The pandemic of 2019 hit us in the most unexpected manner possible. However, within no time, stylish face masks including face masks for men and face masks for women made their appearance, normalizing and motivating us to survive the ongoing pandemic.

The Sexy Beast’s collection of designer face masks allow you to buy face masks online from a range of stylish face masks that are available in bright colours, quirky prints, and fresh patterns that help make the entire ordeal more fun and interesting.

Find new ways to flaunt your individual personalities through a stylish face mask that matches your outfit, or mix and match your outfits with a designer face mask that contrasts it completely.

Whatever the occasion, rest assured that along with this aspect of fun and fashion, our face masks for men and face masks for women are made from a 100% fine weave cotton that is infused with silver-based antiviral properties which is ISO/FDA/CE Certified. These 4-ply washable designer face masks come with a melt-blown filter which can be reused for up to 30 days. 

The Sexy Beast’s face masks for men and face masks for women have specially been curated to ensure 100% safety, comfort, and style. Whether you’re going for something classy, quirky, casual, or chic, we have something for you! Buy face masks online for this versatility of design available at the most pocket-friendly prices possible.

With the pandemic showing no signs of backing off, despite the vaccination drives and everything else, it looks like face masks are going to be around for a while. On one hand, they have helped in many ways with controlling the situation, but on the other, apart from COVID-19, these masks have resulted in the decline of respiratory diseases of many other kinds as well. So if you are out to buy face masks online, it is time you look for something that is styling, durable, and in sync with who you truly are!

Our cotton masks are the go to when you’re looking to buy face masks online, simply because they are breathable, washable, and reusable, apart from the fact that they are also available in an extremely wide range of colours, patterns, and prints.

Whether you’re out to seduce with our Valentine Hot Lips Mask, trying to pacify the travel urges with our Holiday Stamps Mask, looking to strike up a conversation with our Hello! Bubbles Mask, wanting to showcase a wild side to your personality with our Midnight Leopard Mask, Wild Pink Tiger Mask, or Wild Yellow Tiger Mask, or simply wanting to chill in any of our Mojito, Lemon, Kiwi, Grapefruit, Poker Chips, Surf Board or other masks, we have it all available in one place for you!

How to Use our Sexy Beast Masks

Although most people are accustomed to wearing these masks by now, it is still important to keep in mind that before you touch the face masks for men or face masks for women, you must wash your hands with soap. Once you’ve placed it on your face, make sure it covers your nose and mouth and fits comfortably enough for you to breathe easily, without leaving any gaps or openings. Please ensure that you wash your mask after every use for efficiency.

Washing Instructions 

Remove the melt-blown filter from the sleeve behind the masks as the filter is not washable. Wash the rest of the mask with soap and water (machine-washable too), dry and iron the mask. Re-insert the filter before your next use.


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