12th Jan 2022, Hindustan Times

Mumbai's Raj Rana, founded Sexy Beast, a premium apparel manufacturing company, in December 2020. The brand, a reincarnation of the undergarments brand founded by his father in 1979, which was one of the leading entities in UK, Europe till the

economic slump of the 80s,"is synonymous with confident, bold, adventurous people who constantly strive to be their best version"

CEO and co-founder, Raj Rana says, "Representative of our fearless audience, every detail of the competitively priced products pyjamas, boxers, socks, masks, underwear, tees, is worked on consciously from choosing the best fabrics, brightest colours, most unconventional prints, to using plastic-free, reusable, packaging.

"With 40 prints in the market, we continue launching a new collection every month. Our super combed premium cotton surpasses every other brand with textures that feel smooth and soft against the skin. Especially designed pockets on both sides, getting rid of the fly, and a specifically chosen size, guarantees versatility of use indoors and outdoors.

"These features have been the outcome of research, an experience of more than 50 years and feedback from the customers. Sexy Beast is not just a piece of clothing that you are buying but an investment in the sexy beast inside.'

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