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A Burst Of Color This Holi-Day

by Sexy Beast 18 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Almost all brands try to stay topical with their content from time to time, and festivals tend to be the easiest to pick from. However, with Holi just around the corner, for a brand like Sexy Beast, this means a lot more than just a relevant piece of writing.

While the festival has its own bearing in many different ways on others, for us, it is a celebration of life itself, with each colour expressing a different facet of our personalities on a daily basis.

Tapping into our high school physics books, we are reminded of how the colour white is in reality created by a combination of all the other colours in the world, just like the human palette of emotions, in some sense. What your favourite colour is, what you choose to wear on a Monday, or Friday, or Sunday, whether you have a pile of “home clothes” and “office clothes” kept separately in your wardrobe, or what you do once your favorite t-shirt or jeans is beginning to wear out, all of these details say so much about you as a person.

And this leads us to believe that no human being can be defined as one thing and one thing alone. When asked what you do, although we normally end up speaking about our professional lives, there is so much more before, after, and in between that truly fills our time with life and meaning. To put it in the context of colour, it is like saying that you love the colour red, but that does not mean that every single thing you own is in red.

Coming to think of it, life, is almost like a tie dye design for us, with swirls of colour all interacting with each other, balanced in a pattern that repeats itself. Break it down to years, days, hours, and minutes, splashed with a different colour, all bound together with you, as an individual who loves red, but needs blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, black, brown, white, and every colour in between to be able to appreciate red even more.



Taking it one step further, details of this tie dye design change when applied to the object and occasion. For instance tie dye shorts may be inappropriate to wear to certain events, even though tie dye t-shirts might be ok there, or vice-versa. The bottom line, however, has forever remained constant – if you are able to be comfortable in your own skin, no matter what, no matter where, nothing else makes a difference.

Putting aside all the metaphors and analogies, serving it straight up, just the way it is, the way you feel about yourself is the way you build the world around you. Your thoughts, your words, your actions, are all your doing, and they matter just as much as anybody else’s. While it is natural to conform to the systems and structures we are born into, it is essential that we also find a way to express ourselves.

Life does not happen with schedules, itineraries, or pre-defined scripts. It is yours to build into whatever, just whatever you want, and nobody can you stop you from that. They can tell you what they want you to do, but they cannot change what it makes you feel, or think. And that, to us, is the essence of Holi.

So if you are someone who has read this far, and is wanting to join our band wagon, here are a few tips to slay your style this Holi-day…

1. Tie Dye Clothes:

Of course, after the whole life analogy with tie dye, we don’t need to introduce the fact that this is one of the design patterns that we absolutely love. Probably the colours, the patterns, or the fact that it is so organically wild and free, is what draws us to this style, and the fact that there are so many options available today, is only the cherry on the cake. Whether tie dye t-shirts, tie dye shorts, tie dye pajamas, or even tie dye footwear, there are so many combinations that you can create with this design. Pair them with solids that fall within the same family of colours, or completely contrasting from it, you can still not go wrong with tie dye. Sexy Beast's newest Ibiza Tie-Dye Pyjamas and Tokyo Tie-Dye Pyjamas will surely make your Holi-Day special. 



2. Solid Colour Clothes:

Nothing speaks louder than a bright bold colour worn with confidence and style. This Holi, think about the statement you wish to make and step out to steal the show. With shorts, jeans, pants, and other forms of bottom wear also available in bright solid colours, you know that you have a huge range of options to choose from to really make a statement.

3. Prints & Patterns

As the name suggests, prints and patterns put down on a base of bright colours, can be all you need this Holi and the weekend that follows. At Sexy Beast, we ensure that almost all our prints sync up with the stories hidden within the hearts of our users waiting to be brought to light. Today, is that day for you. Find a pair of clothing that speaks to your heart and let it do the talking thereon. While our florals like Pink Hawaii Pyjamas or abstracts like Tropical Black Leaf Shorts have been trending with holidays and festivals, you be sure to pick what feels right for you.


4. Fuse it up!

Fusion styles of Indo-western outfits have been the rage for a while now. Perhaps it is the aura of being grounded to tradition, yet free from it that makes this style so popular with us. In either case a combination of salwars with a solid or printed t-shirt, a pair of shorts with a casual shirt, or a short kurta paired with a pair of denims, anything could work for both men, and women. Like we said…there are no rules to this. 

This holiday, know that the festival of colours is simply an excuse to break the shackles in our mind, embrace who we are wholeheartedly, and then announce to the world that we have arrived…and we’re here to stay.

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