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Let Me Sock It To You!

by Raj Rana 02 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Human beings live a strange life indeed! For some strange reason, we are constantly trying to size each other up. 

Image consultants will tell you, that while speaking to someone don’t fold your arms up, they send the wrong signals, or ensure your palms are visible so subconsciously the other person knows that you are trustworthy and safe because your hands are not secretly holding on to some secret weapon, and so on. 

Perhaps it is this survival mode that has laid down the billion unsaid rules that we see around us as acceptable today.

However, recently, there has been a rebel movement silently lurking around the corner. Highly potent, unconventional, and so very dangerous – this is the Sock Story.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world today are using this little piece of fabric to cling on to their identity and sense of self, expressing it through vibrant colours and outrageous patterns. 

While you can look at a pair of sparkling shoes and conclude, that the person is someone who is particular about finesse, class, and details, look a little higher, and you might just find that the same person is coyly hiding a completely different side to his/her personality as a spunky pair of socks winks at you as they pass by.

There is the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion, and although socks were always seen as the companion to shoes until now, today, they have their own narrative. 

We spoke to a few people and found out that while some like to play it safe with neutral colours like brown, white, black, or grey, many today like to go with colours on their feet which match their mood at that time on that day, superseding the occasion they are actually wearing them to.

Several others also see collecting socks as a new form of hobby.

While a French Teacher, Ms.Ruqaiya says that “I am a hoarder of socks. I have them in all types and color. I haven’t worn so many of them but I continue to buy them”, another young lady in Pune owns over a hundred pairs just for fun, with a special place in her home to stock them up. A young student form Mumbai added that “No matter how old I get, I would still prefer moving around in funky socks as they make me feel more youthful,” and another says that “I love socks. They break the monotony. Every time I wear a pair of socks I feel I have got new feet”

Clearly, we have transitioned from going “socks and shoes” to looking at socks as the standalone pieces of self-expression that they have grown to be. 

Do you also like being a sock-hoarder, or believe that they solve another purpose? Do let us know!

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