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Forever Pyjama Party Ready. You can be too.

by Sexy Beast 01 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Attending a night party as kids were the best thing ever. As kids, we would wait for a party and prepare for it, days ahead of one. They were filled with giggles, snacks and movie marathons. They have now turned into adult sleepovers, similar to one of those night parties we had as kids. However, as adults, the one thing we love the most is to get into our favourite pair of pyjamas for a party. Unless the theme of the party is something else. But most adult sleepovers have the pyjama party theme

As a kid, we had many other things on our minds than matching the pyjama party dress for the party. It was usually about planning how to sneak past the friend's parents to get a midnight feast, having to play the coolest game on the PlayStation and making sure everyone was still awake in the wee hours, etc. 

As an adult, it's difficult to know what to do for fun with your friends especially when you are back from a tiring day of work. All you want to do is get into your pyjama party outfit and maybe have a movie marathon with them. 

But if you are someone who’s heading to a pyjama party and needs pyjama party ideas for adults, you are not alone. Pyjama parties are becoming popular by the night but the question of what to wear as your pyjama party outfit still confuses many people. This post will help you figure out what to wear for your pyjama party theme and make sure you don’t look out of place and instead look ready to slay in your pyjamas. In short, stay comfortable and stylish all night long.

Pyjama party ideas

What is a Pyjama Party?

A pyjama party is a slumber party where people wear their pyjamas. It typically happens during childhood or adolescence but its popularity has grown, just like our age, and pyjama parties can happen at any age now. The point of a pyjama party is to have a relaxed atmosphere where people can stay up late talking, playing games, and doing activities that they enjoy.

Pyjama parties usually involve eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks like soda or juice. They can also involve having movie marathons, telling stories, or playing pranks on your friends. Maybe a horror story session too. Pyjama parties are fun to spend time with friends and create memories of a lifetime. 

For both guys and girls, the best option for a pyjama party dress is to wear a comfortable pair of pyjama pants and a classic round-neck t-shirt. Make sure you choose clothes that you feel good in and will keep you comfortable throughout the night. You don’t want to be uncomfortable with what you are wearing and have to constantly adjust your clothes all night. If you want to add a funkier touch to your pyjamas then go for a printed or bright-coloured pyjama. This will make you look trendy and allow you to make a fashion statement. At Sexy Beast, we have many such trendy and stylish options that you can check out, on our website

pyjama party outfits

Do Adults have Pyjama Parties?

Yes, of course. Pyjama parties are not just for kids anymore, as we mentioned. Like any other party, a pyjama party for adults can be a great way to relax and have fun with friends. And there are plenty of ways to make a pyjama party for adults the most beloved, comfortable and fun party. 

For example, adults can have a horror movie marathon and watch stand-up comedy. And instead of eating pizza and popcorn, adults can enjoy some BBQ wings, a Chinese menu or have a BBQ grill. Of course, the most important part of any pyjama party is the sleepover. With a little planning, a pyjama party for adults can be the most happening party on the block. And might just make you feel like kids again.

pajama party dress

What to Wear to a College Pyjama Party?

Wearing your favourite footie pyjamas may be comfortable but you also want to look stylish at your college pyjama party, right? That’s a definite YES! You must opt for something that strikes a balance between comfort and style. A cute printed pair of pyjamas with some chic accessories and a classic t-shirt with a shrug will be a great pair. If you want to wear something trendier, try a nightgown or robe. Even with these don’t forget about your accessories. A pair of fuzzy slippers or slides will be comfortable as your footwear. And a fun headband or scarf can add some personality to your outfit too. But whatever you wear, make sure you are comfortable in it and are ready to dance your night away. 

stylish pajama party ideas

What to Wear to A Pyjama Party Theme?

A pyjama party is a great theme for any party. Be it a birthday, anniversary, sleepover or even a fun bachelorette. And what could be more fun than wearing your favourite and most comfortable pair of pyjamas out in public? Whether you’re looking for something cute and comfy or sexy and scandalous, we at Sexy Beast have all the options available with us that will be just perfect for you. 

pyjama party dress

If you want to keep your pyjama party ideas casual then a simple solid coloured pyjama and a tank top is always a good option. But even if you are going casual don’t forget the accessories. A solid bright coloured robe and a funky eye mask can take your outfit to the next level. No matter what you choose, make sure you have a lot of fun. 

So, there you have it. A detailed guide on your pyjama party outfits. We hope this article helps you to curate the best pyjama party ideas and have a great time at your next pyjama party. If you are looking for quirky and trendy pyjamas you can log on to your website for multiple colours, patterns and design options. We offer various discounts and offers too. Plus, our fast delivery will make you love us even more! 

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