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A Guide to Finding the Best Boxer Shorts for Ladies

by Sexy Beast 11 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Looking for a guide to help you buy your perfect pair of boxer shorts at an affordable price? In this article, we will be uncovering five factors to consider while buying boxer shorts for ladies both online and offline. There are so many doubts regarding the fit, quality, comfort, seam, etc., while buying boxer shorts for women that it also feels impossible to find a pair of shorts that fit at the right places, are made of high-quality material, accentuate your features to make your legs appear slender. Finding your ideal pair of boxer shorts can get challenging, especially with such a wide variety available in the market, which is why we have curated a list of five tips to keep in mind while buying boxer shorts for ladies.

  1. Be aware of the different shapes of boxers available in the market

The first step towards finding your perfect boxer shorts is knowing what looks good on your body. Having a clear understanding of what material, silhouettes, and patterns look best on your body can help you find your ideal boxer shorts. At the same time, many of you may argue that there is no need to be that specific while choosing boxer shorts since most women would prefer wearing them inside their houses or when they go to the gym and not at any fancy event. But who doesn’t want to be put together and look stylish even while going to the gym? Choosing boxer shorts based on your body type and shape would help you find the pair that accentuates the right places of your body, all while being comfortable to wear. Go to the mirror and find whether you have an oval, rectangle, pear, or hourglass body shape by simply measuring the side of your upper body to the size of your lower body and comparing them both. There are hundreds and thousands of articles on the internet that help you determine your body shape through a step-by-step guide. Once you have determined what category of body shapes you fall under, the process of finding the right pair of boxer shorts becomes easy.

  1. Prioritize buying from brands that have a strong online presence

If you could only take a tip from our guide for choosing the right boxer shorts for women, take this one. If you plan on buying boxer shorts for yourself or someone else, look through the brands that have a strong online presence. This has two main benefits. First, you can check the reviews of previous customers about their experience with the brand’s shorts. Sometimes, the item looks perfectly fine in the pictures, but the material doesn’t seem to last for a month or doesn’t retain its colour while being washed. The only way to determine whether the boxers would last is by checking the reviews, which can only be possible for brands that have a strong online presence. Secondly, it is easier to access the customer support of a brand that has a working website and is active on multiple social media platforms than one that doesn’t have a strong online presence. Any complaint regarding the packaging, damage, or delivery can be made through their online website, which is way easier than the calling system. Therefore, you must go for a brand that provides online support to their customers and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

  1. Check the quality of the shorts

Nobody wants to buy a pair of boxer shorts that fall apart only after a few uses and look stylish only for a few days after purchase. If you’re investing your time and effort into finding boxer shorts that suit the shape of your body and accentuate your features, all while being comfortable to wear, you must check the quality of the shorts before buying. Check for irregular seams, minute holes, and unstitched hems. The quality of the shorts can be determined by their sewing and the feel of the material against your hands. Stay away from brands that do let the customers review their products. Always be ready to spend a few extra bucks when it comes to buying boxer shorts that are made of highly durable material, don’t have irregular stitching on the sides and hem, and offer great comfort. 

  1. Stay away from funky prints

This is in no way to say that you shouldn’t buy boxer shorts with prints and different designs. If you are into prints and patterns and like a bit of character in your clothes as well, you can go for printed versions of boxer shorts. However, sticking to neutral colour options, such as black, brown, white, beige, almond, olive, etc., would be a much better option if it’s your first few pairs of shorts. Like every other item of clothing, you should first build your wardrobe with the basic colour options and then go for ones that have a bit of character in terms of patterns and prints. One of the main benefits of going for boxer shorts in neutral colour options is that they can styled up or down depending on the occasion and can go with a variety of top wear.

  1. Prioritize buying high-quality material

Lastly, one of the most important things to look for while buying a pair of boxer shorts for women is the quality of the material. Before checking anything off your cart, check if the shorts are made of high-quality material to help you exercise better while sweating. Doesn’t matter how good they look on your body; the decision of whether to buy a pair of boxer shorts boils down to their comfort. Stay away from transparent and see-through materials, as they don’t have anything significant to offer apart from style and are not very comfortable either.

This ends our list of the top five tips to help you buy the best pair of womens boxer shorts at an affordable price. Having a clear understanding of what silhouette falls the best on your body type would help you find your ideal boxer shorts. 

Therefore, you must determine the shape of your body before checking anything off your cart. The quality of the material also plays a huge role in determining whether the boxers are comfortable to wear and have long-lasting ability.

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