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5 Tips to consider while buying men's pyjamas

by Sexy Beast 16 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Pyjamas are one of the most essential clothing items for men. Whether you want comfortable sleepwear or lounge around the house, choosing the right pyjamas is important. This article provides tips to help you buy mens pyjamas that suit your needs and style.

  • Material

The material used in pyjamas is an important consideration as it greatly impacts the comfort and warmth levels. Different textiles allow varying breathability and regulate temperature in unique ways. Due to its softness as well as its breathability, cotton is among the most often used textiles. Since cotton is a natural material, it draws moisture from the skin and promotes airflow, which keeps the body cool at night. It is highly absorbent and comfortable against the skin. Look for pyjamas with higher cotton content, like 80% or more, for maximum comfort during sleep.

Flannel pyjamas are made of warm, cozy fabric that does an excellent job of retaining body heat on colder nights. The woven structure of flannel fabric traps warm air close to the skin without overheating. It feels warm like a hug, keeping the wearer comfortably insulated through the night. Flannel is the top choice for those who feel cold when sleeping. Silk has a luxurious, smooth hand feel and is lightweight. As a natural fiber, silk regulates temperature like cotton but has additional benefits. It remains breathable despite being very lightweight. Silk pyjamas allow excess heat to escape while preventing chilling from drafts, keeping the wearer at a pleasant temperature all night. However, silk is generally more expensive than other materials.

  • Fit and Size

Fit is among the most crucial aspects to take into account when purchasing pajamas since ill-fitting sleepwear can keep you awake all night. A restful night's sleep depends on the appropriate size. When shopping for pyjamas, carefully check the size chart provided by the brand. Measure your chest, waist, hips and length accurately and compare with the measurements in the size chart. You can choose the ideal size with the aid of this.

It's also essential to factor in your body type - whether you are athletic, average or plus-sized. Some brands specialize in specific fits catering to different body types. Choosing the right brand for your physique ensures an accurate size. Pay close attention to design details that allow adjusting the fit. Drawstrings or elastic waistbands can be tightened or loosened for customization. Adjustable hems let you modify the length. Such adjustable features come in handy if your measurements are in between sizes.

  • Style and Design

It's crucial to take your own wants and tastes into account while selecting pyjama styles. For a restful night's sleep or to just relax at home, there are a number of things to consider. Choosing between shorts and pants is among the first decisions to be made. For warmer nights, shorts are the best option since they promote open airflow and prevent overheating.

They are comfortable to sleep in during summer. Pants, on the other hand, provide coverage year-round and can even be layered for cooler weather. Next up is whether to choose prints or solid colours. Prints allow you to infuse fun patterns and colours into your sleepwear. They come in everything from subtle stripes to bold floral designs. However, solids have a classic, understated look that never goes out of style. Solids pair easily with other items, too.\

  • Price

The price of pyjamas depends on several factors like material, brand, design and quality. While shopping, it's crucial to keep your budget in mind. Cotton is the most used and affordable material for pyjamas in India. Plain cotton pyjama sets can be found starting from Rs. 300-500. These basic sets provide good value for money.

Flannel and brushed material pyjamas feel softer and warmer than cotton. However, they come at a slightly higher price, between Rs. 500-1000, based on quality and brand. The extra cost is worth it during winter. Silk is considered a luxury fabric. Pure silk pyjamas have a smooth, soft texture but demand a premium. Well-known brands sell silk sleepwear for Rs. 1500-3000. While an investment, silk stays comfortable all night.

Always check multiple brands before buying. Lesser-known labels may offer lower prices, but quality could be compromised. It's better to spend a little extra on tested brands that last long. Sales periods like festivals or end-of-season clearances allow you to find good deals. Established e-commerce sites often offer 10-30% discounts sitewide. Subscribe to newsletters of favourite stores.

  • Care Instructions 

Proper care and maintenance of pyjamas is important to extend their lifespan. The fabric used, and the style of the pyjamas will determine the best way to clean and dry them. However, some general tips apply to most men's sleepwear. It is recommended to wash pyjamas in cold water on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. The cold temperature helps preserve the colour and softness of the fabric. A gentle spin cycle prevents excessive rubbing that can cause pilling or fraying.

Some delicate fabrics, like silk, require hand washing. For drying, the tumble dryer set on a low heat setting is suitable for most pyjama materials. Make sure to remove them promptly once drying is complete to avoid over-drying. Cotton and flannel can also be line-dried, which is a gentler process. Direct sunlight should be avoided as it can fade colours over time. Heat from a dryer should also be used judiciously, as high temperatures damage delicate fabrics and cause shrinkage.

  • Online or Store

Whether to buy pyjamas online or from physical stores is a personal choice that depends on one's specific needs and preferences. While stores allow physically trying items, online shopping has several benefits worth considering. Shopping online provides the ultimate convenience. With a few clicks, one has access to a huge selection of styles, designs, brands and sizes from the comfort of their home. This wide variety would be difficult to find under one roof in stores. Online retailers also offer niche styles and designs that may not be locally available.

The ability to research reviews from other customers is a big advantage online. Reading real user experiences helps identify the most comfortable and best-fitting pyjamas. Detailed reviews help make more informed choices. Store trials cannot match this level of social proof. Online shopping saves time and effort compared to physically visiting multiple stores. One can leisurely browse from the comfort of their couch and have options delivered right to their doorstep with minimal hassle. This is especially useful for last-minute purchases or when short on time.


With the right material, fit, style, price and care tips in mind, you can easily find pajama for men that suit your needs. Be sure to choose high-quality, comfortable sleepwear for undisturbed slumber. Happy shopping!

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