Velcro Sliders

Man has always been an explorer, wandering off on adventures, taking the road less traveled. But we’re part of the 21st Century where we like to wander off, yes, but with style! Finish your raw, sexy, adventurous look with our men’s Velcro sliders designed for comfort, but destined for style.

Easy to slip on, with a steady grip, and long-lasting comfort, these Velcro sliders for men can be adjusted for better grip and a snug fit that matches your foot size. Buy men’s sliders online to style up your sporty look.

Mostly spotted during holidays and through chillout sessions with friends, Sexy Beast’s cool men’s sliders are sure to get people talking around you. If you have always been the influencer amongst your group of friends, you definitely want to keep a pair of these cool men’s sliders handy.

Sexy Beast men’s Sliders come in a range of super cool designs. A personal favourite of many, the Street Map pattern on the men’s Velcro sliders ensures that you never get lost, and even if you do, it’ll be totally worth it! Buy men’s sliders online, choosing from a range of similarly funky, wild, and upbeat designs including the tropical blue lead, Pink Hawaii Slider, Midnight Leopard’s Slider, and the Wild Yellow Tiger Men’s Velcro Sliders.

Comfortable, lightweight, easy to carry, and completely practical, these men’s sliders, can be slipped on whether you’re at home, visiting a friend, out for an errand, going to the beach, on a flight, in a train, or just about anywhere where comfort and style are of the highest priority. Casual, yet chic, Sexy Beast men’s sliders are engineered for flexibility and strength that makes us our only competition in the market.

Furthermore, did we mention that our men’s Velcro sliders come with an anti-skid, shock-absorbent, quick-drying, and skin-friendly premium fit that almost makes it feel as though the men’s sliders are hugging your feet as you venture out for a walk.

Through the day, our feet bear the brunt of everything we do. Irrespective of how heavy or light we ourselves are, every time we get up to go somewhere, it is our feet that take the load. Lighten the pressure on your feet with men’s sliders that are as comfortable, as they are fashionable. Designed as footwear that empowers you to express your personality in style, these men’s Velcro sliders come with digitally printed patterns that differentiate them from any other men’s sliders in the market. Made with soft padding on the inside of the upper for extra comfort, the adjustable strap makes these men’s Velcro sliders the perfect fit for you.

Safe from every possible angle, these men’s Velcro sliders have been made without any harmful chemicals through the manufacturing process, and are easy to slip in and out of, to store, and to carry with you, wherever you go.

Care Instructions - Do not machine wash or scrub. Wipe clean your men’s sliders with a dry, or slightly wet cloth.

Pack Contents - 1 pair of Velcro Sliders for Men

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