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Brief Guide to Designer Pyjamas and Styling Them for Outside Wear

by Sexy Beast 16 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Designer pyjamas, also referred to as athleisure or loungewear, have been transformed from use as traditional sleepwear to fashion statements that can be paraded as outside wear. They are both stylish and comfortable garments; they help combine functionality and fashion, being a classy and versatile option for leisure time, work-from-home options and casual outings. 

Pyjamas have been transformed from their origins as sleep wear into versatile and trendy items that can be worn for various occasions. These garments typically consist of matching bottoms and tops, created from materials of high quality, providing practicality, style and comfort. 

Designer Pyjamas

The following tips can be considered while trying to use designer pyjamas for purposes of outdoor wear: 

Fabric selection

Pyjamas are mostly composed of luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, cotton or jersey. These materials offer both comfort and style, rendering them perfect for outside wear. 

Style and Design 

Pyjamas come in a wide array of styles and designs, from classic versions that feature traditional prints to modern tailored versions featuring unique patterns and cuts. Some pyjamas may feature luxurious and subtle trappings like lace and embroidery. 


Pyjamas serve as highly versatile items, allowing one to do experimentation with various looks by mixing and matching with different pieces. For instance, Pyjama tops can be matched with shorts, skirts, shorts and jeans; bottoms can be styled with different tops for designing diverse outfits, like men's cotton pyjamas combined with white shirts. 

Matching for the occasion 

Certain pyjama brands offer pyjama sets which suit for wear on varied occasions. For instance, you can use pyjamas as loungewear suitable for casual outings in the daytime, sessions of working out and semi-formal events. Such options cater to different requirements of fashion. 

Comfort and Fit 

The most attractive quality of a pyjama set is the characteristic of its comfortable fitting. Pyjamas are designed for ensuring a relaxed and comfortable fit and also exude a sophisticated vibe. The breathable, soft fabrics used to make pyjamas deliver both a cosy feel and easy movement. 

Variations for the different seasons

Pyjamas come in varied weights and designs for matching different seasons. Lightweight and breathable options are suitable for the summer months, while cosy and warm pieces are best for any outings in the winter. Choice of brands 

Many fashion houses and designers of high repute feature pyjamas in their exclusive collections, offering an extensive range of options. The focus of such brands is on design, quality and exclusivity.

Styling with accessories

For a totally stylish look, you may accessorise the pyjamas with stylish footwear, scarves or jewellery. In case you incorporate such elements, you can make pyjamas suitable for outside wear. 

Casual outings 

Pyjamas may be styled in different ways for a wide array of casual events and outdoor wear. Whether it is for a brunch with family, a visit to a restaurant, a casual meeting in the office or a trip for shopping, pyjamas can be styled for exuding a chic and comfortable vibe. 

Styling Pyjamas for Outerwear 

The effort of styling pyjamas to be suitable for outside wear can be a truly fun endeavour. Following are some useful tips for the same: 

  • Select the proper set 

Start by selecting a pyjama set which best matches both your style and the occasion. Consider factors like fabric, design and colour of the pyjamas. High-quality materials like satin and silk will exude a feel of elegance, while a casual look can be expressed by denim or cotton. Pick a set that has an appealing pattern and also one with a comfortable fit.  

  • Layer with jacket or blazer

To elevate the entire ensemble, pair the pyjama set with a jacket or blazer. A well-fitting jacket can help you look more put together. Additionally, a jacket in a contrasting colour can completely change the look of the ensemble.

  • Use accessories

One of the greatest ways to dress down pyjamas for outerwear is with accessories. Accessorizing with a chic belt, a fashionable scarf, or bold jewellery can help you achieve the ideal look. They can provide a touch of refinement while drawing attention away from the pyjamas. 

  • Focus on footwear

Another element that can impact how your pyjama ensemble appears overall is your choice of footwear. While sandals as well as heeled shoes look good with a designer outfit, ankle boots, loafers, and sneakers go well with your loungewear. Make sure the shoes you choose complement your overall style.

  • Colour coordination

For a harmonious and stylish pyjama outfit, one can go for colour coordination. When you are wearing a pyjama set featuring patterns, selecting one colour from the pattern and including it in your accessories or outerwear helps to gain a cohesive look. 

  • Focus on the details 

Keep track of details of outfits like buttons, cuffs and collars. Certain pyjama sets feature unique embellishments or elements of design that can add extra flair to the ensemble. Ensure that the details do match your total style.

  • Play with knots 

In case you wish to dress up in your printed pyjama top but do not want to have a loose and large look, you can knot the top or leave a few buttons unfastened, transforming the whole top into a crop top. 

  • Transform into button-downs 

Pyjama tops can be styled to resemble Hawaiian shirts with bigger-sized button-downs combined with your pyjama set to create a similar look. Pair these with Bermuda shorts and chunky sandals for a laidback vacation type of style. 

  • Try the satin element 

Certain pyjamas may be too fancy for nightwear. Some fashionistas like to wear pyjama shirts made of silk or satin in the daytime. Combining these with baggy jeans will aid you to create a balanced look, avoiding an over-the-top outfit.

  • Personalising the looks

Fashion is all about self-expression. Personalise your pyjama outfit through use of elements which complement your personality and taste. These could be anything from a favourite necklace or a distinctive bag, but with a personal touch, you accomplish an authentic and attractive look. 

In sum, styling of pyjamas for wear in the outdoors includes the selection of the right set, incorporating accessories and layers, coordinating patterns and colours and customising personalising the complete look. With the right approach, you can convert this intimate bedroom wear into a fashion statement.

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