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Undying Love is Undies-ing Together with Couples Matching Underwear

by Sexy Beast 22 Sep 2022 0 Comments

We’ve always thought, and maintain, that some relationships like friendship or love are so difficult to explain. It’s like saying there are seven billion people in the world, but you, you, and you, I like above them all. Having said that, these bittersweet relationships are what can be the difference between living life and existing in it.

On that note, married, dating, secretly crushing on, and everything in between, whatever stage your relationship is on, we know that at least once the thought of gifting something to your special someone has crossed your mind and left you wondering what can you get him or her that is going to make them go ‘awwwww!’ without burning a hole in your pocket…For we’ve been there too…

Which is why, there is just about nobody better than us to tell you today that we have more than the perfect solution for you: Matching Undergarments for Couples.

Whether it is for a special occasion that calls for something like matching Valentines underwear, or something else, here are our top three reasons why wearing matching underwear is so perfect for you!

Choosing couple’s matching underwear as a gift is special

One of the main criteria while choosing a present especially for that significant other, is being able to gift them something that is unique and can be given only by you. So unless your mother is out shopping for underwear for you, or you have a group of kinky friends who think it would make a funny gift, there is just about no other relationship where gifting matching undergarments for couples is an appropriate thing to do.

In other words, there is nobody else in the universe that has the right to buy or wear matching underwear but you. And what can be more special than that, truly?

Nothing spells intimacy better than couple’s underwear

An underwear is something so intimate, but just knowing that the two of you are wearing it feels like that little inner secret, a sacred connection, and something that you cannot share with anybody else in the world (EVEN if your mum or friend is buying the garment for you)…

So apart from the very obvious reason we just stated on why wearing matching underwear is such a special thing to do, a more serious one is a sense of trust and comfort. Only if you are comfortable and open enough in your relationship, would you be able to make a gift like couples matching underwear to your special someone.

In fact, this might even be a unique way to say that you are ready for the next stage of your relationship with your partner. Should you agree, we recommend ditching the matching valentines underwear and going for a just because pair – something you buy regardless of any occasion, turning an ordinary day into one you both will remember for the rest of your lives together.

Another really adorable thing that you can do is adding a little note pouring your heart out – the sentimentality of your note and the cute gesture of the underwear just go so beautifully hand in hand in expressing both, the emotional, and fun side of you.

Speaking of which,

Matching undergarments for couples have ‘goofy’ written all over it.

And no, we don’t mean the cartoon character Goofy here – we mean the fun, cute, crazy sie your personality, which needs to surface every once in a while too.

After all, let’s face it, most of us lead such occupied and busy lives that every moment spent with our partner is an opportunity to celebrate each other in the most special ways possible, and what is better than having some silly fun that’s going to keep you energized for that next round of routine?

Yes, we understand that you might think we’re biased. After all, we, at Sexy Beast, do sell some of the best matching underwear for couples, but the fact is, not one word here is something that you don’t already agree to – so, biased as we may, here are our tips on how to go about wearing matching underwear or selecting couples underwear that is perfect for you.

Pick the right timing for wearing matching underwear

As we mentioned above, buying a pair of couple’s underwear can be so much more than just another gift. Therefore, a good idea is to sync it up with a special occasion, or create one that will remain special in the future for you as well.

And like we also mentioned above, there is no “right time” in a relationship to gift something like this, but sometimes, too soon, could give the wrong idea to some people, so ensure that you know exactly where you are in your relationship, before you go out looking for the best matching underwear for couples out there.

A little tip here, we know a few couples, whose names we will not reveal here, that have made couples underwear an annual tradition for themselves where on the exact date that they first bought matching undergarments for couples, they set out to buy another pair.

So figure out when you’re ready for it, and just go for the plunge.

Comfort comes before couples underwear

Unless you are truly comfortable with the idea of gifting your partner something as intimate as underwear, don’t do it. There is never any pressure to prove anything. But if you do choose to buy couples matching underwear, please try to make sure that you get the right fit.

You don’t want to gift your partner something that is going to be too tight or too loose. A good idea is to verify their size from an existing set or get some help from the store or website that you are ordering your couples matching underwear from to be on the safer side.

Don’t be afraid to experiment from amongst the best matching underwear for couples

With the variety of colours, prints, patterns, sizes, shapes, combinations, and fabrics of underwear available today, finding the best matching underwear for couples is not as difficult as you think.

Of course, we have already claimed to own the absolute best matching underwear for couples at Sexy Beast ourselves, but you are still free to go around and look for a pair that suits your style, personality, and taste the best.

Like we said, go ahead, take the plunge, and maybe start a new tradition of yours with matching undies as well. We promise is it something that nobody else can every give the two of you, just like the way you feel about each other as well.

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