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16th Jan 2022, Times Of India

by Raj Rana 16 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Raj Rana founded Sexy Beast in December 2020 as a premium, yet competitively priced apparel manufacturing company that stands for the bold, passionate, and confident, young men and women of India today. Expressing their personalities through bright colours and unique graphics,

Sexy Beast adds up to 5 new designs every quarter to its already impressive 40+ patterns of Pyjamas, Boxer Shorts, Masks, Socks, and Tees. According to Raj, the idea is simple. He wants to provide a platform to unleash your true identity without being judged or conforming to any norms laid down by society. Reciprocating that trust and confidence, the brand pays equal attention to both, the product, and the way they communicate with their audience.

With regards to the product, the brand features include 100% premium cotton that’s super soft and smooth to touch, deep pockets on both sides, and a tailored designer fit that would not look out of place on a catwalk. All these combined with the strength of the brand makes their products fit to be worn indoors and outdoors.

When it comes to communication, the brand speaks to its users in a friendly, personal, and casual manner across all touchpoints of the customer journey. This ensures that they are aware of the importance of their voice as part of the larger community they belong to with the brand. This feedback prompts innovation at various levels that have resulted in things such as the brand’s decision to go 100% plastic-free packaging and use reusable cotton pouches for packaging! At the end of the day, the manifesto of Sexy Beast, whether purchased for yourself or to gift to someone, is to embrace the best parts of ourselves. Forget trying to be ‘a new you’ in 2022...Be yourself. Be a Sexy Beast!

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