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Briefs vs Trunks - A Complete Guide

by Sexy Beast 22 Nov 2022 0 Comments

First things first, there are a few things one should consider when looking for the best underwear for men.  The most important question here is briefs vs trunks

You must be wondering what is the difference, right? Both are a pretty safe bet for most men. Trunks and boxer briefs are two of the most popular styles within the men’s underwear range.

The main thing to consider when deciding between briefs vs trunks is the length of the leg. Trunks are usually shorter and briefs are longer.

There are several factors that help you decide between briefs vs trunks. Men’s underwear has come a long way from the loin cloth and the cod piece. Codpiece. Today there are plenty of options in the market in the form of underwear that helps protect the family jewels. From practical comfort to pure fashion statement, you can get it all. 

This read will help you understand briefs and trunks better to help you make an informed decision regarding which underwear suits you best.

Men's Trunks

If you are someone who has a desk job and does not require constant movement, trunks will provide the comfort and support you need. Trunks are designed with a square cut and shorter legs which sit parallel with the twins. This can also be referred to as men's low-rise trunks. They are a popular choice among men as everyday wear as they fit well with almost any outfit. 

Depending on the weather, if you want to feel dry and comfortable down there all day, make sure you pick a natural fabric. Something like micro modal, cotton or bamboo helps wick moisture away from the skin and is breathable. You must also make sure the fabric is easy to stretch and adapts to your body as you move and around. This will make it comfortable and won’t ride up. Synthetic fabrics like lycra or nylon do not absorb as much heat and cause discomfort if it stays trapped in your underwear. Plus, it is unhygienic as well. 

Men's Boxer Briefs

If you are someone who is active and are not spending most of your day at a desk, boxer briefs will better suit you. This is due to their increased coverage and longer legs.

Boxer briefs offer the form-fitting comfort of trunks, with the length and coverage of traditional boxers. Longer leg means they sit almost halfway down the thighs, which reduces leg-to-leg contact, chafing and ride-up. Hence, men with larger legs and active lifestyles prefer briefs. They are also great for the gym. 

But just like trunks, the fabric must be considered. There are plenty of different fabric options available and it can be tempting to opt for a synthetic material as they’re typically marketed just like activewear. But even though synthetic is great for the gym, they are not so great for daily wear. Look for a natural fabric like Micro Modal, it will wick moisture away from the skin and will breathe well so you stay fresh and dry throughout the day.

Difference Between Briefs VS Trunks

As pointed out earlier, the first and most important difference between brief and trunk is the length. Where briefs reach down to roughly halfway down the thigh, trunks reach just below the crotch.

When it comes to body type, trunks only work well with men with slim physiques. For the average everyday guy or men with larger frames, briefs are the way to go.

Even though briefs and trunks look almost identical at first glance, briefs are longer than trunks. If you think this should not be a topic of concern, you have it all wrong. At first, this might not seem to be a big deal but choosing one or the other could be the difference between a relaxing underwear experience and a day of endless suffering. Wearing underwear on the shorter side like trunks means your thighs will rub together, ultimately causing excruciating discomfort from chafing all day long until you get home to finally change out of them. Briefs on the other hand, with moisture-wicking properties, are long enough to put a layer of fabric between the skin of your thighs while also absorbing moisture and pushing it to the outside of the underwear to dry as fast as possible. 

Trunk vs brief - both have good support and essentially the same fit. The only difference is the longer fit of the briefs. The advantage of wearing briefs vs trunks is that briefs don't bunch up as much as trunks do seeing as the short legs of trunks slide up easily. If you have to move around a lot for work or plan on doing something active, briefs are the better option. When it comes to fit on the briefs vs trunks debate, the longer fit of briefs comes out victorious. 

As mentioned above, the less fabric and shorter legs of trunks easily slide up your thigh when you move around. This results in constant readjusting throughout the day and this could get embarrassing. Trunks may provide a slim look for men with a slim build. On the other hand, briefs are optimal underwear for any activity or career seeing as the longer leg prevents bunching, sliding, chafing, and irritation. Briefs are the better choice for any condition, but especially for heavier-set men with bigger thighs or men who lead an active lifestyle.

Lastly, we talk about style. While subjective, briefs and trunks are better suited for different outfits and styles. Trunks are best suited for those who prefer tight underwear or wear generally tighter clothing. The shorter legs and tighter fit means they blend nicely under any popular style of pants from skinny jeans to suit trousers. Briefs may shine with almost any style. But are preferred with loose clothing as a whole.

These are some of the stark differences between brief and trunk. However, when choosing underwear, it all depends on your comfort and style. 

We hope these points help you make a better decision and whether you pick trunks or briefs; your comfort and style stay intact. You will be sure to find a pair to complete the look from the wide variety of options available from Sexy Beast.

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