out of pyjamas again, and for good reason.

Having said that, you would agree that there are actually so many kinds of trending pyjamas for men and women available today, that knowing what to wear how, where and when, can make allow us to actually get away with pyjamas in just about every situation.

To prove it to you, here’s little listicle of three, apparently highly “inappropriate” occasions to wear your funky pyjamas for men and get away with it.

  • Bringing the pyjama fashion trend to work:
  • When it comes to the workplace, we’ve come a long way with our setups. With flexible timings replacing military-like schedules, and casual dressing replacing formal clothing, and a more friendly style of interaction replacing the boss man attitude, we wonder how far we are willing to go.

    Do trending pyjamas for men fit the bill when it comes to workplaces? Style them right, and we see no reason why they don’t. The only thing to keep in mind here if you are looking at getting away with mens pyjamas at the office is to keep in mind that you need to be comfortable and confident with it. Don’t try to over compensate the entire ensemble. Preferably try going with neutral, earthy colours like greys, beiges, browns, navy blues, and blacks paired with a simple, plain shirt or even t-shirt on top, and you’re good to go.

  • Walking into a wedding wearing funky pyjamas for men
  • Weddings have almost always been all about looking your best. Most people do it once in their entire lifetimes and therefore, they go all out in choosing their outfits, décor elements, planning smaller activities, working out the catering, music, and more.

    However, I’m yet to attend a wedding where not one single person is complaining about how miserably uncomfortable either their outfits or shoes are making them, and coming to think of it, we think that that is such a waste of an event.

    A wedding, after all, is all about being able to cherish one of the most special moments of your life and celebrate it with the people you love the most. Why should your clothes make you uncomfortable there?

    So, our suggestion, if you have the guts to do it, how about a wedding where everyone, including the guests, show up in the most stylish pyjamas for men and women, come together in joy and comfort, to celebrate the special moment with each other? And if you are one that may not want to go as far as that, we can assure you that with the kinds of trending pyjamas for men, on the market today, you are sure to find something that fits a wedding just by virtue of its colour, fit, and print.

    Paired with a nice short kurti, something like a Gujarati styled kediyo or a shirt that contrasts and complements the pyjamas, we are sure that you’d be out there setting a new trend in the industry.

  • Funky pyjamas for men to a first date? By all means, yes!
  • Most of us like to think that we’re non-judgemental people, but the irony in that is that we are judging ourselves while even thinking that thought, so let’s cut through the BS on things like “not judging a book by its cover” and accept that we’re doing it all the time, subconsciously even.

    Considering just this, if you are someone that enjoys spending their day flaunting their collection of pyjamas around, then, on an occasion like the first date, it becomes all the more authentic for you to show up in one. Introduce your prospective partner to the best version of you and take it forward from there, you have our blessing.

    With all of these above scenarios, and in general, another thing to keep in mind while choosing your pyjama ensemble is footwear. The right footwear, like the right accessories, go a long way in establishing the mood, intent, and success rate of your combinations.

    Lastly, when we speak of stylish pyjamas for men, we mean the pyjamas that men buy, but are invariably worn by both, the men who’ve bought them, and their better halves as well. So the first thing that men need to keep in mind is that they’re almost always buying for two people if they’re out shopping for themselves (provided of course, that you have that special someone in your life). So go out there, own your pair, and have the best time of your life!

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