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Guys, Are You Struggling To Find Your Soulmate?

by Raj Rana 20 Jan 2022 0 Comments

All of us like being liked, no doubt. We like belonging, being connected, and sharing experiences with one another no matter where we are and what we are doing. 

Moreover, we would like to believe that there truly are no exceptions to this case. Even psychopaths would want to belong to the group of other psychopaths for that matter.

This could, in other words, mean that there is always a fine line in behaving in a way that allows you to fit in and be your true self. While the latter should ideally be the way to go, let us quickly go over a few things that you must refrain from doing, even if it is your true self!

  1. Choose Equality – Being chivalrous in today’s day and age involves treating a woman as an equal. Gone are the days where it was assumed that the man would pay the bills. Especially if you are on a date or something, don’t assume things. Offer to split the bill should she choose to. It is a matter of being equals, and not an ego show.
  2. Be a gentleman – Women, no matter how advanced they get, love a gentleman. Know basic etiquette. Pull the chair for her, open the door, allow her to walk ahead of you, etc. That said, please do not walk into a first date with flowers in your hand unless there has been some conversation about it at some point of time. Just take our word for it :)
  3. Talk Sense – Nothing, and we mean, nothing, turns off a woman more than a boring conversation, or one that has absolutely no relevance to the time and space you’re in. For example, no matter how passionate you may be about the football or cricket match that just took place, don’t spend the entire evening talking about it. Even if you do share the same interests, be mindful of which ones you bring up, when.
  4. Don’t Fake it – And we mean about everything. Women have a stronger 6th sense naturally, which means that it does get much easier for her to see through if you are faking something. Just don’t do it. It comes off as weak and insecure. Just trust your instinct, go with the flow of things, and treat her as a friend first. That will help put you at ease, and make things more comfortable for both of you.

While some of these might seem as pointers that come from common sense, it is safe to assume that some others may require a radical shift in thinking. 

Whichever it is, we believe this is something the women of the 21st Century will definitely tip their hat to. What do you think of it?

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